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Our philosophy goes like this -There have been several Prisoner clubs and magazines. Each is entirely different. Some need you to have your cheque book with you! Here are some of the editorial policies we hold important at 'Once Upon a Time':
  • Naturally, we consider THE PRISONER to be one of the finest series to appear on tv.
  • We hold all interpretations of THE PRISONER to be worthy of discussion and we do not advocate any single interpretation of the series in our magazine.
  • We believe interest in THE PRISONER can be fun.
  • We find the implications of THE PRISONER storyline to be quite serious.
  • We encourage and foster well written submissions of episode analyses and talented artwork.
  • We believe one person can make a difference.

To find how to buy video tapes of 'The Prisoner' see the FAQ page.

Send email comments to here but don't ask us the meaning of an episode. Your opinion is just as good as ours!

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