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Since the previous list was produced, made up primarily of products from a 1938 catalogue, a new and earlier catalogue has come to light. There are several cake lines in this catalogue which get no mention in the 1938 catalogue and they are listed here. The fact that they get no mention in the 1938 catalogue does not mean they had been discontinued; for reason of space they may have been omitted.

The 1932 catalogue has been personalised for Clee & Son, Rotunda Terrace, Cheltenham. According to the Cheltenham Reference Library, William Frederick Clee was listed as a grocer in the 1932 trade directory. Although personalised for Clee & Son the range of cakes were available to other retailers and the prices quoted are retail. Discount was given dependent on volumes ordered.

This list also contains a selection of wedding cakes with the firm made and some items which have come to light since the earlier list was produced.

1932 Cake Catalogue Listing

Chocolate Sandwiches

Light chocolate sponge with vanilla flavoured filling. Packed in protective cartons to ensure freshness. 5d. each

Marshmallow Cakes

Oblong shape made from superfine sponge mixing with marshmallow on top. Edged with finely chopped nuts with a centre filling. Also available in two other varieties; with marshmallow top and that covered with nuts or chocolate fondant top and centre of marshmallow. All in protective cartons. 10d. each


Dainty light sponges of light sponge mixing divided horizontally with layer of filling. Also available in chocolate sponge. Sealed in cartons to ensure freshness. 8 for 6d.

Wonder Gateaux

Light sponge mixing round cake topped with various flavoured icings, edged with finely chopped nuts, and decorated with an assortment of preserved sweets or walnuts. Flavours were chocolate, vanilla, coffee and raspberry. Packed in protective cartons. 8d. each

Penny Tartlets

Full-sized tartlets made from short pastry. Obtainable in fillings of jam, treacle and lemon. Each contained in a paper cup and in boxes of 9 at 1d. each. By 1938 these were assorted jam tartlets but remained a penny each.

Lemon Tartlets

As above but all lemon curd filling. 1d. each.

Treacle Tartlets

As above but all treacle filling. 1d. each.

Bakewell Tartlets

Made from short pastry and a Derbyshire recipe were sold as 'indistinguishable from the originals'. Top covered with pastry cap. Boxes of 9 at 1d. each.

Simnel Cake

Made for consumption at Easter-time. Contained rich fruit with a thick layer of almond paste crowned with sweet fondant. Cakes had to be ordered in advance and were priced at 3/3d, 4/9d and 6/6d. Also available was a special slab Simnel cake at 1/6d per lb.


Made principally for the young market. Jammies were small oblong sponge cakes with a choice of jam fillings. Packed in sealed cartons to ensure freshness. Eight per carton at 8d.

Fruit Cake

A good quality round cake with liberal amounts of fruits. Baked with frilled paper wrapping around waist. Separately wrapped to ensure freshness. Price 1/- each.

Fruit Pudding

Pudding shaped cake designed as a sweet with no need for preparation other than heating. Came in six varieties; sultana, fig, raisin, college, currant and ginger, and three sizes priced at; 6d., 9d., and 1/-. Also came as a Baroness Pudding complete with packet of Lyons' custard powder price 1/4d.

Sixpenny Fruit Cakes

Made for picnics, outings and lunch boxes. Each individually wrapped and cut into slices. In boxes of 4. Price 6d. each.

Short Pastry Mix

Prepared ready for rolling and baking. Entirely free from preservatives. Wrapped and supplied in cartons. Half pound 3.5p, one pound 7d. Also available was Lyons' short pastry mix for making tarts, pies and pastries. Price at 3.5d per half pound. Latter flaky pastry mix was introduced for the same price.

Alhambra Chocolate Wafers

Price 1/8d. per carton of 12.


Biscuits made from a Highland recipe. Wrapped in pairs in Cellophane and delivered in boxes. Price 2 biscuits for 1.5d.


Made from sugar, eggs and real almonds. Crisp taste. In cartons of eight for 1/-.

French Gateaux

Two types made. One of conventional round shape the other with wrap-over sides. Fancy tops, one with domino finish. In carton at 1/- and 1/4d. each.


