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Lyons Bakery Products

Bread, followed by cake, were the first two production units established and their pedigree can be traced to the early 1890s. The precise date when production of bread started is not known but by 1894 a flourishing 'Steam Bakery' was being operated at Cadby Hall, Hammersmith, London. With automation this grew rapidly and soon cake and related products were added. Satellite bakeries were opened in other parts of London, and then the provinces and eventually Lyons were absorbing the baking interests of other companies. By the 1970s it was one of the largest baking operations in Europe and dominated the packaged cake market. This list of products, although not comprehensive, is a pretty good listing of the products manufactured. The date of many new cake lines (flan cases, slices, etc.) are not known and so have been omitted from this list. It will be seen that the detail of bread is poorly covered and does not have such a wide coverage as cake. Being a staple diet this was probably seen as a routine operation and therefore was not so interesting to report as fancy cakes. As well as Cadby Hall and its satellite bakeries, the Corner Houses also cooked their own bread, cakes and rolls. Bread and rolls were delivered three times a day to the teashops to ensure freshness. This list of cakes does nor include those numerous varieties made by Scribbans-Kemp, Gateaux, Hale Trent, Linden Bakery, Oliver & Gurden and other bakery subsidiaries. Products introduced after the merger with Allied Breweries in 1978 have not been included. Any additional help in completing this list would be welcomed.


First Bread Bakery Opened

This was known as a steam bakery. A range of bread types were made as well as a variety of bread rolls. Loaf sizes were measured in quarterns (a 4 lb loaf) and half quarterns. The prices in London varied between 3d to 6d. Vienna rolls were a popular product.


British Empire Exhibition

Bakeries supply 260 tons of bread and cake, every week, for a year. Seventy lorries were made available for this business.

1930 c.

Puriti Wrapped Bread Introduced

Enclosed in waxed paper but not sliced.


Long & short type baguettes,

Cut on top like bloomers

Wrapped Slimcea bread


Four types of wrapped bread

Two types of unwrapped bloomers

Two types of unwrapped farmhouse bread


Cake Catalogue

The following items appear in the cake catalogue of 1938. Obviously many of the products were being produced long before this date.

Layer Cakes

Light sponge base covered with fondant icing and covered in walnuts. Two centre layers of butter-cream in four flavours, chocolate, vanilla, coffee and raspberry. In cartons at 1/- each.

Pineapple Layer Cake

Light sponge, centre and top filling. Price 9d in a carton.

Coconut Snow Cake

Light sponge, with centre layer of butter-cream, completely covered with shredded coconut and glacé cherry on top. Price 8d in carton.

Banquet Cake

Light cake with special, unspecified, ingredients. Price 10p in cartons but also in 4 lb slabs at 10d per lb.

Cherry Cake

A light cake with whole cherries. Price 1/- each in carton.

20th Century Cake

Special mixing. Sultanas, currants, and peel with top encrusted with almonds. Price 1/- each in carton.

Festive Sultana Cake

An oblong economy Christmas cake containing fruit and wrapped. Price 1 lb 1/- 2 lb 2/-.

Special Fruit Cake

A traditional round economy Christmas cake with generous assortment of fruits. Price 2/- each wrapped.

Sultana Cake

A round cake with selected sultanas. Price 1/8 each in carton.

Princess Roll

Rolled sponge cake with strawberry jam and vanilla filling. Price 6d each in sealed cartons.

French Cream Roll

Rolled sponge cake with fresh cream and jam filling. Price 6d each in cartons.

Swiss Roll

Probably one of Lyons' most famous cakes. A rolled sponge cake in the following varieties: chocolate sponge vanilla filled, plain sponge chocolate filled, plain sponge lemon curd filled, plain sponge greengage filled, plain sponge raspberry filled, plain sponge apricot filled, plain sponge strawberry filled, plain sponge nut and vanilla filled, plain sponge cherry and vanilla filled, plain sponge almond filled. Prices, large 9d, popular 6d and medium 4d.

Choc Rolls

A small chocolate sponge with vanilla filling wrapped in foil and sold individually or in boxes of 12. Price 1d each or 1/- for a box of 12.

