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Addison Mansions

Miscellaneous Offices

Addison Mansions, Blythe Road, Hammersmith

There were a number of miscellaneous buildings, mainly converted houses, which were used as office space and which were generally excepted as being part of the Cadby Hall Estate. One of the largest of these properties was that known as Addison Mansion. It occupied a position on the eastern side of Cadby Hall by the Blythe Road entrance and was formerly a block of apartments. It is not known when Addison Mansions was built but a date of 1888 has been suggested; they certainly appear on an Ordnance Survey map of 1897 but not an earlier map of 1871. It did not form part of the Cadby Hall estate when Lyons bought it in 1894. A Mortgage Charge, registered at Companies House and dated 1902, refers to 'certain freehold premises in the Parish of Hammersmith'. It is possible the this charge was in respect of Addison Mansions but doubt remains. Addison Mansions retained its name during the whole period that Lyons owned it and its conversion to office space created a rabbits warren of passageways and stairs. One almost required a map to navigate its labyrinths. For many years part of it was a medical centre which included a dentistry and chiropody department. An ambulance was on constant vigil should there be a need to transfer any injured employee to hospital. Senior managers of the Bakery, Ice Cream, Outdoor Catering and Export Departments and all had offices there from time to time. Although the rear of the building was progressively 'vandalised' with ugly fire stairs, other external parts were left unchanged and it maintained its sense of character in what was otherwise a hotchpotch of factory and office buildings.

137-143 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith

These four large properties, originally private dwellings, were directly opposite the main Cadby Hall factory positioned between Edith Road and Auriol; Road. The first of these properties was acquired in 1923 but it is not clear when the adjoining houses were purchased. They, like Addison Mansions, had been extensively altered and were honeycombed with corridors and extensions to the rears. The buildings were mainly occupied by Works Department Engineers and also a few Construction Department people, shop-fitters, architects etc. The Engineers Drawing Office was in a single story building behind 139. Part of 143 was also used by Soft Drinks and no doubt there were other departments who were decanted in and out over the period Lyons occupied them. Later the Teashop Shop-fitting Department moved into a building on the western corner of Edith Road (145 Hammersmith Road) which later became the Taste Panel. 137-143 Hammersmith Road was disposed of in the 1980s, the buildings were pulled down, and a large office block erected on the site.

Avonmore Road, Hammersmith

Avonmore Road was positioned directly opposite the Olympia and ran in a southerly direction from its junction with Hammersmith Road. It was a tree-lined residential road and it is known that one or two residential properties were owned by Lyons and rented by staff. Further down Avonmore Road, where it almost meets the railway, was a small office/store of which nothing is known.

Munden Street, Hammersmith

Munden Street was located to the east of Auriol Road and close to North End Road. It was owned by Normand Garage where company car fleets (Cadby Hall head office-based staff) were serviced. There was a small parking area and several engineers were employed in the workshops. Body-work repairs were not undertaken here. Fred Hannington was manager of the workshop

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