Specially prepared biscuits wrapped in Cellophane packets of six and priced at 2d. per packet of six. Each biscuit was impressed with a JL logo.


Tea table delicacies of superfine sponge with a centre filling and completely covered in rich chocolate. In boxes of 7 and priced at 1/-.

French Pastries

Assorted shapes and flavours sold in boxes of 6 for 1/1.5d or 2.5d each.

Afternoon Tea Pastries

Seven assorted varieties with different shapes and fillings. Supplied in cartons of seven. Price seven pastries for 1/-.

Assorted Pastries

A very large assortment of different pastries. Price ranges between 1d. and 1.5d.

Russian Cake

Made from different types of Genoese cake and compressed together giving a mottling effect. Top was layered in patterned icing and they were supplied in individual cartons. Price 10d. each.

Buzz Bar

A chocolate biscuit confection oblong in shape with a rounded top. Wrapped in silver foil and covered in milk chocolate. Buzz impressed on the top of the biscuit in the chocolate coating.

Jollity Gateaux

Not listed in catalogue and no definition available. Identified on bakery order form. Price 6d.


Small vanilla flavoured sponge cakes in crimped paper cup topped with marsh-mallow and a sprinkling of flaked coconut with glacé cherry on top.

Apricot Queens

This cake is not included in the 1932 catalogue but was identified on a 1937 bakery order form. It is most likely a variation on the Sno-Queen cake above. Priced at 1d.

Wedding Cakes (Designs)

Wedding, birthday and christening cakes had a wide reputation for quality, variety and value. The wedding cakes were named after goddesses of ancient Greece as a final expression of their classic elegance of design.

Three tier cakes could be made in any design between 7 and 17 guineas for an additional charge of 6d per pound. The standard mixing in all designs was Dundee Cake, but if preferred, almond, cherry, Genoa, Madeira or sultana cake could be substituted. For anniversaries of the very young Lyons' recommended a birthday cake with Madeira mixing and layers of jam and buttercream. Special designs, ornaments or embellishments could be incorporated to customers' requirements at extra cost. There was no charge for names or greeting messages.

Fresh flowers could be supplied with any cake instead of artificial flowers. Any charge was dependent on customers requirements and the season.

Hand painted monograms could be supplied with any cake on the following terms. Cakes under 15 guineas, 15/- per pair extra. Cakes of 15 guineas and over, no charge made.

Two-once pieces of wedding cake, sugar and almond iced, in wedge-shaped boxes can be supplied for sending away at 6d. each.

With cakes under 5 guineas the knife and stand could be hired for 3/6d plus carriage to and from the customer's house when outside the Lyons' van delivery area.

Cakes of 5 guineas and under 7 guineas the stand and knife was loaned free but there was a charge for delivery if the customer's house was outside the Lyons' van delivery area.

Cakes priced at over 7 guineas the stand and knife was loaned and delivered free but a collection charge was made if the customer's house was outside the Lyons' van delivery area.


Single tier. Ornately iced in scroll-work. Vase on top with flowers.

Height 18 inches, diameter 12 inches, weight 9 lb. Price £1.14s. 0d

A smaller cake was available for £1.2s.6d.


A two tier cake with flowers on top and horseshoes around both tiers. Ornately iced in scroll-work. Height 22 inches, diameter 12 inches, weight 12 lb. Price £2.7s.0d.


A two tier cake with elaborate hoped flower arrangement at top. Horseshoes and elaborate iced scroll-work. Height 23 inches, diameter 13 inches, weight 17 lb. Price £3.8s.6d.


Two tier cake with same elaborate flower arrangement as Arete. Small characters in icing around both tiers. Height 29 inches, diameter 14 inches, weight 22 lb. Price £4.15s.0d.


A superb cake iced in delicate parchment. Two tiers with flower arrangements. Height 28 inches, diameter 15 inches, weight 27 lb. Price £5.12s.0d.


Two tier cake with married couple holding large flower arrangement on heads. Lightly scrolled icing. Height 38 inches, diameter 17 inches, weight 38 lb. Price £7.7s.0d.


