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'Lyons Mail' was one of the longest running in-house magazines of any company. The issue below features Binnie Hale, a well-known actress, who starred in a musical called 'Nippy'.




The front cover of Lyons Mail October 1922. It contained a short story by Edgar Wallace who wrote several stories for the magazine.

A Lyons Mail incorporating the new corporate logo

Issue of July/August 1985


Above are two copies of the wartime issues of 'Forces' Lyons Mail. One is dated 2 July 1942 and the other July 1945. In the July issue the pictures on the cover show Lyons staff packing Army Composition (Compo) food packs for the Pacific theatre. Note the Nippy in picture one. While this was probably a concocted series of pictures for publicity, Lyons staff nevertheless volunteered to pack these parcels and those destined for the Red Cross and POW camps.


Courtesy Peter Bird

A complete copy of all the Lyons Mail magazines has been deposited with the London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London. EC1R 0HB