[Steel Tec]

Steel Tec was a model construction system by Remco Toys, Inc. and made in China. It was on the market from 1992 - 1997. It is generally compatible with Meccano using the same hole pitch and thread type. In most cases missing parts can be substituted with Meccano parts which are currently available.

Manuals Index

Helpful Hints Manual

Illustration Manual

Group 1

Battery Powered Walking Robot

Road and Air Vehicles

Harley-#son Motor Cycles


Road, Rail & Air Vehicles

Star Wars - X Wing Fighter


Walking Dinosaur


Group 2


#7085 - C

Auto Wrecker


Construction Vehicles


Star Trek - U.S.S Enterprise


Star Wars - Millennium Falcon


Amusement Park - Ferris Wheel


Group 3

Dump Truck


Amusement Park - Parachute Ride


Bigfoot / Snakebite


X 2000 Space Station


 Where can I obtain a Manual?

To the best of my knowledge these Steel Tec manuals are not available anywhere now. If you need one I would keep watch on eBay and bid when another similar set comes on offer. You might get a duplicate set for around $10, but check that the set does contain a manual. If you want to recoup your cost you could print a duplicate manual and offer it, and the set, again on eBay. If you click here you will go straight to the eBay Steel Tec page. There are three exceptions. Sets #7091, #7094 & #7140 which are shown on this website. First is one of two Harley-#son sets, next U.S.S, Enterprise, and the other a Millennium Falcon set . For these manuals click the set name on this page.