Close inspection of the photographs may detect some Steel Tec , Gilbert Erector and even Marklin parts being used. I am not a purist.

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Project title .............. Four legged robot

This site is being prepared while the project is under way. I have no way of knowing if the concept will work! ........It is therefor my first 'reality site'.

Stage 2



The Centre of gravity shift system has been modified to now have a pivoted weight system. The body has been reduced in height and bracing added to a low pivot point and multiple 12.1'2" strips form a lever to a #52 Flanged Plate at the top which will carry the weight - probably the battery boxes and sensor unit of the remote control system. Five holes above the pivot a trapped nut accepts the long threaded rod motorized from the side and swings the #52 from one side to the other. The pivot arm is retained between angles on the top of the main frame




This lower photograph shows the end view of the unit with the motor of the centre of gravity shift system in the foreground

The operation of the Centre of gravity shift system worked well.


The Centre of gravity shift will remain a hand initiated control (The remote control equipment can control two motors - the two leg lifting motors - only). If power to the motor is not switched off at the end of movement it will burn out the motor. To prevent this actuality it has been suggested that a cam or eccentric movement would be preferable.


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