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1974 Mar

Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb

Inside the strawberry flavoured lolly is a choc bar, and the lolly itself is dipped in chocolate and covered in multi-coloured sugar balls. This two-sweets-for-the-price-of-one was priced at 6p and was the star attraction when launched.


Triple Glory

A new take-home ice cream sweet with a push-down base enabling the housewife to present it whole on a plate. Flavours were, toffee ice cream with vanilla and chocolate ice cream; next a raspberry sorbet in centre surround first by white vanilla ice cream and then by pineapple flavoured ice cream. Price 28p. It won a silver medal for packaging.

Take-Home Bricks

Raspberry Surprise Brick, and Continental-style Vanilla Brick. Price 20p each.

Rum & Raisin & Fruit & Nut Choc Ice

Price 8p

Lemonade Smash

Water ice on stick for children. Price 2p.

Raspberry Smash

Water ice on stick for children. Price 2p.

Orange Dragon

Water ice on stick for children. Price 3p.

1974 Aug


An individual cup designed for the catering and take home trade. The cups could be upturn out onto a plate. Several varieties including Peach Coupe Glacé, Bombe Marnier, Bombe Cerise, Bombe Jamaica, Bombe Gaelic. Take-home price 10p caterering price 8-11p.

1975 Mar

Super Sticky Swisho

Designed for children was two thirds chocolate ice cream with a toffee centre and one third vanilla ice cream price 7p.

Captain Rainbow

Lemonade and strawberry water ices, banana kreem ice and a choc dip. Price 6p

Jelly Genie

Two thirds vanilla ice cream swirled with strawberry jelly and one third chocolate ice cream with sponge crumbs. Price 6p.

1975 Jul

Space Savers

A new pack for the take-home reducing freezer storage space. New formulas include Super-Scoop, a soft texture ice cream. Variety of flavours from 98p-113p

1975 Sep

Crime Squad

Blackcurrant flavour water ice on top half and mixed fruit flavour below wrapped in a blue and black bag and on a stick. Price 5p.

1976 Mar

Orange Maid

New style frozen orange juice on stick.

Courtesy John Estlea

Raspberry Mivvi

Complements the traditional Orange Mivvi

Mr Men

Six ice lolly characters from the Mr Men books revealed only when the wrap was removed. Price 4p

Space 1999

Lime, vanilla and strawberry flavour lolly with soft centre. Carried a picture card in each packet. Price 7p.


Ice lolly price 8p.


A twin flavour orange and raspberry iced lolly. Price 4p.

Animal World

A banana kreem lolly carrying a lickable picture of one of eight animals. Price 7p.


Made in two shapes on a stick, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Price 8p

Lyons Maid Dessert Sauces

Packed in squeezable 10 ozs bottle with snip-off nozzle. several flavours. Price 26p

1976 Sep


Cones and wafers introduced to shops.

1977 Mar

Silver Jubilee

 Rich dairy vanilla family brick modleed on a high quality ice cream of the early 1950s when the Queen came to the throne.

Jubilee Lolly

A three flavoured novelty for children in red, white and blue. Each lolly contained a picture of a British king or queen who reigned for 25 years or longer making a set of 15.

1977 May

King Cone

Dairy vanilla ice cream for adults in a sugar cone, with chocolate flavoured topping and hazelnut pieces. Price 20p.

King Stick

Dairy vanilla ice cream with a toffee flavour centre and a milk chocolate flavour and biscuit crumb coating. Price 15p

King Sandwich

Dairy vanilla ice cream between soft chocolate flavoured biscuit. Price 20p

1977 Jun

Dairy Maids

Milk ices on a stick for children. Flavours vanilla, strawberry and chocolate were only marketed in multi-packs for take-home. Pack of 12 72P.

1977 Oct

Coffee Fantasies

For home eating in boxes of six. Vanilla and Coffee flavour ice cream with chocolate flavoured shell.

Mint Fantasies

For home eating in boxes of six. Mint and Chocolate flavour ice cream with chocolate flavoured shell.

Raspberry Delights

Vanilla ice cream with centres of real raspberry sorbet.

Pola Roll

Vanilla ice cream rolled in a light sponge with strawberry jam.

1977 Nov

Christmas Boxes

Yule Log of hazelnut flavour ice cream sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts covered in bark of chocolate flavour ice cream and topped with sprig of holly. 75p.

Wonder Cake and Gateau Neapolitan.

1978 Feb

Raspberry Medley

Take-home ice cream. Real raspberry sorbet between layers of ice cream rippled with blackcurrant sauce.

Star Wars

A chocolate iced lolly with chocolate flavour coating tipped with starry white sugar balls. Price 10p.

1978 Mar

Lemonade Ice Lolly

A stick produced for toddlers priced at 5p.

Lemonade Quench

Lemonade water ice on a stick for young children. home freezer pack of 6. Price 5p

Fun Size Cornish Mivvi

Strawberry flavour in boxes of 6 for take-home trade. Dairy ice cream in real fruit juice jacket.

1978 Apr

Chocolate King Cone

Addition to the King Cone range. Sugar cone filled with chocolate dairy ice cream and topped with hazelnut pieces. Price 25p.

Mint Choc Chip King Cone

Sugar cone containing dairy mint ice cream flecked with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate flavouring. Price 25p.

1978 Jun

Gold Seal

One litre packs for take-home trade. Six flavours of Tutti Frutti, Caramel Toffee, Dairy Vanilla, Strawberry Crush, Mint Choc Chip, Chocolate nut sundae. Prices between 69p and 79p.

Yogurt [sic] Cone

Strawberry, low fat, yoghurt cone produced in co-operation with Bridge Farm Dairies, Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Double Cream Vanilla Choc Ice

A rich dairy ice cream with 10% double cream coated with dark chocolate. Price 20p.

Dairy Maid

A vanilla milk ice on a stick previously only available in freezer packs. Price 7p.


Promoted by Kevin Keegan. New ice lolly. No details.

1978 Sep

Maple Walnut

Reintroduced. Take-home dessert maple walnut flavoured ice cream rippled with maple sauce and sprinkled with piece of roasted walnuts. Price 43p.

Allied Breweries takeover J. Lyons & Co Oct 1978

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 Almost all the wrapper images shown on this page are courtesy of the collection of John Estlea


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