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Walkers Dairies Office (Walkers Dairies Ltd)

Walkers Dairies Ltd, Liverpool, was founded in the early 1920s and, in 1947 when it was acquired by Lyons, it was said to be the fifth largest manufacturer of ice cream in the country. Since that time production was quadrupled and additional sales depots were opened in Preston and Salford and a cabinet repair shop had been established. To cope with these developments it was necessary to enlarge the office, which in 1951 consisted of forty clerks. Although 200 miles from London the Walkers office worked hand in hand with many of the Cadby Hall offices and it formed an integral part of the clerical service for Walkers factory and also for Lyons Ice Cream Sales and Refrigeration Service Departments in Liverpool, in addition to the normal accounting and general clerical work associated with a manufacturing company.

For the factory these services included verifying purchase invoices, controlling materials used in the factory, preparing standard costings, and calculating wages and premium bonus. Wage packets for both Walkers employees and Lyons employees were made up in Lyons' local treasury in Liverpool. Apart from the sale of ice cream in Northern Ireland the whole of Walkers production was sold to Lyons for delivery to dealers in the North-West Division. The service to Lyons Ice Cream Sales Department covered all the clerical work in connection with the sale of ice cream to these dealers and also the supply and maintenance of the iceless cabinets.

The Van Sales Group was concerned with all deliveries within the Liverpool area. The Sales Group dealt with all orders for shipment to Northern Ireland. It also controlled Ministry of Food permits transferred to Lyons by dealers in the Lyons area who received an equivalent amount of ice cream in return. This Group did all the clerical work in connection with ordering and installation of iceless cabinets on dealers' premises. As in the Ice Cream Sales Office at Cadby Hall, a correspondence file was kept on dealers in the North-West Division. There was also a Statistical Group producing various statements for management on production, sales and the repair shop. They also kept the Walkers departmental accounts, saw that these balanced with the financial accounts and also produced the departmental trading analyses. The Accounts Group calculated the wages and premium bonus, kept books of account, checked suppliers' statements and prepared payment advice notes. Walkers profit and loss account and balance sheet were also prepared by the Accounts Group. In providing a service for both Walkers and Lyons, the office had the benefit of seeing both sides of the picture, in working as a department of the parent company, and as an independent firm.

During the 1930s Walkers had undertaken contract work for Lyons by distributing Pola Maid ice cream to Woolworth's stores in the north of England. The Laurel Road factory in Liverpool closed in December 1982.


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