Model Building Plan....

Including 'Virtual Mec' drawings by Edmundo Veiga.

# Lawrence's 'Rope Climber' - Winner of the 2006 West London Meccano Society Challenge

The 2006 Challenge Event Rules:

A half an inch diameter rope will be hung from the ceiling beam and the idea is to build a machine that will climb up the rope as quickly as possible. Motive power will be one French MO motor, with 3v or 6v battery pack (which it must carry with it). To make life more difficult, the machine must have a proper climbing motion consisting of alternately gripping the rope and hauling itself up. Devices that that roll along the rope like a self propelled mangle will be disqualified.

Only Meccano parts, or replicas, may be used.


The West London Meccano Society Challenge Event is devised by Chris Bourne. Special thanks is given to Paul Joachim who acted as Proxy Mechanic and entered the model in the event.



Click here for Edmundo Veiga's video of his Rope Climber

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