This masterpiece takes its name from the goddess of beauty. Iced in hydrangea pink but also available in white. Two tiers with wedge-wood type motifs around both tiers. Delicate filigree scroll-work. Height 38 inches, diameter 18 inches, weight 37 lb. Price £8.8s.0d.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1967

Hostess Sponge Rolls

Replaced the 1/9d Swiss rolls. Coated in real milk chocolate. Product & Process Development Manager Rod McLean. Produced at Cadby Hall and Wakefield bakeries. Introduced in July 1967.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1969

Farmhouse Bread

Two types of unwrapped farmhouse bread was introduced in January 1969.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1970

In February Lyons Bakery and Nestle team up in joint product promotion. Ten top-selling Lyons Bakery cakes including Souflette, Harvest Pies and Hostess feature money-off coupons redeemable against Nescafe Instant coffee.

International Stores Bakery Acquired

The International Stores bakery situated at Bethnal Green, London was acquired by the Lyons Group in February 1970. The bakery produced fruit cake for sale in the 1081 International Stores across the country. The production was moved from Bethnal Green to existing Lyons bakeries.

Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition

Lyons Bakery exhibited their leading products at the Ideal Home Exhibition in March 1970. Lyons' Date & Walnut Cottage Cake was exhibited on the Iraqi Stand where the product was sampled by visitors.

Gateaux Ltd.

The Irish cake manufacturers Gateaux Ltd was acquired by Lyons Irish Holdings Ltd for £300,000 in July 1970. The company had 60% of the Irish cake market and the factory was in Finglas, Dublin. The business was built up by the Dacus family and the MD at the time of the takeover was Leslie Dacus

Kunzle Cake

Lyons Bakery re-launch some of the Kunzle range in July 1970. The cakes were made at the Hove factory where Battenberg was produced. The cake was a small rectangular sponge cake covered in icing of different colours and flavours and decorated. Packed six to a box and Cellophane wrapped with a see-through lid.

Bread Units Expand

In September 1970 plans to expand the Eastleigh Depot to a full bread unit were announced. Chessington and Crawley bread units would also be expanded.

Dutch Cake Campaign Launched.

In October 1970 plans were announced to develop the Dutch packaged cake market.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1971

A new Lyons Logo was introduced in 1971 for the food companies. It resembled a slab of cake. All new bakery packaging were planned to be carrying the new logo by June 1971.

Biggest TV Cake Campaign

In April 1971 Lyons launched a £250,000 advertising campaign for Lyons cakes. The campaign was led by Martin Bojam, Marketing Manager (Vic Steel was Marketing Director). A 45 RPM record was produced to get the message across to retailers. The 30 second record also contained the soundtrack of the TV commercials.

Strawberry Gateaux

Detail not available but said to be same as previous chocolate and coffee varieties. Launched April 1971 with 2p money off offer and a kitchen container and either a 1/4 lb packet of Quick Brew tea or twenty Quick Brew teabags for tokens from two packs.

Lemon Gateaux

Detail not available but said to be same as chocolate and coffee varieties. Launched April 1971 with similar offer to Strawberry Gateaux.

Harvest Pie Promotion

Lyons Bakery and the Milk Marketing Board launched a joint promotion in July 1971 to boost Harvest Pies and fresh cream.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1972

Harvest Pie Promotion

First prize in a Bakery competition to promote Harvest Pies was a 9.5 acre orchard of apple, pear and plum trees. As well as the orchard the winner won a £4,000 motorised caravan complete with shower, toilet, refrigerator, cooker and television. To win the prize the entrant had to find three deliberate mistakes in drawings printed on the back of Harvest Pie, Treacle Tart and Bakewell Tart packets. Launched in August 1972.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1973

Lyons acquire the Dutch baking firm of Bussink. Founded in 1593 it was the oldest independent firm in Holland. Based in Deventer it specialised in Rye Honey Cake.

