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Many people are fond of puzzles. If you are one of those who are, here's something you might like to try your hand at.

Below are two sleeves of 45 RPM records. I think they must have been part of some sort of promotion and the egg whisk logo is a clue to their dates. These records must have been some sort of side-line for CBS as the record which is half out of the packet shows (CBS Special Products). In may 1971 Lyons launched its biggest TV Campaign to date. It lasted 6 weeks and cost £250,000. The campaign featured 30 and 45 second TV spots going out nationally at peak viewing times. Cake sales peaked in July and August. At this time Lyons made a 45 RPM record, with the ads on it, to get the message across to salesmen.

It would be nice if someone could tell us when these records were issued, under what conditions (did you have to return 300 empty Lyons cake boxes for example!) and what date did the promotion run?

Note: I don't know the answer. It's up to you to make your case.

(Peter Bird)

Enlargement of top LH corner