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Allied Breweries takeover J. Lyons & Co Oct 1978

1979 Jan

Strawberry Time

Double cream eat-in-the-hand ice cream for cinema audiences. Price 30p.



Chocolate Sundae

Double cream eat-in-the-hand ice cream for cinema audiences. Price 25p.

Raspberry Sundae

Double cream eat-in-the-hand ice cream for cinema audiences. Price 25p.


Cola flavour ice lolly price 10p.

1979 Jun

Happy Days

Iced lolly for teenagers after the TV series featuring the Fonz. Strawberry flavour ice with chocolate bar centre topped with red, white and blue sugar balls. 19p.

1980 Jan

Star Trek

First launched in cinemas in December 1979 to coincide with the launch of the film of same names, Star Trek lollies were launched in retail outlets in January. Each came with a card (25 in set) and a wall chart was available.


1980 May

Cider Barrel

Ice lolly of Bulmers cider.

Real Apple

Ice lolly made from juice of real apples.

Real Orange

Ice lolly made from juice of real oranges.

Real Milk Ice

Ice lolly of real milk

Star Wars (The Empire Strikes Back)

New Star Wars ice lolly to coincide with the film The Empire Strikes Back. Toffee and mint flavour lolly with a chocolate flavour coating covered in tiny sugar balls. Each wrapper contains a sticker illustrating a character in the film. Twelve stickers to collect.

1981 May

Animal Shapes

Four animal shapes (bear, lion, rabbit and monkey) of lollies on a stick made of fudge-like chocolate ice cream in the shape of animals.


Ice lollies on stick (Cola, Cherry and Cider).

Twin Choc

Two choc ices with a two tone taste. Highland Coffee (which included a coffee and whiskey ice cream) and Mint Choc Stick.

Crazy Egg

A two flavour two colour lolly on a stick shaped like an egg.

1982 May

Melting Monsters

A monster shape on a stick ice cream


A spooky vanilla and chocolate ice cream face on a stick.


A new chewy frozen confection on a stick.

Black Cherry Choc

A new flavour choc ice on a stick

1982 Nov

Chilly Santas

Six Santa ice creams on a stick in a multi-pack of six, Price 120p

1984 Jun

Cocktail on a Stick

Pina Colada, Blue Hawaiian, Tequila Sunrise. Advertising slogan: 'frozen not stirred'.


Cocktail on a Stick

Brandy Alexander. 'Frozen not stirred'.

Big Squeeze

A six inch long tapered cardboard tube filled with frozen orange sherbet. Once a section has been sucked the tube is gently squeezed to produce more. Price 35p.

1985 Jul

Gold Seal

New flavour launched chocolate coconut flake.

1985 Sep


Non milk fat dessert for take-home trade. Made from rosettes of vanilla and chocolate ice cream layered with chocolate flavoured couverture and topped with milk chocolate flakes.

1986 Mar

Barmy Banana

Half chocolate flavour, half banana flavour for children retailing at 16p

Hungry Hound

Shaped like a dogs had from strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Price 22p


A vanilla and toffee flavour product shaped like a guitar with its stick printed to look like guitar strings. Price 26p.

1987 Mar


Hand-held product for children with contribution from sales to Wildlife Fund. Vanilla and chocolate ice cream in shape of panda head on stick.


Chocolate ice cream covered in white chocolate. Price 25p.


Orange lolly with lemon sherbet centre, no artificial flavours or colours. Price 20p.

1987 Aug

Summer Pudding

Outer layer of vanilla ice cream and biscuit crumb, a middle layer of raspberry and strawberry ice cream with blackcurrant pieces and a centre of blackcurrant sorbet.


A pure fruit juice ice. Virtually fat free. Two varieties, Tropical Fruit and Lemon and Lime. Presented in multi-packs of four. 129p

1987 Nov

Winter Pudding

Combining three flavours of ice cream, chocolate with nuts, vanilla and mixed fruit, and fruit and spices. Price 144p

Appendage (Lyons Maid)

1983 Apr

Favourite Centres

New young adult hand-held ice creams. Flavours include: Coconut flake, Choc Mint, Caramel Fudge, Toffee Crumble.


1983 Apr

Fruit Bars

New ice lollies for young adults. Flavours include: Grapefruit Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice. Only 45 calories.