Oliver & Gurden Ltd

Oliver & Gurden Ltd, the Oxford based specialist cake-maker owned by Lyons, changed its name to Fullers Cakes Ltd in September 1973. The Fullers product line included: Layer Cake, Majorca Slice, Walnut Layer Cake and Russian Bar.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1974

Hale Trent Ltd

Hale Trent Ltd, the fifth largest packaged cake group in the UK, is acquired by Lyons in April 1974.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1975

Belgium Cake Market

In March 1975 Lyons Bakery entered into an agreement with Vrancaerts, a subsidiary of the Belgium industrial group Borden International, to market a range of Lyons Bakery products to the Belgium market.

Lyons Bakery Communications Conference

Following the most difficult year in recent history, Lyons Bakery organised a conference in October 1975 for its sales force. Held at the Belsfield Hotel, the theme was communication. Marketing and sales plans were laid out to the attendees.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1976

Japanese Venture

In January 1976 Lyons Bakery introduced its baking know-how to Japanese companies. In February 1977 Lyons bakery products, made by Yamazaki Baking Co Ltd, sold £2 million worth of English-style cake and distribution was only in the Tokyo conurbation.

Cake Package Campaign

In the Autumn Lyons Bakery launched their biggest marketing campaign costing £750,000. There was a complete repackaging of all products. A TV campaign featuring Life with the Lyons, cash back offers, Two new products, new Christmas range.

Sponge Pudding

Claimed (wrongly) to be a new range available in the Autumn. In three flavours; treacle, raspberry jam and chocolate. Required 15 minutes heating in an oven to be ready for the table.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1977

Bakery Turnover

In 1975/6 Bakery turnover, which included biscuits, was £78,000,000. In 1976/7 this has increased to £90,000,000. the group turnover in 1976/7 was £769,000,000.

Frozen Cake

After a thorough investigation, Lyons Bakery entered the frozen cake market in July 1977. The cakes were made at the Wakefield Bakery and included; jam tarts, mince pies, three different Battenberg's, four types of Swiss rolls and two sponge layer cakes. The launch was made through Bejam, a company specialising in frozen food products. After test marketing the cakes in 10 centres, Bejam decided to distribute to all 135 centres. The frozen cake market was estimated at £20 million in 1977. The Marketing Project Manager at Lyons for the frozen cakes was Trevor Davies.

Royal Christening Cake

A cake weighing approximately 100 lb was supplied by Lyons Bakery on the occasion of the Christening of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillip's son Peter in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace on 22 December 1977. The infants names were iced in blue Gothic lettering on a white background on alternate panels of the cake, with blue beribboned cradle decorated, on the day of the Christening, with fresh flowers. Lyons were awarded a Royal Warrant for supplying cake to the Royal Household in the 1920s.

Products/Promotions Introduced in 1978

Bakewell Tarts

These tarts, which had been made for many years, were introduced nationally in February 1978 after having been earlier test marketed in the south. They were deep tarts packed in fours and had a retail price of 34p.

Lemon Curd Tarts

These too were an old favourite. They were re-launched in the middle of February 1978 and were packed six to a carton. The price is not known but is thought to have been 34p.

Ready-Baked Desert Bases

In July 1978 Lyons Bakery nationally launched a comprehensive range of ready-baked desert bases. Those already available from test marketing area were Eight Trifle Sponges, Sixteen Sponge Fingers and Standard Size Flan Case. In July packs of Three Sponge Layers, Eight Pastry Cases and a Large Flan Case were added. A new logo incorporation the standard Lyons symbol with a decoration of fruit was devised for these desert products being marketed in bright blue packs featuring full-colour recipe suggestions. All products were introduced with an introductory price which is unknown.

Allied Breweries Ltd Acquired J. Lyons & Co Ltd 1978

Allied Breweries Ltd took over J. Lyons & co Ltd, and its subsidiary companies, on 13 November 1978. Lyons Bakery Limited continued to trade and run its factories. In April 1995 Allied Domecq plc, as the converged group had become, sold all the baking interests to Manor Bakeries Ltd in April 1995. The biscuit operation, Lyons Biscuits Ltd (formally Symbol Biscuits Ltd), had been sold to Hillsdown Holdings in December 1994.