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D -Ludgate Circus Teashop

100 medals were struck to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the first teashop. Front depicts Nippy pointing way forward.


Teashop X4 - at 321 Oxford Street

There were roughly 200 teashops each with a front shop for selling bakery items and inside one or more cafeteria type counter services for hot meals and beverages. Each shop had a code number for quick reference. The first was A - Picadilly. The code ran through from A to Z - Kings Cross and then AA to ZZ followed by A3 - Z9. Provincial and coastal shops had a double letter viz HE - Bournemouth. I can still remember a few as I was a young draughtsman in the New Teashops works department in the 1950s, drawing the catering equipment that made up the counters and kitchen.

In the immediate post WW2 years the Teashops were bustling with customers necessitating the installation of queue barriers to control the line waiting to enter the cafeteria. Ten years later the customers started to fall off as the building of competing restaurants surged.

A large cup of tea at a Lyons Teashop cost 2.1/2d (old pennies) in the 1950s.

The Head Office of Teashops was at Orchard House near Selfriges in Oxford Street.


Lyons Teashop Directors:

Julian Salmon, Felix Salmon. - Alan Jenkins (employee director)

Margate Teashop Roof Terrace, 1928

Fenchurch Street Teashop Staff 1935.