Subsidiary Companies


Pendleton Ice Cream Ltd

In October 1988 Lyons Maid bought the Liverpool based Pendleton Ice Cream Company. Pendleton's specialised in ice lollies and its purchase not only increased Lyons production capacity but an enlargement of the market in the Liverpool area where, in the 53 years of its existence Pendleton had made a name for itself.

The business was started in 1935 by William Pendleton, whose three sons, Bill, Ron and Norman, continued to run it as a family concern until 1979, when they sold it to Associated British Foods, who merged it with their Allied Foods Ice Cream Division.

As well as ice lollies, choc ices and cones were produced at the factory on the Knowsley Industrial Estate, to the north of Liverpool. These were transferred to Bridge Park and the lolly production at Liverpool was increased to three million a week.

In the summer of 1989 the Pendleton ice lolly factory took on the production of Lyons Maid's best selling Mr Men lollies for marketing in multi-packs. The packs consisted of ten lollies in mixed strawberry and orange flavours and the wrappers featured such Mr Men characters as Mr Daydream, Mr Greedy, Mr Impossible, Mr Small and Mr Strong.

One of Pendleton's services was the supply of private label products to leading supermarket chains. A self-contained van sales operation supplied various smaller outlets enabling drivers to give a personal service. This delivery chain took on some of the better known products from Lyons Maid such as King Cones, Mivvi, Figaro and choc ices. Linda Holden was in charge of this operation and had 600 outlets to service. Her customers were small supermarkets, newsagents, corner shops, hospitals, theatres and leisure parks. Three vans were in regular use and two more provided a back-up in peak periods. Ian Croxford was the Factory General Manager.

The picture is of Linda Holden and Ian Croxford. Both Pendleton employees.

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