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Lyons Custard Powder

First advertisements in Lyons Mail journal.

Courtesy Bob Sharman

Lyons Jelly Crystals

First advertisements in Lyons Mail journall


A flavoured powder made from sugar,tartaric acid, flavouring and colouring, which when added to a tumblerful of water made a refreshing drink. Produced in at least three flavours (orange, lemon and lime) the packets measured 80mm x 95mm and contained a half ounce of powder. Packet backs featured pictures of Famous Women, Famous Men, Famous Explorers, Famous Events and Railway Engines collected in sets of 8 except for the trains which had at least 30 to the set. Price is not known but probably no more than a penny each.

Jersey Lilly Tomato Sauce

Manufactured in Jersey by the subsidiary Overseas Trading Corporation


Ready Brek

Launched as instant porridge


Ready Brek

Re-launched as instant hot cereal


Ready Brek

Chocolate and butterscoch flavour introduced. Allchart issued in October 1980.

1971 July

8 till 1 Breakfast Cereal

Test marketed in West Country.

1973 Oct

Baby Brek

Launched in Yorkshire area. An oat cereal with added vitamins and protein designed for babies three months to two years old.

1974 Nov

Lyons Short Pastry Mix

Re-launch. Required only water added. In 8 0z and 12 oz packets. Price 14p.

Lyons Batter Mix

Re-launch. Required only water added. In 6 oz packets. Price 11p

Lyons Sponge Cake Mix

Required a fresh egg and water added. In 8oz packets. Price 11p

Lyons Sponge Pudding Mix

In 8 oz packets. Required only water added. Price 11p

Lyons Sweetened Suet Mix

In 8 ox packets. required only water added. Price 11p

Lyons Unsweetened Suet Pudding Mix

In 8 oz packets. Required only water added. Price 11p


This item was sometimes sold as a Bakery Item depending on the sales area.

Lyons Batter Mix

In 6 oz packets. Required only water added. Price 11p

1975 Sep

Brown Bread Mix

Sold in 1lb packs. Price 19p

White Bread Mix

Sold in 1 lb packs. Price 19p.

Doughnut Mix

Sold in 1 lb packs. Price 12p

1977 Apr

Lyons Continental Dessert Cake

Three cheesecake mixes launched with real fruit topping. Philip Harrison product development manager. Price 49p for 11 ozs pack making six portions. Three flavours, blackcurrant, cherry and apricot & redcurrant. On 17 April 1978 two new flavours were added, Hazel & Coffee and Mint & Chocolate priced at 54p

1977 May

Savoury Sizzles

Launched in the Granada and Southern TV areas on 30 May. A savoury fries mix, add water and fry spoonfuls in hot oil. Cooking time 2 minutes. 80 gram sachet makes 12 Sizzles. Two flavours smokey bacon and cheese and onion. Philip Harrison new product development manager.

1978 Nov

Farmhouse Bread Mix

Launched to coincide with new formulation of bread mixes, packing and branding. Baking Day was chosen for bread type products and Teatime Treats for cakes. Price of new product 19p.

Gingerbread Men Mix

Seven oz carton priced at 19p.

Quick Step

Melt in the bag chocolate cake covering.

1979 Apr

Complete Mixes

A re-launch of batter, pastry and suet mixes. Packed in 8 oz & 10 oz yellow sachets with preparation instructions. Price 22p with 12 to a case.

1980 Nov

Polka Dots Chocolate

Milk chocolate variation introduced. Plain chocolate had been available earlier but date of original launch not known. Used for cooking as it melts faster than block chocolate. New packaging

1984 Aug

Ready Brek Fruit & Nut

Re launch of Ready Brek. Fruit & Nut version added.

1985 Aug

Cluster Bar

Launched in north of England this health-food snack was made of crisped rice, honey, fruit, nuts and oats. Four combinations of ingredients, Apple & Hazelnut, Apricot & Chocolate Chip, Peanut & almond and Hazelnut & Raisin. Made by Lyons Tetley's subsidiary Appleford's which was transferred from Vine Products, part of Allied-Lyons. Price 16p each. Produced at new factory in Wrexham, north Wales. Launched nationally in February 1986

1986 Mar

Lyons Tetley Ltd form subsidiary Dietade Foods Ltd

Established with aim of marketing a range of dietetic food products. Dietade was a brand name in the Appleford company which came into Lyons Tetley from Vine Products. Their products included soft drinks, molasses, fruit sugar, jams, unsweetened jelly crystals, cider vinegars and vegetarian gravy mixes.

1986 Oct

Super Rocher

Lyons Tetley market Super Rocher chocolates. Made by Poulain of France. Mix of chocolate, hazel nuts and praline.

1987 Jul

Blackcurrant Fool

Launched in the summer of 1987 under the brand name of Lyons Home Classics. A dessert whip consisting of a creamy fool base mix to which is added a sachet of real fruit and milk. Strawberry flavour added in September. Price 59p.

1987 Nov

Country Brek

A new line to appeal to the age group 7-10. Ready Brek, Golden Brek and Coco Brek had been available earlier.

1988 Jan

Parfait Plain Chocolate

For use in home baking to complement Polka Dots. 100g bar divided into 5g pieces. Retailed at 63p.

1989 Jan

Tea Folk Biscuits

Used as a promotion for Tetley tea in the Autumn of 1988 by popular demand they were brought back. In packs of five with a different Tetley tea folk on each one. Consisting of rolled oats and covered in milk chocolate they were made by Symbol Biscuits. Price 41p.