Subsidiary Companies



The Zoo Girl Companies

In the 1980s/90s a number of companies were incorporated as shell companies as vehicles to dispose of property in order to mitigate the imposition of Development Land Tax although they were never used for this purpose. Nevertheless they were officially registered subsidiary companies. Some were used as a way of disposing of parts of larger subsidiary companies which were broken up. Some were never used and all are included here only for completeness.

Zoo Girl Ltd was first registered in January 1938 as Meddocream Ltd, an ice cream business operating in the Birmingham area which Lyons acquired in about 1957. In 1962 it became part of the Lyons Maid Eldorado Neilson Ltd, after the purchase of the Eldorado and Neilson ice cream businesses and in 1963 became part of Lyons Maid Ltd. After the disposal of the ice cream business Lyons Maid Ltd changed its name to Zoo Girl Ltd on 17 February 1992 and became a dormant company, still owned by Lyons. The Zoo Girl companies comprised:

Zoo Girl Ltd

Zoo Girl Bell Ltd

Zoo Girl Bertic Ltd

Zoo Girl Holdings Ltd

Zoo Girl MSL Ltd

Zoo Girl (Mobile) Ltd

Zoo Girl Overseas Ltd


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