[Steel Tec]

Steel Tec was a model construction system by Remco Toys, Inc. and made in China. It was on the market from 1992 - 1997. It is generally compatible with Meccano using the same hole pitch and thread type. In most cases missing parts can be substituted with Meccano parts which are currently available.

I need help

There are usually one or two assembly difficulties which arise while making models with any system. To show how these may be overcome I invite Steel Tec modellers to offer their solutions for this page.

#7096 - 'Amusement Park Parachute Ride':
Some sketches in the manual show the output shaft from the gearbox on a lower hole to the other shafts. In fact all shaft centers should be on the same level. Also the blind shaft mountings in the blue plastic gearbox side plates (LA and LB) are too tight and need to be openned out by, say, running a 5/32" twist drill through it a few times.

#7091 - 'Harley-#son Motor Cycles'
On the 'WWII Cycle' you may have found it difficult to follow 'Instruction #1 ' - I did for sure. The diagram is shown at an odd angle but the scan to the right here may help you see this more easily and move beyond this point. Also remember the parts are all narrow strips.