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Deaths - Surname begining with 'W'

WADDINGTON-JOHNSON Henry. Died 2003 J. Lyons

WADE A. Mrs. Died 1951 Angle Cafe

WADE Albert. Died 1996 Henry Telfer

WADE Florence. Died 1972 Central Buying

WADKIN Thomas J. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WADSWORTH Henry A. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WAGSTAFF S. Died 19.04.1985 Soft Drinks

WAIGHT C. W. H. Died 1959 Stores Dept

WAINMAN Esme M. A. Mrs. Died 27.05.2002 Lyons Bakery

WAINWRIGHT Alfred M. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WAKELIN A. M. Miss. Died 1991 Catering Division

WAKNELL A. F. Died 14.01.1982 Catering Division

WALDEN Violet Mrs. Died 1995 Bakery

WALDER F. W. Died 1992 Normand Motors

WALDER Mr. Died 09.10.1920 Hogarth Press

WALES Reginald. Died 1993 Symbol Biscuits

WALJEE Ormand A. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WALKEFIELD Frank. Died 2003 J. Lyons

WALKER Alberta Miss. Died 04.05.2003 J. Lyons

WALKER B. Died 1991 Total Refrigeration

WALKER C. H. Died 1954 Strand Hotels

WALKER E. J. Died 06.04.1969 Tea Company (Eire)

WALKER G. J. Died 04.09.1989 Tea Division

WALKER Harry E. Died 1999 J. Lyons 1999

WALKER Herbert. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

WALKER Isaac. Died 19.11.1935 Engineer

WALKER J. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WALKER John. Died 25.04.1959 Accounts

WALKER R. C. Died 21.01.1991 Catering Division

WALKER S. Died 14.07.1981 Lyons Maid

WALKER S. Mrs. Died 08.10.1982 Symbol Biscuits

WALKER S. V. Died 1991 Strand Hotels

WALKER V. A. I. Mrs. Died 13.08.1984 Tea/Grocery

WALKER William. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

WALL G. S. Died 03.03.1985 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WALL Leighton. Died 1997 Lyons Tetley

WALL Reginald. Died 1960 Hogarth Press

WALL S. J. Died 18.11.1985 Alpine Refrigeration

WALLACE A. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WALLACE Leonard. Died 1994 Bakery

WALLACE M. N. Died 21.07.1978 Sol Cafe

WALLACE Mary Mrs. Died 23.03.2005 Head Housekeeper

WALLACE M. Mrs Died 23.03.2005 J. Lyons

WALLACE Nigel. Died 1994 J. Lyons

WALLACE R. H. Died 29.09.1969 Rannoch Road

WALLACE Robert. Died 18.10.1951 Transport Dept

WALLER George A. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WALLER M Miss. Died 30.08.1971 Catering Division

WALLINGTON J. W. Died Jun 1963 Normand Motors

WALLINGTON James G. Died 16.02 1948 Tea/Grocery

WALLIS Gladys Miss. Died 1994 J. Lyons

WALLIS Lillian. Died  06.01.1978 Corner Houses

WALLIS Vera Mrs. Died 1995 J. L. Catering

WALMSLEY Leslie G. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WALPOLE Annie Miss. Died 1995 J. Lyons

WALSAM H. Miss. Died 28.05.1983 Tea/Grocery

WALSH Gladys M. Mrs. Died 30.03.2001 J. Lyons

WALSH Joan. Died 10.01.2005

WALSH Laurence. Died 1994 Cumberland Hotel

WALSH Ralph. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WALSH Wilfred. Died 08.12.1946 Provincial Bakeries

WALTER Jessie. Died 26.09.2004 Lyons

WALTERS Doris E. Mrs. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WALTERS E. Died 01.08.2004 J. Lyons

WALTON E. Miss. Died 1993 Frood

WALTON H. Died 11.07.1985 Tea Division

WALTON Reg P. Died 14.07.1989 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WARD Arthur. Died 03.08.1968 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WARD C. Died 2002 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

WARD E. Mrs. Died 22.09.1980 Lyons Maid

WARD Ernest. Died 1995 Lyons Bakery

WARD Herbert R. Died 2000 Lyons Bakery

WARD Herbert. Died 1997 Lyons Tetley

WARD Irene. Died 31.03.2004 Lyons

WARD M. E. Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WARD Marjorie Mrs. Died 28.10.1988 Henry Telfer

