Bakery Pastry Kitchen Staff Outing 1908

Bakery Sponge Cake Department 1932  


Bakery School

Bakery School

Greenford tea factory workers enjoying lunchtime entertainment in staff canteen. 1927

Lyons (India) Ltd staff in 1928

Photo 12 February 1976

L - R Don Winter, Les Price, Bill Holland, Bill Graham, Alan Harris and Gerry Lawrence

 L - R Keith Tinkler, Len Pell, # and Peter Brooks

This is Miss Dorothy Barrington, last of the Nippies, who retired in February 1971 after 47 years service. She joined teashops in 1923 and went to Maison Lyons Marble Arch when it opened in 1933. She is seen here with the waitresses of the Star Grill, Maison Lyons Marble Arch

Pamela Watkins (better known by her maiden name, Pam Batty) of MICA (Ice Cream) Ltd, the only female director of a Lyons Group company, receiving gifts from colleagues on her retirement in 1969. Standing (L-R): G. K. Arnold (General Sales Manager Lyons Maid), Guy Lawrence (Chairman of Lyons Maid Ltd and main Board Director), Chris Brooks (Lyons Maid Sales and Marketing Director), J. L. Massarella (Managing Director Lyons Maid), S. van Gelderen (Public Relations Lyons Maid). Seated is Mrs Watkins husband. MICA (Ice Cream) Ltd was formed in 1962 to handle Lyons Maid exports and to act as ice cream production and marketing consultants. Pam Batty started with the Ice Cream Department in 1946 as a £4.10s.0d a week typist. She was promoted to the MICA board in 1966.

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The Kensington Group 7th (County of London) Battalion, Home Guard 1944.
Back Row: Cpl Lee, Pte Steele, Pte Arden, Pte V. G. Morris, Pte Baker, Pte T. W. Smith, Pte Christian, Pte B. J. White, L/Cpl Hudson, Pte Pownall, Pte Fitzgerald, Pte Brown, Cpl Farrand, Pte Stanton, Pte Brenchley, Pte Perrett.
Fourth Row: Pte Berger, Pte Addison, Pte Cross, Pte Daniels, Cpl Doble, Pte Neal, Pte Tibbenham, Pte Lewis, L/Cpl Mungeam, Pte Angell, Pte Barnett, Cpl Pryor, Pte Pollard, Pte McKain, Pte Darvill.
Third Row: Pte Longhurst, Pte Hutchison, Pte Jones, Pte Clarkson, Pte W. H. Smith, L/Cpl J. Holloway, Pte F. Holloway, Cpl Olliffe, Cpl Sharp, Pte McCarthy, L/Cpl Balfour, Pte S. J. White, L/Cpl Hopkins, L/Cpl Gibson-Suter, Cpl Hyams, Pte Andrews, Pte Atkins, Pte Wallis.
Second Row: Pte Webb, Pte Bowring, Pte H. Hudson, Pte Peck, Cpl Payne, Pte Gatenby, Pte Leonard, Cpl Anderson, Sgt Morris, Cpl Wiggins, Pte Helliwell, Pte Dungate, Cpl Tolley, Pte Chance, Pte Hames, Cpl Frye, Sgt Flint.
First Row: Pte Bryant, Sgt Danger, Sgt Malley, Sgt Wedlake, Sgt Anthony, CSM Crust, Lt Lane, Capt Forsyth, Major Bennett, Lt Cooper, 2/Lt Rundle, CQMS Darey, Sgt Collins, Sgt Pollitt, Sgt Eales.
Front Row: L/Cpl Goodey, Cpl Joyner, Pte Dennis, Pte Fisher, Sgt Servant, Pte Dawn, Cpl Godfrey, Pte McNicol, Pte Wells.
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Staff at Cadby Hall during First World War.
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Charles Brown and Family 1910
Courtesy Wendy Brown

Charles Brown (5th left) 1895
Courtesy Wendy Brown

Charles Brown and Sarah Brown, Holiday 1927
Courtesy Wendy Brown

Charles Brown (Back Row Right) 1908
Courtesy Wendy Brown

These 9 ladies worked at Lyons Tea Factory, Greenford, and are seen here on
Brighton seafront. The photograph was taken in 1948/49. From left to right
are: Jean Parsons, Lorna Cheshire, May Rimmer, Winifred Fowler, Rita Moss,
Betty Dunderdale, Grace Bolton, Joyce Burtenshaw and Winnie's cousin? Four
of the girls shown here once lived on the Cuckoo Estate, Hanwell, and in
recent times they have formed a club calling themselves Cuckooites. They
have reunions, swap stories and photographs and have even set up a website:

This picture was supplied by Grace Bolton

Grace Bolton (L) and Helen McReady (R) during lunch break at the Lyons Tea
Factory, Greenford.

Supplied by Grace Bolton.

These 7 girls from the Lyons Tea Factory, Greenford, are shown here during
their lunch break in the factory gardens. They are:- Grace Bolton, Margi
Trotman, Rita Moss, Joyce Burtenshaw, Jean Parsons, May Rimmer and Peggy ?

Supplied by Grace Bolton

Light Transport Outing 1928. Location is Boulters Lock.

Coventry Street Corner House Staff Outing to Worthing 1928.