Close inspection of the photographs may detect some Steel Tec , Gilbert Erector and even Marklin parts being used. I am not a purist.

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Project title .............. Four legged robot

This site is being prepared while the project is under way. I have no way of knowing if the concept will work! ........It is therefor my first 'reality site'.

Stage 4



The centre of gravity shift platform (#52) has been given longer travel and now runs horizontally on a pair of #13 Axle Rods. The previous #130 triple eccentric has been replaced by a #62 crank extended to give a 1.1/2" throw. A new worm gearbox has been fitted to drive the system with a Gearmotor tucked underneath.

This alteration has added to the off-center wieght of the unit and a #162 Boiler has been added on the non-drive side to take ballast for counterbalance purposes.






This photograph shows a close up of the new worm gearbox.

Note also the rear legs have lost their 1" pulleys now substituted by twin #214 Semi-circulars. This is to comply with WLMS rules - skids are permitted but wheels are out.





This photograph shows the front movable legs now have sharper claws with a 111a bolt ready to dig into the lino.



This lower photograph shows more clearly the weight shift platform on its slide rods. Also the clamped on weight, currently a slab of 1.1/2" x 1/2" bright mild steel (cold finished carbon steel), eventually to be fortune in #73's



Concern is mounting that the weight of the unit is becoming an adverse factor - particularly the out of center weight. Also that the weight shift would be more effective if it was further to the rear. Some changes in this area are being contemplated. Keep watching.


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