Archive Material

Until the late 1950s the trading and service departments of J. Lyons were pretty much centralised with one or two notable exceptions, hotels and Henry Telfer for example. Between the 1950s-1980s the main trading departments (tea, bakery, ice cream, coffee), and most of the service departments (building, motor cars, outdoor catering), converted to a 'Ltd' status. During this change much of their histories were dispersed under the control of the new management. Some was destroyed as the new regimes focussed on the day to day tasks. In some cases space was a problem, in others history did not seem important. That material consisted mainly of paper records which in any case is always difficult to file especially when space is at a premium.

By the 1980s J. Lyons & Co Ltd came under new management and many of their subsidiary businesses were sold. This resulted in further dispersion/erosion of company records with the result that after 100 years trading little remains for historians and researchers. Some records, mainly of a ephemeral nature, were preserved and are deposited with the London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London. EC1R 0HB.

Other material is kept by Peter Bird, an ex employee of 25 years. His complimentary collection of archival material consists of a complete collection of trading accounts for J. Lyons & Co. from 1894-1978, a large collection of the house magazine Lyons Mail (which includes the wartime issues) and a number of photographs and other paper records. He has also researched the names of the Lyons war dead and would be grateful for any information in this respect as much still needs to be done. He has accepted a range of historical documents and other important artefacts into his collection and would be happy to accept any other historical document(s) which will help to tell, and preserve, the story of J. Lyons & Co.

1...1889 Lyons company agreement.

2....1893 Wine document

3....1894 Share certificate No.2 made out to Joseph Lyons

4....Certificates for 100 shares 8% Preference stock and 7% Cumulative Pref. Stock.

5....Joseph Lyons marriage certificate

6....Lyons Cake order

7....Trocodero restaurant correspondence. 1947

8....Cake invoice 1933

9....Liquor Licence for Olympia -1930

10..Tea Estate Nyasaland - 1927

11..Share Register - dated 1898

12..Dividend Payment - March 1900

21. Share Certificate

22 . Invoice 1939

23. A.R.P letter

24. Tea Invoice 1905

25. Bakery group - 1902