Close inspection of the photographs may detect some Steel Tec , Gilbert Erector and even Marklin parts being used. I am not a purist.

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Project title .............. Four legged robot

This site is being prepared while the project is under way. I have no way of knowing if the concept will work! ........It is therefor my first 'reality site'.

Stage 3



The Centre of gravity shift actuation has been modified so that it has an oscillating drive in place of the previous out and back threaded rod drive. This will allow actuation from a uni-directional motor obviating motor reversal and the risk of motor burnout. This suggestion was made by Jeff, my daughter's friend.

Awaited parts (Threaded Couplings) are now to hand and both motorized legs are now operational.






This photograph shows Centre of gravity platform moved to the opposite end of its travel. Note: The #52 Flanged Plate is now at the far end of the main frame.




With dummy weight on the C of G platform carry out first test with wired power to determine if walking movement achieves forward movement.


This photograph shows a close-up of the new Centre of gravity shift drive. A gear motor belt driven to a 1.1/2"pulley shaft fixed to a Triple Eccentric (3/4" throw) attached to the same threaded rod (for position adjustment) now applied to the forth hole above the pivot.


The operation of the Centre of gravity shift system worked well.


This lower photograph shows the remote control gear being prepared for installation. This gear was obtained from a #9515 Moon Trekkers set which only had one motor. The hand set and the control box appears to be capable of handling two motors. This will mean obtaining similar plugs for a second motor. I have an almost similar plug and socket from Radio Shack but I have to remove some plastic to make it fit.


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