Gateau Rumba

Light sponge divided with a centre layer and a top covered in pure flaked coconut. three varieties, chocolate, raspberry and orange. Price 6d in carton.

Junior Swiss Roll

A smaller size Swiss roll. Not covered in chocolate. Sold in many varieties. Price 1d each or box of six for 6d.

Duchess Cake

Fine textured cake from special mixing containing coconut. Price 6d each in carton

Ginger Cake

Fruit ginger cake with sultanas. Oblong in box. Price 6d each.

Orange Cake

Light mix cake flavoured with orange. Price 6d in carton.

Koon Kake

No offence is intended in recording this product. It is listed for historical completeness. A light fine texture cake chocolate-flavoured. Price 6p each in carton

Individual Fruit Pies

This is another product for which Lyons was famous. Small square-shaped pies with fruit or fruit puree fillings. Individually boxed. Made in several flavours: apple, apricot, raspberry, rhubarb, gooseberry, mince, blackberry & apple, blackcurrant, cherry, orange, peach, pineapple, mixberry and lemon curd. Price 2d each.Some fillings were discontinued and others were added such as Date, Raisin and Fruit salad.

Fruit Pies & Sixpenny Fruit Pies

A short pastry pie which could be served hot or cold. Each pie supplied with tin [sic] plate ready for heating. Varieties included: orange, raspberry, apple, apricot, gooseberry, pineapple, mince meat, cherry, peach, pear, plum, blackcurrant, blackberry & apple. Came in two sizes priced at 6d and 1/3d. Pear and plum only in 1/3d size. Blackcurrant and blackberry & apple only in 6d size. In carton.

Madeira Cake (and Seed Cake)

Four varieties, Scotch, plain, fruit and coconut. Prices 9d and 1/-.

Mince Pies

Puff pastry. Price 1d each or in cartons of six for 6d.

Xmas Puddings

Each pudding supplied in china basin. these puddings had a world-wide reputation for excellence. Six sizes from four portions to twenty portions in price range 1/10d to 6/6d. Also available cloth wrapped without basin.

Assorted Scotch Shortbread

Packed in tartan patterned round tin. Price 1/6d.

Shortbread Fingers

Butter shortbread packed in oblong tartan tins. Price 1/-.

Chocolate Biscuits (Maison Lyons)

Westward Ho! design tin at 2/3d. Standard design (Art Deco) tin 2/-

Kup Kakes

Light round sponge, in crimped paper surround, topped in a variety of soft icing: chocolate, lemon, raspberry and butterscotch. Price 1d each or box of six for 6d.

Penny Tartlets

Assorted jam tarts at a penny each or box of six for 6d.

Nippy Tartlets

These could not have been introduced before 1925 as Nippy was not created until 1 January 1925. These were better quality tarts than the penny variety. Price nine for 7d.Later Bakewell tarts added.

Coconut Toasties

Small cakes similar to Kup Kakes with crimped paper cups flavoured with pure shredded coconut and toasted to a golden brown. Price 1d each or carton of six for 6d

Princess Sandwich

One of Lyons most popular cakes. Light sponge with layer of strawberry jam and vanilla filling in centre. In sealed cartons at 6d each.

Petits Fours

Marzipan confections in different shapes and flavours. Price 1/7d per half pound carton or 3/- per pound carton. also available in special fancy tins ant 3/3d per tin.

Victoria Sponge

Very light sponge. Used for trifles or spread with jam honey or lemon curd. Price 5d each in carton.

Sponge Cakes

Light sponge cakes packed in sealed cartons of eight for 6d.

Jam Sandwich

Light sponge cake with four fillings: raspberry, apricot, strawberry and greengage. Large size 7d and medium size 5d. Medium size did not come in strawberry. All sealed in cartons.

Sponge Sandwich

Sponge with following fillings: plain sponge iced and vanilla filled, plain sponges raspberry iced and filled, plain sponge chocolate ice and filled, plain sponge coffee iced and filled, chocolate sponge chocolate iced and vanilla filled. Price 6d and 9d each.

French Cream Sandwich

Sponge cake with jam filled and fresh cream centre. Price 1/-.

