Note European Businesses are listed on a seperate page.



Airport Bowl

Alperton Carton Company

Baskin - Robbins

Bertorelli Ice Cream

Black & Green


Chock Full o' Nuts

DCA ...(Doughnut Corporation of America)

Dunkin' Donuts

European Businesses (as a group)

Far Famed Cake Company

Frood Division (Fropax Eskimo Frood)

Fullers Cakes Ltd

Garden Isle (Fruit and Vegetables ) Ltd

Gateaux Ltd.

Glacier Foods Ltd

Hale-Trent Ltd

Hayes Laundry

Hogarth Press

Impex Foods Ltd

Importers Retail Showrooms Ltd

J.L. Catering Ltd

Kunzle Cakes Ltd

Lyons Patisserie Ltd

Lyons Seafoods Ltd

Margetts Preserves Ltd

Mister Softee Ltd

Normand Garage

Overseas Trading Corporation

Panrico SA (Spain)

Pendleton Ice Cream Company

Pleasure Foods Ltd

Scribbans-Kemp Group

Sol Cafe

Sol Tenco

Strand Hotel Limited

Symbol Biscuits Ltd ..(Lyons Biscuits Ltd)

Symington (W. Symington & Co.Ltd)

Telfer (Henry Telfer Ltd)

Tonibell Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Ulrich NV (Holland)

Walkers Dairies Office

Zendijk's Vleesware en Conservenfabriek BV

Zippy Franchises Ltd

Zoo Girl Ltd

See also 'European Businesses' .... 'Some Overseas Companies (Excluding Europe & America)'

Some of the above may not technically be 'subsidiary companies'.

Miscellaneous Businesses - Many of the 'other 700 companies' that made up J. Lyons & Co..