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Deaths - Surname begining with 'N'

NAGI Naginder K. Mrs. Died 2001 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

NAKARJA Vallabhdas K. Died 1999 J. Lyons

NALLY Patrick A. Died 1998 J. Lyons

NANDA S. D. Mrs. Died 03.12.2004 Lyons Tetley

NANKERVIS James O. Died 1992 Bakery

NANZER John. Died 09.10.1947 Corner Houses

NASH Gladys Miss. Died 1933 Teashop Counter Hand

NASH W. J. Died 19.07.1984 Catering Dept

NASH William C. Died 2001 J. Lyons

NAUGHTON N. Died 23.11.1969 Catering Dept

NEAL E. Miss. Died 02.07.1951 Wages Office

NEAL G. A. Mrs. Died 31.05.1982 Bakery

NEAL J. W. Died 18.09.1984 Regent Palace Hotel

NEALE Bruce. Died 1996 Cadby Hall

NEALE Daphne M Mrs. Died 2003 J. Lyons

NEALE E. E. Died 1990 J. Lyons

NEALON F. J. Died 23.08.1986 Estates Dept

NEAVE Eleanor A. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

NEAVE Jane Mrs. Died 2003 Sol Tenco

NEAVE K. Miss. Died 22.07.2002

NEBBIOLO A. T. Died 27.05.2002 Embassy Hotels

NEEDHAM H. Died 1991 Soft Drinks

NEIGHBOUR R. B. Died 1992 J. Lyons

NEIL Audry. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

NELSON Don. Died 28.04.1985 Tea Factory

NELSON K. M. Miss. Died 27.06.1970 Catering Division

NELSON Mary (wife of Don). Died 08.07.1985 Nurse Greenford

NELSON W. J. Died 11.12.1969 Lyons Maid

NELSON William J. Died 1997 J. Lyons

NERVAIS #. Died 2001 J. Lyons

NEUMANN E. Died 1993 Bakery

NEVILLE Peter. Died 1995 Lyons Maid

NEWELL Dorothy. Died 04.01.2005 Lyons

NEWLAND Louis H. Died 2003 J. Lyons

NEWMAN C. P. Died 07.08.1980 Normand Motors

NEWMAN George. Died 1992 Walker Dairies Ice Cream

NEWMAN I. G. Mrs. Died 05.12.1987 Lyons Tetley

NEWMAN Sheila. Died 13.06.2004 Lyons

NEWNS Pauline. Died 21.03.1993 Bakery

NEWTON D. Died 01.06.2006 J. Lyons

NGAM-AKSON B. Died 2001 J. Lyons

NICHOL Ronald O. Died 2002 J Lyons

NICHOLAS Clifford P. Died 1992 J. Lyons

NICHOLAS Henry. Died 07.02.1968 Transport Dept

NICHOLAS Ralph B. Died 2000 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

NICHOLLS E. E. Mrs. Died 25.09.1975 Catering Division

NICHOLLS Evelyn W. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

NICHOLLS J. Mrs. Died 08.02.2003

NICHOLSON J. F. Died 27.05.2005 Lyons Bakery

NICHOLSON William. Died 1995 Alperton Carton Company

NICKELS A. H. Died 10.07.1978 Lyons Maid

NICKSON John. Died 01.07.1987 Symbol Biscuits

NICKSON Maurice. Died 1996 Symbol Biscuits

NICOL Isabella Miss. Died 09.05.1970 Catering Division

NICOLL James. Died 14.05.1951 Construction Dept

NIELSEN P.C. Died 14.03.1935 Strand Hotels

NIGHTINGALE G. Died 13.10.1973 Bakery

NIGHTINGALE R. W. Died 1991 Bakery

NIGHTINGALE T. J. Died 26.09.2003 J. Lyons

NILES Granville. Died 2003 J. Lyons

NINNES Phyllis D. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

NIXON G. Died 1993 Bakery

NIXON Grace Mrs. Died 22.02.1970 Catering Division

NIXON Maurice. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

NIXON, Mrs. Died 1928 Regent Palace Hotel

NOAKES Philip V. Died 1997 Normand Motors

NOBBS C. Died 1991 Normand Motors

NOBBS Horace C. Died 1999 J. Lyons

NOBLE W.F. Died 14.11.1988 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

NOKE W. H. Died 1991 Tea/Grocery

NOON Arthur C. Died 19.07.1980 Accounting

NORCOMBE Eric. Died 1995 Catering Division

NORMAN A. L. Died 10.11.1990 J. Lyons

NORMAN F. R. A. Died 1992 Margetts Foods

NORMAN Mrs C. Died 2003 DCA Industries

NORMAN P. J. Died 01.12.1990 J. Lyons

NORTON Edward. Died 1958 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

NORTON Patrick. Died 1997 Lyons Maid

NOVELL Ellen M. Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

NOWAK Stanislaw. Died 1997 Lyons Patisserie

NOWLAND Albert H. Died 2001 J. Lyons

NOWLAND Elizabeth. Died 18.06.2004

NOYCE E. E. Died 1991 J. W. French

NUCKLEY S. Died 1993 J. Lyons

NUDDS E. Mrs. Died 16.01.2001 J. Lyons

NUGENT George. Died 1997 Cadby Hall

NUGENT Margaret L. Miss. Died 05.08.2002 J. Lyons

NUNN Alfred H. Died 2000 J. Lyons

NUNN Arthur C. Died 1998 J. Lyons

NUNN Charles. Died 1996 J. Lyons

NUNNEY Margaret (Peggy) E Miss. Died 06.06 2003 Personnel

NURCOMBE L. G. Died 13.01.1986 Bread Division

NURSEY Elsie Mrs. Died 1996 Overseas Trading Corporation

NUTTALL Monica Mrs. Died 2002 Lyons Bakery

NYE George. Died 1995 Alpine Refrigeration