[Steel Tec]

Steel Tec was a model construction system by Remco Toys, Inc. and made in China. It was on the market from 1992 - 1997. It is generally compatible with Meccano using the same hole pitch and thread type. In most cases missing parts can be substituted with Meccano parts which are currently available.

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My thanks to the following kind people who have allowed me to use their illustrations:

Edmundo Veiga of Rio, Brazil, - for jpgs of the 'Auto Wrecker' & 'Construction Vehicles' Manuals.
Science City - Photo of Millennium Falcon by on the 'Models' page.
Gary Mayhak - Photo of robot by on the 'Models' page.
Michael Nahal of Sweden - for jpgs of Remco 1/18 car kits.
Joseph Palmieri - jpg of the Dealers Display.
Tony Knowles (of Other Systems Newsletter) for help in several areas including 'Ferris Wheel Set' box jpg.
Bruce Francis - for use of his Chevvy Corvette jpg on the Car Kit page.
Mark D. Carr - for use of the jpg of the Starter Level 3 Box.
Mike Rynerson - for use of his Corvette box jpg.
Curt Bork - for use of his Space Station Freedom box jpg.
Janet Washam - for jpgs of the manual and box of #7135 - Bigfoot / Snakebite.
Edward d'Entremont - for the scan of his Space Station set manual.
Charles Pool - for jpg of his Harley - center picture Models page.