WARD W. Died 20.02.1978 Lyons Maid

WARING Arthur. Died 2001 Lyons Biscuits

WARNE E. Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WARNER H. M. Mrs. Died 31.12.1971 Accounts

WARNER W. H. (Harry). Died 25.05.1969 Work Study

WARRELL Victor. Died 1996 J. L. Catering

WARREN A. S. Died 25.01.1964 Strand Hotels

WARREN Charles. Died 1994 Catering Division

WARREN Edward. Died 12.04.1947 Hire Dept

WARREN Leslie R. Died 1998 Catering Division

WARREN M. A. Died 04.09.1972 Normand Motors

WARRINER Alma Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WARSAP Patricia A. Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WARWICK, A. J. Died 27.08.1928 Tea Agents

WASHINGTON B. Died 2001 Lyons Tetley

WATERHOUSE Ronald. Died 05.06.1999 Alpine Refrigeration

WATERMAN A. A. Died 09.07.1983 Office Services

WATERS A. Died 12.10.1977 Strand Hotels

WATERS E. H. Died 18.11.1975 Normand Motors

WATERS Gordon F. Died 1999 Lyons Bakery

WATERS R. V. Died 29.05.1983 Office Services

WATERS Sarah. Died 05.12.2003 Lyons

WATERWORTH S. W. Died 26.01.1984 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WATKINS A. J. Died 03.02.1981 Accounts

WATKINS Alfred C. Died 11.01.1934 Director J. Lyons & Co

WATKINS Enid Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WATKINS H. F. Died 1991 Tea/Grocery

WATKINS Leslie. Died 1999 J. Lyons

WATKINS W. Died 05.06.1971 Tea/Grocery

WATKINSON D. H. Mrs. Died 31.10.1990 J. Lyons

WATKYN R. H. Died 01.08.2006 Lyons Maid

WATSON A. J. Died 08.02.1972 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WATSON D. M. Mrs. Died 11.12.2002

WATSON Eliza Mrs. Died 1994 Tea/Grocery

WATSON Ester Mrs. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

WATSON G. A. Died 19.09.1990 Lyons Maid

WATSON G. A. Died 1992 Lyons Cakes

WATSON H. Died 21.10.1981 Bakery

WATSON James J. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WATSON W. T. Died 28 03 1990 Lyons Maid

WATTRUS J. R. Died 12.01.1991 Normand Motors

WATTS A. J. Died 20.12.1978 Normand Motors

WATTS Annie Miss. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WATTS C. J. Died 13.11.1980 Tea/Grocery

WATTS E. G. Died 13.06.1988 Lyons Maid

WATTS Elsie E Mrs. Died 19.01.2003 J. Lyons

WATTS F. B. Died 1992 Bakery

WATTS J. Died 14.08.1980 Tea/Grocery

WATTS Theo Mrs. Died 15.02.1970 Catering Division

WATTS William L. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WAY Elsie Mrs. Died 1997 Lyons Groceries

WAYGOOD W. A. Died 05.03.1985 Laboratories

WAYRE E. V. S. Died 07.11.1982 Spillers French

WEATHERALL F. J. Died 04.01.1991 Normand Motors

WEATHERBURN Anthony. Died 1960 O & M Office

WEATHERBURN J. M. Died 22.06.1977 Central Buying

WEATHERHEAD H. Died 03.01.1978 Postal

WEATHERILL Arthur. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WEBB A. J. (Jack). Died 16.03.1988 Lyons Tetley

WEBB Ceridwen M Mrs. Died 2003 J. Lyons

WEBB Charles. Died 1995 Lyons Tea

WEBB E. Miss. Died 20.08.1975 Lyons Maid

WEBB F. C. Died 05.06.1980 Security

WEBB H. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WEBB H. Died 28.12.1969 Organisation & Methods Office

WEBB Henry. Died 1995 Lyons Tetley

WEBB I. Mrs. Died Mar 1985 Swiss Roll Dept

WEBB J. Died 05.01.1977 Neilson Ice Cream

WEBB J. E. Died 30.08.1980 Despatch

WEBB Jack. Died 1994 Bakery (Accountant)

WEBB Joan W. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WEBB John. Died 1994 Lyons Cakes

WEBB L. J. Died 1993 Bakery

WEBB Sydney. Died 04.04.1923 Treasury

WEBB V. E. Mrs. Died 1992 Tea/Grocery

WEBBER C. G. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WEBBER E. S. Died 21.11.1987 Hogarth Press

WEBBER F. Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WEBBER James A. Died 2003 J. Lyons

