Subsidiary Companies


Zendijk's Vleeswaren en Conservenfabriek B.V.

Zendijk's Vleeswaren en Conservenfabriek B.V. was a Dutch company based at Olst, between Deventer and Zwolle, which was acquired by Homburg before Lyons acquired Homburg in 1972. Olst was previously one of the centers of the Dutch meat industry and Vleeswaren is the Dutch word for meat products while Conservenfabriek means canning company. The title implies therefore that it was a meat canning company and this continued to operate after the Lyons acquisition but Olst's municipality archives record that the factories were closed in 1974. Until this time it had traded in its own right and was listed at Companies House, Cardiff, as a subsidiary company of Lyons. The name Zendijk is pronounced Zan-dike with the 'a' as in can.

The Homburg Group of companies, based at Cuyk in the south-east of the Netherlands, was euphemistically known as 'the mausoleum of the Dutch meat industry' because they had acquired an enormous number of small and medium seized companies in this field. The rudiments of those acquisitions were reflected on Homburg's payroll and included the names of Bud and Tony Linthorst from Koninklijke Vleeswarenfabrieken Linthorst (at Wilp), Louis de Wijze (a survivor of Auschwitz who wrote a book in English titled 'Only My Life - A Survivor's Story') from De Wijze, Harry Janssen from Janssen B.V. and several more. Added to these were a large number of Homburgs including Simon Homburg and his sons Willem (Wim) and Cornelius (Cees).

The road on the extreme right of the aerial picture attached was known as Simon Homburg weg (road). At the time that Lyons took over Homburg some mischief-maker covered the nameplates with a new sign called Joe Lyons Avenue.


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