6d Cakes

Small round cakes with crimped paper cups in five varieties: fruit, hostess, cherry, coconut, sultana.

Fudge Gateau

A cake in three flavours. Divided with layer and top covered in fondant icing. Flavours: chocolate, raspberry and vanilla. Price 6p in cartons.


Light sponge in conical shape covered in finely shredded coconut with glacé cheery on top. Price 1d each or in cartons of six for 6d


Small vanilla flavoured sponge cakes in crimped paper cup topped with marsh-mallow and a sprinkling of flaked coconut with glacé cherry on top.

Jelly Queens

Light sponge cakes in crimped paper cups topped with orange-flavoured jelly. Price 1d each or a carton of six for 6d.

Slab Cherry Cake

Rich cake with fine cherries and selected fruit. Price 1/- per lb.

Slab Genoa Cake

Rich fruit cake. Price 1/- per lb.

Mother's Fruit Cake

A home made flavour cake with fruits. Price 1/6d per 2 lb slab.

Slab Dundee Cake

Rich cake with selected fruits and almonds on top. Price 1/6 per lb.

Dundee Cake (Maison Lyons)

A high quality cake containing cherries and fruit and topped with half almonds. In yellow and gold tins labelled, Maison Lyons Dundee Cake.

Choc Wafers

Crisp wafer biscuit and smooth chocolate. Each one wrapped in foil. Price 1d each.


Wafers with layered fillings between wafer. Three varieties: pineapple, orange and chocolate.

Puff Pastry & Flaky Pastry Mix

Price 3d per half pound packet or 7d per pound packet. Short Pastry Mix was also available at 3d per half pound packet.


Containing candied peel, fruits, spices and other ingredients. Price 8d and 1/4d depending on size of jar.

Pure Beef Suet

Supplied in fine flakes. Entirely free from rice-flour or any adulterants. Sold four sizes: 2d packets, 3d carton, 6d carton and 1/- carton.

Ready-Mix Steamed Pudding

Several varieties sold: sultana, currant, ginger, lemon, college and plain. Chocolate also available in 4d packets only. Price (excepting chocolate) 4d and 6d per packet.

Sponge Ready-Mix

Available in six flavours: chocolate, lemon, orange, almond, vanilla and strawberry.

Christmas Cakes

Chocolate Covered Walnut Cake. A Christmas cake made in light mixing with vanilla cream centre. Top chocolate covered with sixteen half walnuts in a piped squared pattern on chocolate top. Decorative band around square sides. Approximately 3 lbs and priced at 3/-

Humpty Dumpty Christmas Cake.

Dark mixing, almond paste and sugared icing. Humpty Dumpty on top sitting on wall with Christmas decorations and merry Christmas motif. Price 3/- each (1 lb).

Mary Ba Ba

Dark mixing, almond paste and sugared icing. Bo-Peep with sheep motif with Christmas decorations and merry Christmas motif. Price 3/- each (1 lb).

Puss in Boots

Dundee mixing, almont paste and sugar icing. Puss in Boots on top with rich ornate icing scrolls on top and sides. Gold band around circumference. Christmas decorations and merry Christmas motif. Price 6/6d each (3lb).

Santa's Treasure House

Dundee Mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. sides of cake decorated like house with decorated roof. Santa and other Christmas decorations. Price 10/6d (5 lb).

Little Old Lady

Dundee mixing, without almond past, sugar ice. Scroll work on top and base of cake. Lady with child in arms on top with Christmas decorations. Price 5/- (2 lb).

Homing Gnome

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. More elaborately decorated in icing scroll-work. several decorations on top including gnome and house. Christmas decorations. Price 8/6 4 lb)

Holly Cottage

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. tiered cake with house and Christmas decoration. Price 10/6d (5lb).

Hobby Goblin

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. Elaborate scroll-work on top with Santa and other Christmas decoration. Price 5/- (2 lb).


Dundee mixing, almond paste covered and piped with marzipan. Ornate lady in dress of several layers and other decorative motifs. Price 20/- (10 lb)

Pixie Pierrot

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. Much scroll-work and large Pierrot on top with other Christmas decoration. Sides of cake decorated. Price 20/- (10 lb).

