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A Calendar of Meccano Races and Contests being held around the world. To include such events as 'Walking'; 'Tug o' War'; 'Climbing' and 'Robot Wars'. For Contact; Time; Venue; Rules and other matters follow the link to the club web site.

Race Rules - 'Climbing' Dr. Paul Dale

(Webmaster: These 'Rules' are typical only and may vary substantially from those in effect for any particular race. They are meant for guidance only. If you intend to participate in a contest I strongly advise you make a direct request to the club concerned for the rules that will be in force.)

* The model will climb an inclined plane.

* The winner will be the model that successfully climbs the steepest plane.

* The plane will likely be made of medium density fiberboard and it will have edges to stop models falling off (width to be determined but at least six inches internal clearance).

* The length that must be traveled will be one meter.

* The model must be powered by a single clockwork motor. (In some events this will be a magic motor, in others a No.1 motor.)

Photo and model by Tim Edwards.

Photo and model by Tim Edwards.

Photo and model by # Lawrence.