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Since starting work on this site I have discovered a wonderful book titled 'The First Food Empire' written by Peter Bird who was himself a Lyons man for 25 years.

Peter has very kindly agreed to collaborate and provide the historical text from the wealth of knowledge he gathered over the six years of research in preparation for the book. However, the web site will still contain only a tiny fraction of the information that is available in the book.

I am also going to include a number of first hand personal accouts about working at Lyons. These will be found in 'Anecdote Index' on the Home page. I have started with a few memories of my own. If you are an ex-Lyons person - in whatever capacity - and would like to contribute please e-mail me at [email protected] and give your e-mail a subject line of 'J.Lyons' to ensure it is read. All included contributions will of course be credited.

The owner of this web site worked for J. Lyons & Co. for 26 years (1948 - 1975) in both the Teashops and Lyons Bakery, and was rather surprised that no web site appeared to exist for the company, other than the excellent one for Leo Computers.

My name is # Lawrence. I joined Lyons as a 20 year old draughtsman in the New Teashop Works Department, located at 139 Hammersmith Road just opposite Cadby Hall, moving on to R & D Supervisor and finally to a Maintenance Supervisor until the downturn in the Teashops finances and then moved over to Lyons Bakery where I was a Process Engineer, R & D Engineer and finally a Project Engineer, planning and installing new product lines in several Lyons Bakery plants. I left Lyons in 1975 to become freelance but continued to handle some projects for Lyons Bakery.

If any web site visitor knew me in those far off days I hope they will contact me.