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August 2009

First Lyons Teashop � Site Demolition

The London Evening Standard reported in early August 2009 a �50 million scheme to revamp a number of properties in Piccadilly. Westminster Council has granted permission for the 150,000 square foot development around Piccadilly and Jermyn Street despite objections from the Victorian Society. The project involves the demolition of eight historic buildings including the site of the First Lyons Teashop at 213 Piccadilly which opened in 1894. The scheme is known as St James�s Gateway and involves a new frontage onto Piccadilly and improvements to Eagle Place.


14 December 2007

A book has been published on the history of the Teashop Lithographs.
Published by the Towner Gallery its author, Charlie Batchelor, has undertaken considerable research to produce a very readable book of 190 pages. It is produced in a landscape style, with colour illustrations of all lithographs.
Titled: Tea and a Slice of Art - The Lyons Lithographs 1946-1955, can be obtained from the author since the Towner Gallery are in the process of moving premises. The cost in £20.00 plus £2.00 postage and packing.

Email Ms Charlier Batchelor at: [email protected]


July 2006

# Caminer, who worked on the first software systems for the LEO 1 computer, was awarded an Honourary Doctorate Degree by the University of Middlessex on 5 July 2006, for his contribution to business applications; helping him invent systems and software concepts which transformed business methods of managing data. The School of Computing Science at the Middlessex University undertakes leading research on such issues and that is the reason why # Caminer was honoured. He is the last of the original visionary software designers and based his designs largely on Lyons' meticulous clerical systems.


May 2006

It has been reported that the Regent Palace Hotel near Piccadilly Circus, London, is due to close in December 2006. Plans for the site are not yet known but it is thought that the hotel may be demolished to make way for a new development. Anyone who may have worked at the hotel  may contact Leigh Smith, the present manager, on [email protected]


3 Nov. 2005

Following the acquisition of Allied Domecq plc in August 2005 by Pernod-Ricard the last of the old Allied-Lyons companies in the Netherlands has been closed. The Financieel Dagblad (the Dutch equivalent of the FT) announced on 2 November 2005 that  from 31 December 2005 the last Allied-Lyons operation at Breda will close. The activities will be transferred and integrated into the Pernod-Ricard business at Tilburg. Of the 45 members of staff employed 33 left the company. The Pension Fund assets have been transferred to an insurance company.

Will Nijsse


27 July 2005

As from 27 July 2005 Allied Domecq plc's share listing will disappear from the London Stock Exchange listing as a result of the Pernod Ricard takeover. They closed at 694p whereas Pernod Ricard have only offered 670p per share for the Group.  


5 July 2005

 Allied Domecq plc shareholders voted in favour of a takeover, by Pernod Ricard, at their London meeting on 4 July 2005. It was reported that approximately 99.80 per cent approved the £7.4 billion cash and share offer. The only regulatory body still to approve the deal is the Canadian antitrust authorities.

The takeover is expected to become effective on 26 July 2005 creating the world's second largest drinks company.

Source: Daily Telegraph. 


2 July 2005

The Daily Telegraph has reported today that the US regulatory authorities have given their approval to Pernod Ricard's takeover of Allied Domecq plc. However, the Federal Trade Commission continues its review of the Canadian brands and Pernod still requires approval from the Canadian authorities and UK shareholders.

 Source: Daily Telegraph.


1 July 2005

 Pernod Ricard shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of its takeover of Allied Domecq plc at their meeting yesterday (30 June) in France. Allied Domecq plc shareholders vote on the same issue on Monday 4 July 2005. The European Union has cleared the deal, subject to some disposals, but the takeover still needs approval of the US regulators.

 Source Daily Telegraph 1 July 2005


18 June 2005

Constellation Brands abandoned its approach for Allied Domecq plc on 17 June 2005. It was thought that the consortium were not in a position to make a formal offer and there was concern over Allied Domecq's £437m pension deficit.

Source Daily Telegraph.


20 May 2005

Allied Domecq plc pension fund trustees are concerned about the approaches of US winemaker Constellation Brands. Whereas agreement has been reached with Pernod Ricard to make good the pension deficit there is concern that US courts might take a different view.  It has been reported that the pension fund trustees could deliver a fatal blow to Constellation Brands by raising this issue with the regulator.

Source: Daily Telegraph.


9 May 2005

It was reported in the Sunday Telegraph that property entrepreneur Robert Tchenguiz plans to turn the Trocadero into a 600-room budget hotel. This is dependent on him gaining control of the £200 million London landmark. The Trocadero is presently a tacky group of shops with Planet Hollywood predominating. It is unclear whether the deal includes all that property once occupied by the Coventry Street Corner House and  Trocadero Restaurant, or just that part originally known as the Trocadero. The Trocadero Restaurant opened in 1896 after the building costs soared out of control and nearly bankrupt the company. It became one of the finest restaurants in the world and closed in 1965. It is interesting to note that Lyons once planned a hotel for the site themselves.


6 May 2005

Sue Curtis, who cracked our 'mystery teashop' question, has informed us that this Enfield teashop (H10) has now been demolished as part of a redevelopment of Enfield Town centre. Pearsons next door has survived, though.


26 April 2005

It is reported that a bidding war could be brewing for the Allied Domecq plc business after Pernod Ricard made their offer last week. Constellation Brands (mainly a wine company) have been forced to show their hand under the Take-over Panel rules and have expressed interest in the business. Newspaper reports say 'they are studying their options'. Barcardi and Brown Forman of the US are also reported to be showing interest, perhaps in conjunction with Constellation Brands. Since the Allied Domecq + Ricard Pernod deal was not subject to an exclusivity clause, other parties have 42 days to make their offer.


21 April, 2005

Pernod Ricard, the privately owned French drinks business, and US partner Fortune Brands are to buy Allied Domecq plc for a reported £7.4 billion or £6.70p per share. It is thought to be mainly a cash deal. Pernod Ricard were not able to raise the full funds themselves and therefore found a partner in Fortune Brands who are only interested in breaking up Allied Domecq plc and to acquire some of their famous brands. The financial arrangements are complicated and the final sale may not take place until later in the year. There is doubt about the future of the quick service restaurants, Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins.

With the Allied Domecq plc pension funds heavily under-funded pensioners, (including those who worked for the previous Beer and Wine & Spirits Divisions and who might be reading this news) might like to write to the Chief Executive of Allied Domecq plc asking what arrangements have been made to ensure the Funds are protected.

Philip Bowman
Chief Executive
Allied Domecq plc
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
Bedminster Down
Bristol BS13 8AR


April 22, 2004
This J. Lyons website had it's 20,000th visitor


A bit of sad news. Allied Domecq plc have decided to discontinue printing the 'Now & Then' pensioner's magazine The last issue will be in September 2003.


Jan1, 2003
Sue Curtis has cracked the 'Where or what is it' puzzle.
Click here.