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Deaths - Surname begining with 'X'

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Deaths - Surname begining with 'Y'

YALDON Rosemary. Died 06.09.2004 Lyons
YARNOLD F. C. Died 1960 Wages
YATARRAH Morlai. Died 15.08.1972 Strand Hotels
YEATS G. Died 11.12.1980 Architects Office
YIANNI Pantelis. Died 12.03.1973 Strand Hotels
YORK John A. Died 1998 J. Lyons
YOUDE Roy L. Died 1997 Hale Trent Cakes
YOULD C. K. Died 11.09.1981 Lyons Maid
YOUNG #. Died 1959 Central Despatch
YOUNG Doris V. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons
YOUNG Harold G. CVO. Died 20.11.1989 Director J. Lyons & Co
YOUNG Henry. Died 1993 J. Lyons
YOUNG Ivy Miss. Died 1997 J. L. Catering
YOUNG Josephine Mrs. Died 10.12.2002 J. Lyons
YOUNG Joyce L. Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons
YOUNG Rose. Died 19.12.2005. Head Office Accounts
YOUNG Stanley A. Died 2002 J. Lyons
YOUNG W. F. D. Died 02.03.1978 Catering Division
YOUNGER Sidney H. Died 07.10.1920 Treasury
YUILL Stanley. Died 17.02.1989 Lyons Bakery


Deaths - Surname begining with 'Z'

ZAJUTRO Grzegorz. Died 1996 Lyons Maid
ZANNINI C. Died 08.01.1974 Strand Hotels
ZARAKOWSKI Raymond. Died 1994 J. Lyons
ZAROVSKIS Arvid. Died J. Lyons
ZELLER John. Died 1997 J. Lyons
ZILINSKAS P. Died 01.01.2005 J. Lyons
ZIMMERMAN Miriam Mrs. Died 1995 J. Lyons
ZNETYNIAK Mykolaj. Died 10.07.1997 Alperton Carton Company
ZSOLDOS Muriel E. Mrs. Died 25.04.2003 J. Lyons
ZWEIG K. Died 05.09.1980 Company Economist