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Index of Publications useful to Pensioners

'Pensioners Guide - England & Wales'

'Your Rights - A Guide to Money Benefits for Older People'

Pensioners Guide - England & Wales'

This is a government publication from the Pension Service. It gives guidance on Money & Tax, Health and Social Services, Home Improvements, Learning, Travel & Leisure, Voluntary Paid Work, Losing a Loved One and some useful contacts. Copies of the booklet can be obtained from the Pension Service 0845 60-60-265. They also have a website:


'Your Rights - A Guide to Money Benefits for Older People'.

This is an extremely useful book, published annually to take account of changes in the various benefits. It is published by Age Concern - England, and is currently priced at £4.99. It covers State Pension entitlements, Income-Related Benefits, Disability Benefits and Paying for Care, Other Benefits and Financial Support and Advice on a number of related issues. It can be obtained from good booksellers or direct from:

Age Concern England
1268 London Road
SW16 4ER

The ISBN is :0-86242-393-7

'What to do After a Death in England and Wales'.

Leaflet D49 Department for Work and Pensions.

A guide to what you must do and the help you can get.

 The leaflet is divided into 8 sections:

1. What to do first.

2. How a death is registered.

3. Arranging the funeral.

4. If the death occurred abroad, in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

5. Paying for the funeral.

6. Probate, property and possessions.

7. Help for those who are left

8. Practical advice, support and comfort.

 This book can be obtained from the Registrar and it is normally made available when a death is registered. At the present time (2004) the death must be registered in the area it occurred although this is likely to change.

'Probate Without Using a Solicitor'

 The Registrar will issue guidance notes on how to file for Probate. They will also issue the necessary Probate Application Form(s) PA1. This forms can be downloaded and printed from the Court website (www.courtservice.gov.uk)


'The Pensions Act 2004'

The Pensions Act 2004 was granted Royal Assent on 18 November 2004. The Act has been designed to improve protection for pension scheme members. A simple guide has been produced by the Department for Work and Pensions which give a summary of the main measures contained within it. The guide is available on the internet at: www.dwp.gov.uk. It can also be obtain by calling 0845 731 3233 or by writing to:

Pension Guide
NAT 5951
LE55 7QP

For those with a speech hearing difficulty a textphone service is available on 0845 604 0210. The guide is also available in Welsh, on audiotape and in Braille.

Full details of the Pensions Act 2004 are available from the HMSO website at: www.hmso.gov.uk

 The Pension Guide covers:

 1. The Pension Protection Fund.

2. The Pensions Regulator.

3. The Financial Assistance Scheme.

4. Preferential liabilities and deficiencies in scheme asset on winding up.

5. Requirement for member-nominated trustees and directors.

6. Obligations of trustees of occupational pension schemes.

7. Consultation by employers.

8. Pension protection on transfer.

9. Pension protection on transfer of employment.

10. Scheme funding.

11. Modification of pension rights.


A timetable of events has been produced with the first event occurring in April 2005 when the Pension Regulator is established. A number of changes take place from then up until April 2006.

'An Introductory Guide to the Pension Protection Fund'

The leaflet provides an introduction to the Pension Protection Fund which becomes operational from 6 April  2005 by the Pensions Act 2004. It is not intended to be a definitive guide but rather explains the basic principles of how the Fund will operate. Further information can be obtained from Pension Protection Fund, Knollys House, 17 Addiscombe Road, Croydon. Surrey. CR0 6SR