Subsidiary Companies


Impex Foods Limited was founded in 1957 to market surplus products from the group. In 1962 it began to import frozen fish for the catering trade and this led to supplying of frozen vegetables and other goods. In 1965 it decided to switch to supplying the bulkier, but more profitable, market of independent wholesalers and national frozen food companies. Most of the frozen goods were marketed under the Impex brand name. In addition Impex Foods held importing agencies for M. W. Groves, a large quality Canadian grower, whose specialities were peas, beans and apple slices; and for Rockinghams of the USA, a poultry co-operative.

Goods for Impex entered the UK via Grimsby and sometimes London; and the Canadian imports through Liverpool. This operation was supported by the transport and shipping sections of Central Buying.

Based originally in Cannon Street, London, the firm moved to Smithfield in May 1968 where a larger, below-street, coldstore could handle the increasing trade. The coldstore was capable of storing 200 tons of stock at a temperature of minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Other coldstores in London, ?King's Lynn and Grimsby were also used


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