Index of Ice Cream Products

Ice Cream




Bertorelli Ice Creams ........All their products were rich in fresh dairy content, sugar, fruits and many were decorated and contained liqueurs.

Mela Stregata

A chocolate apple filled with Strega liqueur-flavoured ice cream.




Description not available

Grand Mariner

Description not available

Parfait Cafe

Description not available


Description not available

Orange and Lemon Surprise

Fresh oranges and lemons scooped out and filled with orange and lemon water ice.


A bear-shaped chocolate coated ice cream for children.


Dairy ice cream and grapefruit flavoured sorbet.


An individual sweet containing only 45 calories.

Sherbert Ices

Variety packs.

Teddy Bears

Ice cream Teddy Bears available in three varieties: Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate coated Vanilla ice cream.


Dairy ice cream with grapefruit flavoured sorbet


An individual sweet containing only 45 calories

1973 Aug


A combination of three dairy ice creams, chocolate, crema and hazelnut. No price available.


A rich combination of blackcurrant and crema dairy ice creams.

1974 Feb

Ideal Desserts for Banquets

Six new additions to their continental ice cream range for the catering industry. In ten-portion packs they were described as Ideal Desserts for Banquets. Like the other Bertorelli products these were made with pure dairy produce, plus natural ingredients and flavours. Torta Chocolate Semi-Freddo had a sponge base steeped in Grand Marnier liqueur and topped with a chocolate semi-freddo (Italian for half cold). A creamier type of ice cream best eaten when half soft. Vacherin combined layers of vanilla dairy ice cream, raspberry sorbet and meringue and decorated with chopped nuts. Savarin was until now only available as a special order. There were three new dairy ice cream bombes, two in the traditional flavours of vanilla and strawberry and the other a praline, a nutty flavoured dairy ice cream blended with almond toffee mixture.

Bombe Glacé

Vanilla Glacé

Melon en Surprise

Boule de Neige au Marron

Glacé Réveillon

Soufflés Portions

Tonibell Ice Creams

These products were introduced during 1970-71. Some were frozen yoghurt.


Ice cream on a stick


Description unknown


Description unknown

Chocolate Sundae

Description unknown

Twin Choc Dessert

At 3/3 this was their top of the range, eat-at-home Gold Seal ice cream.

Strawberry Choc Roll

Priced at 3/6 a top of the range eat-at home Gold Seal ice cream.

1974 May

Green Genie

A lime flavoured water ice shell with a centre of lemon flavour water ice at 3p

Black Rider

A vanilla kreem ice with a blackcurrant flavour water ice coat at 3p.

Cider Barrel

A cider water ice on a stick at 4p.

Crystal Clear

A peppermint water ice in a vanilla ice cream shell with choc coating at 6p.

Fruit & Nut Choc Ice

Price 8p.

1975 May

Olly Bird

Banana flavoured iced lolly at 5p


Strawberry and pineapple flavoured ice lolly with choc dip and sugar strands. Price 6p


Strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice lolly with plain choc dip. Price 6p


Vanilla ice cream with a plain choc coating on a stick. Price 8p

Pineapple Treat

Real fruit iced lolly with ice cream centre. Price 9p.

Strawberry Treat

Real fruit iced lolly with a dairy ice cream centre. Price 10p.


A family brick combining vanilla ice cream and strawberry jelly made for children. Price 26p