WEBBER O. M. Mrs. Died 26.08.1990 Importers Retail

WEBSTER A. E. Died 1953 1923 Grocery

WEBSTER Donald C. Died 02.04.1986 Lyons Maid

WEBSTER F. E. Miss. Died 24.03.1972 Payroll

WEBSTER George P. Died 02.08.1952 Clerical Dept

WEBSTER Marguerite Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WEDLAKE K. Died 08.05.1975 199 Piccadilly (Solicitors)

WEEDON A. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WEEDON M. E. Mrs. Died 26.04.1969 Catering Division

WEEKS J. N. Died 15.07.1980 Soft Drinks

WEICZOREK I. A. Mrs. Died 1969 Corner Houses

WEIDS Ivor. Died 1995 Hale Trent Cakes

WEIDS Robert L. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WEIGHT Jack D. Died 11.10.1987 Bread Unit

WEIL H. Died 10.08.1976 Strand Hotels

WELHAM Alexander R. Died 2000 Normand Motors

WELLER G. A. Died 18.12.1967 Bakery

WELLER Gordon E. Died 2000 Lyons Bakery

WELLS A. J. Died 25.04.1971 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WELLS George E. Died 2000 Total Refrigeration

WELLS James R. Died 31.12.1987 J. L. Catering

WELLS L. J. Mrs Died 08.05.2005 J. Lyons

WELLS W. G. Died 13.09.2003 J. Lyons

WELSH Lawrence. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WENDERLISH Henry. Died 11.12.1989 Tea/Grocery

WENDERLISH Michael. Died 10.08.1989 Tea Division

WENGEN Harold G. Died Dec 1989 J. L. Catering

WESCOTT C. E. A. Died 16.03.1978 Laboratories

WESOLOWSKA B. J. Died 08.08.2005 J. Lyons

WEST Bernard. Died 1994 J. Lyons

WEST F. H. Died 23.05.1983 Lyons Maid

WEST Frank E. Died 02.02.2003 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

WEST James T. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WEST Jane E. Mrs. Died 1999 J. Lyons

WEST Stanley R. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WESTBURY Stanley. Died 1994 Total Refrigeration

WESTERN Vera Mrs. Died 1996 Lyons Maid

WESTOBY William C. Died 21.06.1981 Tea/Grocery

WESTON F. H. Died 19.06.1983 Catering Division

WHALEY S. E. Mrs. Died 1991 Catering Division

WHALLEY D. Died 03.04.1977 Tea/Grocery

WHARTON John E. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WHARTON Norman. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WHATRUP H. F. Died 1992 Tea/Grocery

WHEATLEY G. W. Died 26.10.1968 Rannoch Road

WHEDDON P. Died 1992 Alperton Carton Company

WHEELER D. Miss. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WHEELER Doris Miss. Died 1994 Teashops

WHEELER Elizabeth Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WHEELER F. T. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WHEELER H. C. Died 11.10.1985 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WHEELER Robert P. Died 1999 J. Lyons

WHIPP W. J. Died 23.09.1968 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WHIPPY Henry. Died 1994 Tea/Grocery

WHISKIN K. Mrs. Died 23.02.1978 Payroll

WHITAKER James. Died 1997 Lyons Cakes

WHITBY J. Died 19.11.1971 Transport Dept

WHITE A. E. Died 04.02.1979 Tea/Grocery

WHITE A. J. Died 1955 Strand Hotels

WHITE Albert D. Died 1999 J. Lyons

WHITE Alexander. Died 1997 J. L. Catering

WHITE Alfred Edwin. Died 07.12.1989 Estates

WHITE Alfred R. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WHITE Alfred. Died 1996 J. Lyons

WHITE Alfred. Died 27.01.1942 Regent Palace Hotel

WHITE Brian William. Died 1999 Lyons Bakery

WHITE Catherine Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WHITE Charles. Died 1996 J. Lyons

WHITE D. Died 1993 Total Refrigeration

WHITE Denis. Died 1994 Catering Division

WHITE Doug. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WHITE D. C. Mrs Died 09.02.2006 Lyons Tetley

WHITE Edward W. Died 27.08.1986 Wine Cellars

WHITE Eric. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

WHITE F. Died 1991 J. Lyons

WHITE G. F. Died 25.07.1983 Insurance Dept

WHITE George W. Died 08.01.1981 Laboratory

WHITE J. M. Mrs. Died 17.07.2002

WHITE James S. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WHITE Jim W. Died 01.03.1988 Hale Trent Cakes

