[Steel Tec]

Steel Tec was a model construction system by Remco Toys, Inc. and made in China. It was on the market from 1992 - 1997. It is generally compatible with Meccano using the same hole pitch and thread type. In most cases missing parts can be substituted with Meccano parts which are currently available.

Where to obtain 'Steel Tec'

One place is eBay, the online auction. There are usually several sets on offer. If you click here you should go through to the actual page. If you don't, open www.ebay.com and key in 'steel tec'.

When bidding on eBay be wary of sellers who say 'I don't know if all the parts are there' because some sets contain plastic parts that are specific to that set and are not available as Meccano equivalents. Press sellers to 'show' pictures of the parts, not the outside of the box. Also, some sellers say 'spare parts can be obtained through an 800 number.' This number is not active as Steel Tec is no longer trading.