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Several Lyons cake products are still to be seen on grocers shelves. This French Sandwich was purchased in Aug. 2002 in a North Wales Co-op, baked by Mr. Kipling (see 'links').

Lyons Chocolate Cup Cakes
Lyons Cup Cake Selection

Lyons Treacle Tart
Lyons Bakewell Tart

Lyons Date & Walnut Loaf Cake
Lyons Lemon Loaf Cake

Lyons Jumbo Choc Swiss Roll
Lyons Jumbo Strawberry & Vanilla Swiss Roll

Lyons Choc & Vanilla Swiss Roll
Lyons Jam Swiss Roll

Lyons Buttercream Sponge Sandwich
Lyons French Sponge Sandwich
Lyons Coconut Sponge Sandwich
Lyons Choc Sponge Sandwich

Lyons Family Battenberg
Lyons Battenberg
Lyons Grannies Fruit Cake

Lyons Marmalade Cake
Lyons Cherry Cake
Lyons Chocolate Layer Cake
Lyons Carrot Cake
Lyons Chocolate Fudge Cake

Lyons Trifle Sponges


Courtesy Peter Bird