Goblin Grandpa

Dundee mixing, almont paste and sugar icing. Heavily scrolled with old man and beard on top with umbrella and other Christmas decoration.

Jack O'Lantern

Dundee mix, almond paste and sugar icing. Red clothed bust of person with pixie-like hat. Scroll-work on top with Christmas decoration. Price 16/3d (8 lb).

Heeza Beau

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. elaborately decorated with figure on top and other Christmas decoration. Price 12/6d (6 lb).

Jan and Gretchen

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing and marzipan piping. Christmas decorations on top. Price 6/6d (3lb).


Dundee mixing, almond past and sugar icing. Christmas crackers around sides of cake, Santa on top with Christmas decoration. Price 8/6 (4 lb).

Pixie Pipers

Dundee mix, almond paste and sugar icing. Dark pink piping and scroll-work. Two pixies on top playing musical instruments. Price 12/6d (6 lb).

Christmas Tryst

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. heavy scroll-work and Christmas decoration on top. Price 6/6d (3lb).

Robin's Feast

Dundee mixing, almond paste and sugar icing. Square cake with base green in colour. Robin on top on log with berries. Price 8/6d (4 lb).

Cinderella Cake

Dark fruit mixing, almond past and sugar icing. Fairly plain oblong cake but with some Christmas decoration on top. Price 5/- (4 lb).

Pleasure Trove

Dundee mixing, almond paste with sugar icing and marzipan piping. Two figures on top with Christmas decorations and a green band around waist of cake. Price 5/- (2lb).

Xmas Slab Cake

Dark fruit mixing with almond icing and decorated with pixies and Christmas motifs. Price 1/6d per lb or complete in slabs of 11lbs.

Birthday Cakes (Designs)


Decorated with a posy of artificial sweet peas and maidenhair fern. Dundee mix almond iced. Price 4/9 (2lb).


Decorated with artificial roses and maidenhair fern and a scalloped band of gold beading. Dundee mix almond iced. Price 4/9 (2 lb).


decoration of artificial roses and fern and a scalloped band of gold beading. Dundee mix, almond iced. three sizes 3 lb, 4 lb and 6 lb. Prices 6/3d, 8/3d and 12/6d.


In the shape of a lady in long dress. decorated in spray of artificial white heather and trailing ribbons. Dundee mix, almond iced. Price 10/- (4 lb).


Skilfully ices in a scroll and shell pattern with a posy of artificial roses. Dundee mix, almond iced. In three sizes 3 lb, 4 lb, and 6 lb. Prices 6/3d, 8/3d and 12/6d.


Decorated in artificial sweet peas, maidenhair fern and a band of gold beading. Dundee mix, almond iced. two sizes 4 lb and 6 lb. Prices 8/3d and 12/6d.


Gaily banded with a ribbon and bedecked with artificial roses and maidenhair fern. Dundee mixing, almond iced. Two sizes 4 lb and 6 lb. Price 8/3d and 12/6d.


Iced in bold scrolls and shells with a bouquet of roses and fern. Dundee mix, almond iced. Two sizes 4 lb and 6 lb. Price 8/3d and 12/6d.

Happy Days

Broad gold band and a cluster of artificial roses and a fern. Dundee mix, almond iced. Price 12/6 (6 lb).


For larger parties. embellished with artificial lilies and fern on top and sweet peas at the base. Dundee mix, almond iced. Two sizes 8 lb and 10 lb. Price 16/3d and 20/-.


Generously iced cake with broad band of ribbon crowned with bouquet of artificial sweet peas and fern. Dundee mix, almond iced. Two sizes 8 lb and 10 lb. Price 16/3p and 20/-.


Horseshoe in shape decorated with artificial roses and maidenhair fern. Candles are supplied for penny extra each. Four sizes, 5 lb, 9 lb, 13 lb and 17 lb. Prices 11/-, 18/3d, 26/- and 35/- plus candles.


Figure cakes obtainable in any numeral 0 to 9. Several sizes available but generally around 6 lb. Prices about 12/-.


Christening Cake (Designs)


Scrolled cake with shells around base. Artificial leaves and baby plaque on top. Dundee mix, almond iced. Two sizes 3 lb and 4 lb. Prices 6/3d and 8/3d.

