[Steel Tec]

What is Steel Tec?

Steel Tec is a metal model construction system based on 1/2" spacing of holes (the same as Meccano) and in most other respects is compatible with Meccano. Several Steel Tec sets feature one model - example Star Trek U.S.S 'Enterprise' spaceship and Star Wars 'Millennium Falcon' spaceship - and contain special unique plastic parts to provide more realistic detail. The system is aimed at smallish models since the longest strip is 11 hole. The predominating color of the parts is orange. Other colors are dark blue, yellow and red. Strips and small brackets are nickel plated. The quality of parts are good. The parts were made in China and no doubt because of this Steel Tec was able to undercut the price of Meccano sets of similar size. Within the same set some parts are stamped 'Remco' and some 'Steel Tec'.

The average number of sets for most other model construction systems would probably be three or four. Steel Tec had upwards of 32! Thus Renco were highly productive during its five years of trading Steel Tec.

Large sturdy manuals are provided showing graphic step-by-step description of the construction of models. Gears are limited to four. A 1/2" worm; a 19T pinion, a 57T gear wheel and a 50T contrate with a 1/2" pulley attached (although this latter has so far only been found in the Harley-#son motor cycle set) also a composite 57T/19T only to be found in #7096 Amusement Park Parachute Ride set. The longest Angle Girder is a 4 hole, if you exclude the Parachute Ride A/Gs which are 17 hole and have holes, not slots, on one side. The longest Perforated Strip is an 11 hole.

Steel Tec uses the same thread as Meccano on it's nuts and bolts and wheel boss tappings - 5/32" Whitworth - unlike Gilbert Erector which used the American 8-32 thread.