WHITE Joan Mrs. Died 1995 Catering Division

WHITE John. Died 1996 Hale Trent Cakes

WHITE Marjorie Mrs. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WHITE Percy. Died 1995 J. Lyons

WHITE Ruby. Died 09.01.2005 Lyons

WHITE Samuel J. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WHITE Sidney. Died May 1938 Stable Hand

WHITE T. F. A. (Tommy). Died 1948 Normand Motors

WHITE W. Mrs. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WHITE Winifred Miss. Died 1993 Catering Division

WHITEFIELD Eva F. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WHITEHEAD A. Died Dec 1970 Accounts

WHITEHEAD J. Miss. Died 17.01.1973 Catering Division

WHITEHEAD James A. Died 2003 DCA Industries

WHITEHOUSE H. Died 21.11.1969 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WHITEING Beatrice M. Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WHITING Edith E. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WHITING George F. Died 10.03.1989 Bakery

WHITING Herbert. Died March 1943 Construction Dept

WHITLOCK Doris L. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WHITMORE J. L. Died 1951 Security

WHITNEY Violet Miss. Died 25.08.1969 Catering Division

WHITTAKER L. Died 1993 Tea/Groceries

WHITTAKER Lawrence. Died 1993 Lyons Groceries

WHITTAM V. Frank. Died 09.04.1988 Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream

WHITTINGHAM Kenneth L. Died 2000 Lyons Bakery

WHITTINGTON D. R. Died 09.03.1954 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WHYATT M. M. Died 04.12.1990 J. Lyons

WHYTE D. Arthur. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WHYTE # A. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WHYTOCK W. Died 23.02.2004 J. Lyons

WICKENDEN Mrs. Died Jul 1921 Teashop First Sales

WICKS Florence Miss. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

WIDSHE W. A. Died 1992 Bakery

WIESNER R. Miss. Died 25.12.1972 Strand Hotels

WIGGIN William S. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WIGGINS Arthur C. Died 1999 J. Lyons

WIGGINS R. E. Died 05.07.1976 Strand Hotels

WIGHTMAN Neil. Died 19.06.1984 Bakery

WIGLEY A. E. Died 16.06.1977 Tea/Grocery

WILBRAHAM John C. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

WILBY Lilian Miss. Died 1996 Lyons Teashops

WILCOCK William G. Died 2003 J. Lyons

WILCOCKS Hilda F. Died 04.02.2004 J. Lyons

WILCOX William. Died 1993 Catering Division

WILDING Annie Mrs. Died 07.12.1968 Tea/Grocery

WILDMAN A. T. Died 04.12.1985 Bread Division

WILDMAN W. Died 1945 Bread Bakery

WILKES E. Died 17.07.1975 Office Stores

WILKES Peter. Died 12.10.1999 J. Lyons

WILKIE John. Died 1995 Linden Bakery

WILKIN Anneke Mrs. Died 01.03.1988 Lyons Sea Foods

WILKIN Queenie Miss. Died 1994 Catering Division

WILKINS Cecil R. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

WILKINS Frederick B. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WILKINSON Arthur. Died 1958 Kitchens

WILKINSON Dorothy F. Mrs. Died 2002 Margetts Foods

WILKINSON H. Died Apr 1974 Central Buying

WILKS Cecilia Miss. Died 1995 Teashops

WILLANS Harry. Died Mar 1943 Workplace Unknown

WILLCOCKS Frederick. Died 1995 Lyons Maid

WILLCOCKS William. Died 22.10.1967 Bakery

WILLIAMS Ada Miss. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS A. P. Died 18.02.2006 Clarke Foods

WILLIAMS B. Died 04.12.1971 Alpine Refrigeration

WILLIAMS B. Died 25.04.1974 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WILLIAMS B. Mrs. Died 06.02.1975 Tea/Grocery

WILLIAMS C. C. Died 1992 Bakery

WILLIAMS Doris. Died 1995 Lyons Maid

WILLIAMS D. M. Miss Died 14.12.2005

WILLIAMS E. G. Died 07.12.1975 Tea/Grocery

WILLIAMS E. J. Died 07.02.2004 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS E. Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS F. J. Died 1991 Catering Division

WILLIAMS G. Mrs. Died 29.07.1973 Corner Houses

WILLIAMS Henrietta L. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS I. Mrs. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS Ivor. Died 1994 Normand Motors

