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Business competition was intense after WWII and firms poached key employees to gain knowledge of new techniques. A mole in the pay of a leading competitor was discovered in the Bakery project office and discharged immediately. My memory is that he was found getting copies of plans for a job he was not involved in - always an obvious give-away. After that those of us in the project office were instructed to report on 'other new plant ' we might see when visiting outside manufacturers. This met with objection from staff, myself included, and was not implemented. Sometimes when a machine was being manufactured by a third party and the building of it was being checked on by project people, a competitor's machine was being assembled alongside. This happened with me on Deep Die Trat machine destined for Carlton. Of course the competitor could also see the Lyon's machine's design. Leaving Lyons to work for a competitor could not be stopped, and this happened with a colleague working on Harvest Pie dough development, but if I remember he only had an hour to leave the site.

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