Tip Toe

Heavily scrolled and scalloped. Similar design on top as Lullaby. Dundee mix, almond iced. Size 6 lb and 12/6d.

1967 May

Jersey slice

Puff pastry rectangle filled with cream and jam.

Souflette Sponges

Precise launch date unknown.

1967 Jul

Hostess Sponge Rolls

Replaced the 1/9d Swiss rolls. coated in real milk chocolate. Product & Process Development Manager Rod McLean. Produced at Cadby Hall and Wakefield bakeries.

1968 Mar

New Vienna Bread Roll Plant

New Vienna bread roll and bun plant opened. Costing £250,000 it could produce one million buns per week. designed by Harry Hudson and Edward Levine.

1968 Apr

Harvest Pie

Launched nationally in April. The production line at Cadby Hall took up all seven floors of 'Y' Block. Two sizes priced at 3/5d and 2/6d in a variety of fillings. Development team consisted of: Don Winter (scheduling Engineer), L.es Price (Product Development Technologist), Roy Ingledew (Process Development), W. Holland (Quality Manager), W. Graham (Chief Engineer), A. Harris (R & D), Gerry Lawrence (National Quality Manager, Keith Tinkler (Packaging Engineer Manager), Len Pell (Packaging Technologist), # (Bakery Development) and Peter Brookes (Electrical Engineer Manager).

1968 Jun

New Vienna bread plant opened at Eastleigh, Hants.

1968 Aug

Bristol Bakery Extended

1968 Oct

Lyons Bakery Gateau

An oblong moist sponge layered cake with creamy filling and with a coffee and chocolate-flavoured coating. Top decorated with swirls of substitute cream and chocolate. Special design box to protect product. In two flavours coffee and chocolate. Priced at 2/11d. Lemon Gateau was introduced in Jan 1969.

1969 Jan

Strawberry Puffs

Retail at 1/6d for four.

Fruit Curd Tarts

Replaced lemon curd tarts and priced at 1/9d.


Trifle Sponges

Double Delight

A double layer cake. Available in chocolate, lemon and strawberry has three layers of cake and two of jam and/or butter-cream filling.

Princess Angel Cake

A one layer cake and one layer of jam or butter-cream filling.

1969 Oct

Blackcurrant Puffs

Sponge Pudding

Heat and serve convenience food. Jam or syrup topping. Price 1/10d.

1970 Jun

Lyons Bakery Nines

Nine chocolate covered sponge fingers with a Jaffa and vanilla filling.

1971 Apr

Buttercream Shortcake

At 6d it was one of the lowest priced cakes on the market.

1974 Jun

Franzipan Crumble

Four almond/vanilla tarts topped with almonds. Made at Smethwick Bakery

1976 Feb

Cadby Hall Bakery Shuts Down

At midnight on 12 February 1976 the tart line in 'A' block and the flan line in 'Q1' Block came to a stop after seventy years of cake production at Cadby Hall. The Individual Fruit Pie plant closed in 1968 and it was estimated that over 2,000,000,000 were produced in thirty years. Their place was taken by the popular Harvest Pie. Production transferred to Carlton in south Yorkshire.

1976 Sep

Almond Cake

A country-styled cake with a flavour derived from almonds with a sprinkling of almonds on top. Price 25p.

1978 Jan

Coconut Macaroons

Made by the Dutch subsidiary Hooimeijer. Packed in sixes price was 32p with offer of 29p.

Blackcurrant and Apple Slices

Joins Bakewell slices in the slice range.

1978 Feb

Orchard Dessert

A five-portion pie with pastry base, an apple and blackberry filling and a sponge top sprinkled with digestive-biscuit crumbs. priced at 40p but offer price of 37p.

Maison Lyons Gateau

Price 41p




Produced at the Hove factory. Price was 1/2d in 1938



Monarch Cakes

In 1960? these were listed as 7d.


Mid-size Swiss Roll.

Flan cases

Moulded sponge flan case

Frostie Cakes

Covered in hand applied frostie icing. Produced at the Bristol factory

Iced Fancies

Produced at the Hove factory


Savoury Shapes



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