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Dickens Chocolates 


Double Hit

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Chocolates & Confectionery Products


Slam Bar

A chocolate bar.

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Crispy Fingers

A wafer type biscuit similar to Kit-Kat


Milk Chocolate

Sold by the Tea Agents Department through its Confectionery Van Sales. The van sales were taken over by Maison Lyons Chocolate Sales Department in 1926 which sold to the trade the higher-priced confectionery as sold in the Corner Houses. Carried by salesmen in wooden boxes to the normal tea and coffee retailers. Each box held six dozen unwrapped bars. The cost to the shop was 2/- per box and his return was 3/- profit (50%)

Chocolate Creams

Wrapped cream bar. Price 1d and 2d each. Peppermint, Raspberry, Coffee and Lemon also Standard (whatever that was).

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Jakko Bars

Milk chocolate and roasted peanuts. Price 1d each. Not a very popular


Lyons 'Nippy' Chocolates

Priced at 1/- per box.


Buzz Bars

Originally manufactured and sold by the Bakery Department as a biscuit line they were sold by tea salesmen from about 1935. Their sales peaked in 1935 when pictures of the King & Queen appeared on them.


The following chocolates and confectionery were available in 1938

Crest Assortment (De Luxe Box).

1 lb to 3 lb boxes.

Four Seasons Assortment.

1 lb and 2 lb boxes.

Maison Lyons Tapestry Selection

1 lb to 3 lb boxes. Hard & soft centres.

Maison Lyons Request Assortment.

Ribboned box


Dickens Assortment.

1 lb cartons.

Maison Lyons Standard Assortment

2 lb box.

Bouton d'Or.

2 lb box.

Lyons Golden Brown.

4 lb boxes.

Fruit & Nut Chocolate, Plain.

2 oz and 4 oz slabs.

Fruit & Nut Chocolate, Milk.

2 oz and 4 oz slabs.

Milk Chocolate.

2, 4, 6, and 8 oz slabs.

Nut Milk Chocolate.

4 oz and 8 oz slabs.

Plain Chocolate.

2, 4, 6, and 8 oz slabs.

Walnut & Fruit Milk

Chocolate. 2d block

Toffee Nut Milk Chocolate.

2d block

Brazil Nut Milk.

2d block

Coffee Milk Chocolate.

2d block

American Candies.

1 lb cartons and 4 lb box.

Crème de Menthe.

1/2lb tin and 4 lb box.

Courtesy Nick Doolan

Lyons Confectionery.

1/2lb, 1 lb and 2 lb cartons and 2 lb box.

Sugared Almonds

4 lb box.

Turkish Delight.

1 lb, 2 lb and 4 lb decorated Tin.

Evening Assortment.

4 lb Box

Extra Strong Mints.

4 lb Box

Mallow Delight.

4 lb box

Orange & Lemon Slices.

4 lb Box

Peppermint Creams

4 lb Box.

Royal Gums.

4 lb Box.

Fudge Assorted.

4 lb Box.

Popular Confectionery.

Two box types _1/2 lb carton to 1 lb box.

Assorted Chocolate Cream Bar.

Price 1d & 2d.

Chocolate Nut Loaves


Dessert Almond Bar.


Fig Sandwich


Wholenut Bar. (Milk)






Milk Chocolate Bar.

Wine Gums.

Winter Gums.

Safety Bar.


Tins at 3d, 6d, and 1/-.

Barley Sugar.

Boiled Sweet Truffles.

Not in 3d.

Brazil Nut Assortment.

6d tin only.

Brazil Truffles.

Not in 3d.

Buttermint Fancies.

Butternut Crunch.

Not in 3d.

Cornish Pats.

6d tin only.

Creamy Butterscotch.

Not in 3d.

Devon Butter Cream Assortment.

Not in 3d.

Everton Assortment.

Florida Fruits.

Fruit Drops.

Mint Selection.

Old English Butter Drops.

Old Scottish Butter Humbugs.

Old Time Favourites.

Pineapple Crush.

Scottish Favourites.

Lyons Toffieskotch.

Only in 3d.

Somerset Mixture.

6d tin only

Welsh Mixture.

6d tin only.

Liquorice Allsorts (Cartons).

3d only.

