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If you wish to get in touch with past colleagues you can add your name here.

John Niemiec
[email protected]

'I would like to contact anyone who knew Paul Niemiec (Chef in the Kitchens Department) or his wife Margaret Niemiec (nee English) who was a Nippy.(Oct.06)'

Barry McGinley
[email protected]

Barry McGinley would like to contact anyone who trained at the Coventry Street Corner House during 1961/63 and anyone who worked in the London Steak Houses (particularly the Swiss Cottage Steak House) after this date. He would particularly like to contact Jimmy O'Leary.

Leigh Smith [email protected]

Leigh Smith, Managing Director of the Regent Palace Hotel is trying to contact people who worked in the Regent Palace Hotel, Strand Palace Hotel and Trocadero Restaurant.

Christopher Stokes
[email protected]

I would love to hear from anyone who has memories of my late father, John Stokes, who worked for J Lyons for more than 60 years and died in 1967. He started in the Checking Department at Cadby in 1904, later working in the Stock Department and the Engineering Department before becoming the first Secretary of Normand Ltd in 1921. Thirteen years later he was made Manager of Normand, and was appointed to the Board in 1957. He was still serving on the Normand Board in 1964, when his 60th anniversary of service was marked by the J Lyons directors with the presentation of a gold watch which I still proudly wear on my wrist each day.

Bella Byrne
[email protected]

i would like to get in touch with old colleagues I worked with between 1968 and 1970 at Olympia, where i worked as a waitress for Lyons catering for the exhibition attenders 

Bryan Copp
[email protected]

I was an Area Manager for Lyons Maid until 1980, I am looking to make contact with ex Lyons Maid personal for an invitation to our annual re-union in March/April, if possible to ring evenings on 01626 865159 and ask for John Potts, 99 Kingsdown Crescent, Dalwish, Devon, EX7 OHD. John was a fellow Manager and organises the re-union

Diane Johansen
[email protected]

My Mum, Ruby Lewis, worked at J. Lyons in Balham, south London, in the l940s. She had a friend there calleded Pat Cheeseman. Mum has a lovely photo of herself with Pat so if anyone knows what happened to Pat I'd be pleased to pass the information on to Mum who still talks of her old friend very fondly. 

Janet Deeley
[email protected]

My Mum worked at the Strand Corner House in the early 1950s, she will be 80 this year and I am compiling a memories book. Would any colleagues who remembers her please contact me. My mother's name was Elizabeth Telfer, nee Halliday and she was from Ireland.

Peter Driscoll
[email protected]

'I worked at the Marble Arch Corner House from 1969 to 1973 in the Star Grill. I had wonderful fun in the Star Grill and would love to hear from any of my contemporaries still around.(Jan.03) '