Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Subscribers (and where to buy)

What is YouTube Subscribers

If you want YouTube’s massive views, exposure and targeted traffic, you need to focus on building an audience first or subscribers as YouTube calls them. A YouTube subscriber is someone who has chosen to follow your channel and content to keep your latest videos up-to-date. There are many platforms out there to increase your YouTube subscribers that will offer different packs. But you have to be aware of what you’re investing in. So in this post, I will help to guide you toward a decision through the analysis of both sides of the debate. For the purpose of this compiling this guide, I bought YouTube subscribers monetization from AppSally.

Pros of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Act as a Social Proof: Social proof is an invisible yet powerful force that other people copies whatever others are doing. It is important as it will measure your online reputation and the bought subscribers will automatically improve your social proof by making your account look more authority. This will attract even more people to subscribe and watch content on your channel. So, if the subscribers are on the low side, very few subscribers your channel will attract. But if your subscribers are massive, you will attract even more people because it influences others as they always depend on the decision of those the people before them.

Get A Head-start on YouTube: If you’re a beginner on YouTube, your channel will start with zero subscribers like others. It’s a great way to get a YouTube video started. The more subscribers you have, the more traffic you will get to your channel and videos. When people see how high is your subscriber count, they will want to subscribe and did you know that it will be easy for you to gain even more organic views through subscribers.

Increase Ranking on YouTube: YouTube is probably the web’s second largest search engine. According to Alexa and SimilarWeb, it is the third most visited website on the web. Google’s recent information has shown that YouTube is being used as a search engine by more and more users. YouTube’s “how to” searches grow 70% year-on-year. So I think that already says a lot about the importance of subscribers and ranking on YouTube. Having a large number of subscribers will boost your channel and videos ranking to top YouTube search result. This will give you a higher chance of your videos being suggested to the users which mean more visibility for your channel.

Don’t cost much: There are many companies now that offer these types of services, and they don’t cost that much. Anyways, these services are easy to find as most of the site are scattered around the internet. However, it is worth looking at what type of subscribers you will get. So, remember to see whether the cheap subscribers are real or just a plain bot.

Cons of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Scammers are everywhere: Online scammers are everywhere. It is very difficult to out who is genuine and who give a fake service and promises. They might be not able to deliver what they offer to you. Choose the one that did it for some time, at least this will give you a sense of reliability. So make sure you protect yourself from these scam by reading reviews that their previous user leave.

Untargeted YouTube Subscriber: It is hard to find a platform that give a targeted subscriber as most of the services they offer are untargeted meaning that the subscribers you are getting are coming from random locations around the world and irrelevant audience. So, the important thing to do is to look for a provider that offers a Geo-targeting option, which mean you can select where you want your subscribers from and also someone who is interested to become your audience.

Bots or Fake Subscribers: The are tons of service providers that offer cheap but low quality subscriber. These subscribers are, usually provide by bots and can result in the removal of your video and the banning of your account. This is because it does not appear as a natural subscriber to YouTube. So because purchasing from any provider you need to make sure that the service you use provide a real user only.


To conclude all of this, there will always be pros and cons but apart from that any shortcuts will come with a risk. There are many reasons that you should consider when buying subscribers. All you need to do is be careful. We made a comparison and try a few service providers and we found out that AppSally has the best service as it outweigh all the cons.