1989 Jan


Made with dairy vanilla ice cream, topped with a layer of chocolate sauce and chopped hazelnuts. and covered in thick real milk chocolate. Price 60p

1989 Jan

Mega King Cone Mint

Blend of chocolate and white mint ice creams with chocolate sauce and a topping of choc and nuts. Price 70p.

Treble Hit

Three flavour lolly priced at 6d.

1967 May

King Sundae

Television launch of new King Rang Product (suggesting it was introduced earlier) by Frankie Howerd. Products included:
Details unknown other than priced at 1/-

1967 May

King Cornet

Details unknown other than priced at 1/-

1967 May

King Stick

Details unknown but name suggests a stick ice-cream. Price 1/-

1967 May

King Choc

New King range product to complement the three previous King ranges. Chocolate covered Tutti-Frutti ice-cream bar. Blue & white wrapper. Priced at 1/-

1988 March

Turkish Delight

Favourite Centres range (choc ices on sticks) sold in multi-packs of 8

1988 Sep


Part of the confectionery range aimed at meeting the growing demand for premium and complex choc ices. Malt-flavour ice cream topped by a layer of chewy toffee and peanut pieces, enrobed in the best quality chocolate-flavoured couverture. Price 35p. Made at Bridge Park factory.

1989 Jan


At 100ml Figaro was the giggest choc ice on the market at this time and the first Lyons have produced using real milk chocolate. Made from dairy ice cream topped with a layer of chocolate sauce and chopped hazelnuts, all wrapped in real chocolate. Price 60p.

Mega King Cone Mint

200ml joins the original Mega King Cone launched last March as the largest pre-packed ice cream cones on the market. A blend of chocolate and white mint ice creams with chocolate sauce and a topping of choc and nuts. Price 70p.

1989 Apr

Gourmet Range

Take-home tubs of dairy ice cream containing butter and real double cream in three flavours, Rum Truffle & Raisin, Wild Strawberry and Caramel Fudge. Packed in 1_-litre round tubs. Price unknown

Ready Eddie

Takes its name from the character of Lyons' Ready-Brek cereal. Details unknown.

Nobbly Bobbly

Details unknown.

1990 Apr


Sorbet and ice cream dessert in circular cake style. Two products, Caramel Swirl and Tropical Sensation. The former consisted of a base layer of dairy chocolate ice cream sprinkled with chocolate coated biscuit pieces to give textural contrast. This was then topped with a layer of caramel ice cream and the edge of the dessert decorated with marbled rosettes of dairy chocolate and vanilla. The centre was then filled with fudge caramel sauce decorated with milk chocolate flakes.

Tropical Sensation started with a layer of melon sherbet topped with ginger biscuits pieces. On top of this was lemon sorbet with the edge decorated by vanilla ice cream rosettes. The centre was filled with pineapple sauce, containing pineapple pieces, and topped with roasted split almonds.

1991 Jan

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

The 1-litre packs feature the face of Michaelangelo &endash; the gourmet ice cream and pizza-eating Turtle &endash; right through to the bottom of the pack. The packs displayed colourful scenes of the turtles in action, More than 5-million children watched the weekly cartoon series the fab turtles 'fight against evil'. Available in supermarkets, no price available.

1991 Mar


A lemon version of the Big Squeeze water ice.

Crème de Crème

A quality ice cream cup made with double cream

Totem Pole

Made from segments of strawberry and lemon wedges of water ice stacked alternately on a stick.



Score was a stick, four flavoured, ice lolly aimed at children and teenagers. There was a soccer quiz prize, linked to the 40 Soccer Star cards issued in 1970. In 1971 the quiz was continued with the issue of 40 International Footballers. The first prize was a day in London with former England skipper, Billy Wright plus £25 for football gear and £100 worth of Premium Bonds.

Frutie Blue

A stick ice creams for the younger market.

Mint Rocker

A stick ice creams for the younger market


Bananaman Iced Lolly

Had a chewy toffee centre. Cost 15p


Bubble Ball


Sherbert Monster


Rock-Around-The Choc

Other wrappers

 Almost all the wrapper images shown on this page are courtesy of the collection of John Estlea

Lyons Maid Cinema Lines 1970s

Velvet Lady Dairy Ice Cream Lines

Eldorado Duet Juice & Dairy Ice Cream
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