Flat Tins all at 1/- except where otherwise listed.

All Favourite Assortment.

American Toffee.

Assorted Butter Nuts.

Barley Sugar.

Bold Sweet Chocolate Truffles.

Butter Dainties

Continental Assortment.

Fruit Dessert.

Highland Assortment.

Jellied Fruit & Nut Varieties.

Mint Bars (Wrapped).

Nutty Hardbake.

1938 Selection. 6d tin only.

County Mixture.

6d tin only.

Flask Bottles at 6d and 1/-

Acid Tablets

Barley Sugar.

6d flask only.


Butter Mixture.


6d flask only.

Fruit Tablets.

1/- flask only.

De Luxe Fruits.

1/- flask only.

Cough Lozenges.

6d flask only.

Fruit Drops.

6d flask only.


6d Flask only.

Lime Tablets.

6d flask only.

Biscuit Lines

Lyons Buzz.

Price 1d each.

Lyons Choc Wafer Biscuits.

Price _1/2d and 1d each.

6d Confectionery Cartons

Crystallised Peppermint Creams.

Fruit Bon-Bons.

Liquorice Allsorts.

Royal Gums.

Sugared Almonds.

6d Cellophanes

Dessert Fruit Pastiles.

Jelly Fruits.

Liquorice Allsorts.

Peppermint Creams.

Royal Gums.

Sugared Almonds.

Boiled Sweets Maison Lyons at 2/- per lb.

Almond Rock

Buttered Almonds

Buttered Brazils

Buttered Walnuts

Buttered Nuts

Boiled Sweets Maison Lyons at 1/4 per lb

Acid Tablets

Assorted Eclairs

Barley Varieties

Brazil Caramels

Buttered Dates

Buttered Hazel Caramels

Buttered Liquorice

Butterscotch Squares

Buttered Walnut Caramels

Chocolate Eclairs

Double Centre Truffles

Fruit Dessert

Fruit Drops

Ginger Butters

Golden Barley Sugar

Herbal Cough Tablets

Mint Bars

Pola Mints

Wild Cherry & Menthol Bricks

Miscellaneous Selection

Chocolate Longies.

Price 1/- and 2/- per quarter dozen.

Brazil Milk Chocolate.

Price 1/4d lb.

Treacle Toffee.

Price 1/- per lb.

Crystallised Ginger.

2/3 per lb and 8/- per 4 lb.

Marzipan Dessert.

Price 8/- per 4 lb.

Party Drum.

Price 6/6 per 2 lb and 3/6 per 1 lb.

Assorted Marzipan

Price 6/- per 2 lb.

Maison Lyons Confectionery.

Price 5/- per 2 lb.

Confectionery de Luxe.

Price 3/6d per 1 lb.

Chocolate Ginger.

Price 3/- per 1 lb.

American Candied (Drum).

Price 3/-.

Family Favourites.

Price 3/- per 2 lb.

Crystallised Dessert.

Price 2/6 per 1 lb.

Marzipan Dessert.

2/6 per 1 lb

Fruit & Nut Assortment.

Price 2/3 per 2 lb.

Treacle Toffee (tin).

Price 2/3 per 2 lb.

Buttered Brazils.

Price 2/3 per 1 lb

Chocolate Biscuits (fancy tin).

Price 2/3.


Candied Ginger

Candied Ginger. Exported to USA & Canada. Supplied in 3 oz or 8 oz cartons.
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Buttermints, Whiteline Mints (Bulls Eyes), Goldline Candies. Exported to USA & Canada. 10c per packet.

1947 Jul

Mint Chocs

Mint Chocs first produced at Greenford. Green and white stripped half pound carton with chocolates stacked in two vertical columns of 12 with window front. Packed by hand.



Were being made in 1952. No details available.

American Candy

This was being made in 1952. No details known. American exports individually wrapped in cellophane but exports to West Africa, where they were extremely popular, they were wrapped in foil. This was better protection against humidity but also the market here tended to buy the sweets in one's and two's as a special treat.


Were being made in 1952. No details known other than made from a butterscotch mixture, filled with a nut cream centre and rolled in cocoa powder. Made by American Candy Department.

Late 1950s

Double Hit

Caramel & Turkish delight covered in milk chocolate.