[Steel Tec]

Steel Tec was a model construction system by Remco Toys, Inc. and made in China. It was on the market from 1992 - 1997. It is generally compatible with Meccano using the same hole pitch and thread type. In most cases missing parts can be substituted with Meccano parts which are currently available.

Starter Sets

The three 'Starter Sets' (#7200; #7201 and #7203) are intended as introductory level systems which are easier to assemble for those unfamiliar with the use of small nuts and bolts. The parts have similar spacing perforations ( 1/2") but the holes are 15/64" dia. for the use of large plastic screws and nuts.

Do not confuse with Starter Kits which are small regular Steel Tec sets

By using washers, standard 5/32" nuts and bolts can also be used in Starter Sets. Indeed a small packet of standard bolts and nuts is supplied in the set. Likewise the large-holed plates and strips can be used while making regular Steel Tec projects. Transition to regular sets is therefor quite easy.

Starter Set - Level 1 (Beginner) #7200

Box Design

Starter Set - Level 2 #7201


Large plastic nut and bolt

Starter Set - Level 3 (Expert) #7203

Box Design