WILLIAMS John L. Died 2001 Lyons Tetley

WILLIAMS John. Died 09.08.1953 Strand Hotels

WILLIAMS John. Died 1997 Cadby Hall

WILLIAMS John. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS K. D. Died 1991 Tea/Grocery

WILLIAMS Louise A. Mrs. Died 1999 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS Minnie Mrs. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WILLIAMS R. E. Mrs. 19.01.2003

WILLIAMS R. S. Died 1991 Bakery

WILLIAMS S. Died 20.08.1971 Bakery

WILLIAMS T. D. Died 03.08.1982 Tea/Grocery

WILLIAMS W. G. Died 1991 Tea/Grocery

WILLIAMS William. Died 1996 Lyons Maid

WILLIAMSON Donald. Died 1999 J. Lyons

WILLIAMSON Joyce Ms Died 2001 Lyons Bakery

WILLIAMSON R. Died 18.11.1983 Tea/Grocery

WILLIAMSON William R. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WILLINGHAM William. Died 1951 Tea/Grocery

WILLIS A. T. Died 10.11.1942 Grocery Buying

WILLIS Hilda V. Miss. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WILLIS John. Died 02.08.1989 Belvedere Restaurant

WILLMORE M. Mr. Died 31.01.2005 J. L. Catering

WILLOUGHBY M. G. Mrs. Died 05.06.1988 Normand Motors

WILLS F. J. Died 03.06.1938 Architect to Company

WILLS R. F. Died 25.01.1975 Central Buying

WILLSHIRE Peter S. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WILMOTT John (Joe). Died 1993 J. Lyons

WILSHER Robert. Died 1997 Lyons Tetley

WILSON A. D. Died 25.02.2005 J. Lyons

WILSON A. J. Died 29.12.1972 Normand Motors

WILSON D. Died 1993 Lyons Bakery

WILSON D. G. Miss. Died 1991 J. Lyons

WILSON E. Died 07.10.1982 Bakery

WILSON F. Died 31.08.1983 Strand Hotels

WILSON Florence Mrs. Died 04.09.1969 Catering Division

WILSON G. A. Mrs. Died 21.01.1991 Catering Division

WILSON Gertrude A. Mrs. Died 1958 Catering Division

WILSON Henry T. Died 20.02.1951 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WILSON J. E. Died 13.08.2003 J. Lyons

WILSON Leonard. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WILSON S. Died 1992 DCA Industries

WILTSHIRE Leonard J. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WILTSHIRE W. W. Died 19.12.1990 J. Lyons

WINCHCOMBE A. K. Died 24.10.1973 Bakery

WINDOVER F. Miss. Died 1958 Teashop Dressmaking

WINDSOR Harold. Died 26.06.1981 Tea/Grocery

WINIFRED E. Miss. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WINNETT A. Died 1958 General Dept

WINSLETT C. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WINSTON Davina Miss. Died 1997 Lyons Teashops

WINTER Frederick A. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WINTER Harry. Died 1957 Bakery

WINTER M. V. E. Died 04.03.1978 Lyons Maid

WINTERS T. A. Died 28.08.1977 Midland County Ice Cream

WINTON M. J. Miss. Died 16.02.1984 Strand Hotels

WINZAR A. T. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WISE L. J. Died 28.10.1986 J. L. Catering

WISEMAN R. J. Died 06.02.1988 J. L. Catering

WITHERICK H. S. Died 23.07.1985 Tea Division

WITTS H. G. Died 01.12.1990 Tea/Grocery

WOHLERT A. Died 26.01.1939 Teashop Maintenance

WOJTCZAK Mrs. Died Mary E. 2003 J. Lyons

WOLFE J.P. Died 14.08.1975 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WOLSEY R. R. Died 01.08.1985 Teashops

WOLSKI Stanley. Died 1995 Alperton Carton Company

WOLTON Doris Mrs. Died 04.06.1955 Catering Division

WOOD A. C. W. B. Died 20.10.1990 Tea/Grocery

WOOD Anne E. Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WOOD Ethel M. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

WOOD Florence A Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WOOD G. E. Died 14.05.2002

