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This will probably only mean something to engineers, but it shows that not every new idea is a step forward. Collating products for packaging was very labour intensive and we were constantly attempting to do this job automatically. Kup Kakes were a small round cake with fondant icing on the top, although at the time they were known as Cup Cakes. Vibratory units had hitherto been used extensively for sugar and flour feeding and the proposal was to use a vibratory unit in an attempt to convey the cake to a collection point, a distance of about three feet. I had strapped a vibratory unit under the base plate. In the test the product moved steadily along, as intended, under the influence of the vibratory unit until it reached the far end of the base plate where I had fitted a side wall upstand to prevent the cake from falling onto the floor. On touching the side wall the Kup Kake disintegrated into hundreds of pieces. It was back to the drawing board!

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