Subsidiary Companies


Catering Division, one of the operating divisions of the Company headed by Brian Salmon and incorporating Pleasure Food, Wimpy International and Town & County Catering Ltd, adopted the title of J. L. Catering Ltd in December 1970. The directors of the new operation were Harold Young (Managing Director), L. G. Bizat, P. J. R. Byford, S. C. Hearson, T. W. McLaren, W. E. Morris and J. D. Wilkinson.

Harold Young had been the chief executive of Catering Division from its formation in 1963 out of the former Teashops Department and the Corner Houses. The Division had been responsible for all the groups restaurants and catering establishments as well as conferences, banquets, theme parks and special events such as the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships and Buckingham Palace Garden Parties. With the conversion to limited status Catering Division thus followed the decentralisation pattern set by Lyons Groceries Ltd and Lyons Bakery Ltd.

In July 1971 the self-service restaurants of Jolyons, the Steak Houses, miscellaneous restaurants and other catering units were formed into four operational groups each with a J. L. Catering Ltd director in charge. They were: Jolyon Group (S. C. Hearson) consisting of the Jolyon self-service restaurants, Woburn Wild Animal Kingdom theme park, Strand Corner House and Supermarket; the Steak House Group (P. J. R. Byford) encompassing the Steak Houses, miscellaneous restaurants and the Liverpool Robley Group; Town & County Catering Co Ltd (W. E. Morris); and the Airport Group (L. Oblath) which covered London Airport, Syon Park and the Throgmorton Restaurant.

In September 1985 J. L. Catering Ltd moved to new premises in Alperton &endash; the old factory of Alperton Carton Co Ltd. They were officially opened by Major Ronald Ferguson and his daughter Sarah, the fiancée of Prince Andrew at the time.


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