WOOD H. E. (Tim). Died 04.04.1988 Lyons Tetley

WOOD Ivy Mrs. Died. Died 01.06.1971 Catering Division

WOOD Lily A. Miss. Died Dec 1989 J. Lyons

WOOD M. J. Mrs. Died 10.10.1975 Lyons Maid

WOOD Maisie P. Miss. Died 2001 J. Lyons

WOOD R. M. E. Died 08.05.1967 Tea/Grocery

WOOD Sheila. Died 28.06.1977 Research

WOOD Thomas. Died 1993 Soft Drinks

WOODAGE J. Died 04.01.1970 Tea/Grocery

WOODBRIDGE H .G. F. Died 13.02.1984 Tea/Grocery

WOODBRIDGE Noel. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WOODCRAFT H. W. Died 11.12.1976 Normand Motors

WOODFIELD Thomas. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

WOODLEY H. E. Died 24.07.1986 Lyons Maid

WOODLEY T. Died 20.01.1976 Catering Division

WOODROFFE C. G. Died 22.02.1990 Lyons Maid

WOODROFFE Franklin L. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WOODROFFE Robert V. Died 24.11.1986 Lyons Tetley

WOODS E. C. Died 2000 Overseas Trading Corporation

WOODS Frank. Died 16.09.1989 Lyons Tetley

WOODS H. Died 12.12.1976 Lyons Maid

WOODWARD Dorothy K. Mrs. Died 30.07.1987 Teashops

WOOLDRIDGE Arthur R. Died 12.02.1973 Transport Dept

WOOLDRIDGE Richard J. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WOOLFENDEN E. R. Died 28.03.1984 Symbol Biscuits

WOOLGAR Derek J. Died 2000 Lyons Tetley

WOOLGAR Grace Miss. Died 1995 J. Lyons

WOOLSTON E. M. Miss. Died 1959 Catering Division

WOOSTER F. W. Died 22.08.1973 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WOOSTER H. Died 1953 Treasury

WOOTON Charles. Died 07.12.1968 Catering Division

WOOTTON Arthur. Died 1997 J. Lyons

WORBOYS W. Died 10.04.1975 Central Buying

WORDEN A. Died 1992 J. Lyons

WORONOWICZ Halina M Mrs. Died 02.06.2002 J. Lyons

WORRALL F. Died 1959 General Dept

WORTH G. F. Died 06.09.1979 Normand Motors

WORTHINGTON Arthur. Died 12.12.1980 Lyons Maid

WORTHINGTON J. K. Died 13.10.2004 Lyons

WORTHY Leslie W. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WREN T. Died 20.02.2006 J. Lyons

WRIGHT A. E. Died 09.11.1981 Hogarth Press

WRIGHT A. W. Died 1969 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

WRIGHT Alan. Died 1994 J. Lyons

WRIGHT Annie Miss. Died 17.04.1947 Teashop W8

WRIGHT Claud. Died 1995 Cadby Hall

WRIGHT E. M. Mrs. Died 1992 Tea/Grocery

WRIGHT Emma Mrs. Died 1995 J. Lyons

WRIGHT Frederick John. Died 12.01.1963. Foreman Swiss Roll Dept.

WRIGHT F. Mrs. Died 29.06.1970 Henry Telfer

WRIGHT H. H. Died 02.05.1983 Normand Motors

WRIGHT Harry. Died 1994 Strand Hotels

WRIGHT Henry. Died 1994 J. Lyons

WRIGHT J. A. Died 04.01.2004 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

WRIGHT J. A. Died 1954 Audit

WRIGHT J. S. Died 01.01.1991 Soft Drinks

WRIGHT K. O. Mrs. Died 07.07.1977 Tea/Grocery

WRIGHT Lavinia Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WRIGHT Leonard G. Died Dec 1989 Lyons Tetley

WRIGHT R. A. Died 25.10.2005 J. Lyons

WRIGHT T. A. Died 08.05.1979 Bakery

WRIGHT W. B. Miss. Died 1993 J. Lyons

WRIGHT W. H. Died 26.11.1982 Catering Division

WRIGHT William D. Died 1998 J. Lyons

WRIGLEY Walter. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WURUSZYLD Anfrij. Died 09.09.2004 Lyons

WYATT Alice Miss. Died 28.09.1969 Catering Division

WYATT Mary L. Miss. Died 2002 J. Lyons

WYATT P. L. Died 24.08.1983 1918 Hogarth Press

WYATT W. Died 1960 Hogarth Press

WYLDE T. J. Died 04.08.1982 Total Refrigeration

WYLES W. Died 06.04.1971 Findus/Frood

WYLLIE W. R. Died 15.10.1963 Bakery

WYNNE Emily Mrs. Died 1994 J. Lyons

WYNNE Frank B. Died 1999 J. Lyons