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Deaths - Surname begining with 'G'

GADSBY J. H. Died 17.06.1971 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

GADSBY Mrs. Died 1932 Teashop Kitchen Hand PR

GAGE Edwin. Died 1996 Cadby Hall

GAILOR Harold. Died 1994 Patrick Grainger

GALE Laurence. Died 1994 DCA Industries

GALE M. E. Mrs. Died 1957 Lyons Maid

GALE Peter. Died 1994 Alperton Carton Company

GALLAGHER E. D. Died 26.09.1981 Central Buying

GALLAGHER J. Died 1993 Symbol Biscuits

GALLAGHER M. M. Died 1992 J. Lyons

GALLAGHER Richard T. Died 2002 Lyons Tetley

GALLANT Phyllis Mrs. Died 1994 J. Lyons

GALLOWAY Fred. Died 14.07.1985 Tea Division

GALVIN J. Died 03.08.2003 J. Lyons

GAME W. G. Died 1956 Lyons Club Steward

GAMSON Jack. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GARBICZ Mrs. Died 14.08.2000

GARBUTT W. Died 16.10.1970 Lyons Maid

GARDENER G. D. Died 27.09.1982 Tea/Grocery

GARDNER G. C. Died 22.08.1988 Midland Counties Ice Cream

GARDNER G. D. Died 27.09.1982 Tea/Grocery

GARDNER Len. Died 1959 Greenford

GARDNER Margaret Mrs. Died 2000 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

GARFORTH W. Died 1991 Symbol Biscuits

GARGANICO A. T. Miss. Died 30.01.1986 Regent Palace Hotel

GARNER J. Died 04.02.1984 Catering

GARNER John Seymour. Died 28.01.2002 Finance Director J. Lyons & Co.

GARNER R. A. Died 2002 Lyons Tetley

GARNER Steve J. Died 2002 J. Lyons

GARNSEY Hilda M. Mrs. Died 2001 Lyons Biscuits

GARRAT D. Died 1993 Tea/Grocery

GARRATT D. A. Died 1992 Tea/Grocery

GARRATT H. L. Mrs. Died 19.01.1972 Catering

GARRATT Jane Miss. Died 1994 Lyons Maid

GARRATT S. L. W. Died 23.04.1985 Lyons Maid

GARRITT N. Mrs. Died 29.09.1977 Catering

GARRY Edith Mrs. Died 1995 Teashops

GARTSIDE Kenneth. Died 2002 Lyons Biscuits

GASTON Barbara A. Miss. Died 2002 J. Lyons

GATES J. Died 26.03.1985 Strand Palace Hotel

GATES Mrs. Died 1932 Catering

GATES T. Died 1943 Light Transport Dept

GAUNT Walter Henry. Died 31.10.1951 Director J. Lyons & Co

GAVAGHAN Catherine T. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GAVAGHAN M. C. Miss. Died 23.04.1973 Corner Houses

GAVEGAN C. H. Died. 20.03.1977 Wine Cellars

GAVIN John. Died 03.08.2005 Lyons

GAY C.D. Died 08.01.1975 Tea/Grocery

GEARY Albert. Died 1997 J. L. Catering

GEARY John S. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GENNARI Philip H. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GENNERY Ronald C. Died 1998 J. Lyons

GENTLE John A. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GENTRY J. E. H. Died 1991 Catering

GEORGE J. Died 1991 Catering

GEORGE John. Died 1994 Bakery

GEORGIADES G. P. Died 1992 Strand Hotels

GEORGIOU Erotokritos. Died 1997 Strand Hotels

GERRARD J. Died 1957 Tea/Grocery

GESSNER Johanna Miss. Died 1995 J. Lyons

GETGOOD F.G. Died 03.07.1981 Director Strand Hotels

GHAGAN P.F Died 12.12.1982 Bakery

GIBBENS John Died 1994 J. Lyons

GIBBINS D. Norval. Died 05.03.1989 Tea Blender

GIBBINS Louise M. Miss Died 10.10.1987 Catering Division

GIBBONS F. W. P. Died 15.03.1946 Despatch

GIBBS L. Mrs. Died 20.06.1983 Tea/Grocery

GIBBS Les J. Died 22.04.1989 Tea/Grocery

GIBLETT Charles. Died 1994 Lyons Maid

GIBSON Alice E. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GIBSON Edward. Died 1996 J. L. Catering

GIBSON Herbert. Died 1995 J. Lyons

GIBSON Ivy Mrs. Died 1995 J. Lyons

GIBSON W. G. A. Died 11.05.1984 Tea/Grocery

GIBSON-SUTER George. Died 1995 Lyons Bakery

GIDDEY R. F. Died 1991 Strand Hotels

GIDMAN Evelyn N. Mrs. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GIGGS H. R. Died 1991 J. Lyons

GILBERT E. A. Mrs. Died 25.07.2002

GILBERT George W. Died 1998 J. Lyons

GILBERT John. Died 1995 Hale Trent Cakes

GILBERT P. Died 12.12.1972 Tea/Grocery

GILBERT Sydney. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GILBERT T. Died 09.09.1990 Strand Hotels

GILBERT Violet. Died 24.01.2005

GILBY Les. Died 31.12.1991 Tea/Grocery

GILDER Daisy Mrs. Died 1993 Tea/Grocery

GILES William. Died 1996 Spillers French

GILKES Harold. Died 1997 Lyons Tetley

GILL Amrit K. Mrs. Died 2000 Lyons Tetley

GILL D. Died 05.06.2003 Sol Tenco

GILL E. J. Died 14.12.1973 Catering

GILL M. K. Mrs Died 04.08.2005 Clarke Foods

GILLAM W. J. Died 08.06.1981 Lyons Supermarket

GILLARD Arthur. Died 1960 Bakery

GILLARD E. J. Died 19.12.1983 Catering

GILLARD George. Died 20.05.1969 Findus/Frood

GILLARD Ken G. Died 30.11.1986 Alpine Refrigeration

GILLATT Wilfred N. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GILLELAND T. Died 1993 J. Lyons

GILLESPIE G. (J) Miss. Died 1992 Catering

GILLIAM William J. Died 11.02.2003 J. Lyons

GILLIARD J. Died 1935 Construction Dept

GILLMAN James. Died 2002 Margetts Foods

GILSON Kathleen Miss. Died 1996 LEO Buying

GINMAN George. Died Oct 1967 Normand Motors

GIOVEDI Francesco. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GIRARDOT Francis. Died 1995 Catering

GIRLING I Mrs. Died 31.05.1975 Tea/Grocery

GIRLING T. W. Died 31.07.1970 Tea/Grocery

GIRVAN William. Died 1998 J. Lyons

GLADWELL Victor. Died 24.12.1938 Tea Agents’

GLARGO John M. Died 1992 Bakery

GLEESON Ernest. Died 11.04.1970 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

GLEESON Ronald. Died 2002 Lyons Bakery

GLENISTER Lily Miss. Died 1955 Catering

GLENNIE W. J. Died 1991 James Hayes Laundry

GLOVER A. J. Died 19.12.2005 Hale Trent

GLOVER Henry. Died 1994 J. Lyons

GLOVER Mrs Mary. Died 2003 J. Lyons

GLUCKSTEIN Barbara Amelia Mrs. Died 26.02.2004 wife of Guy Ferdinand Montague Gluckstein

GLUCKSTEIN Barnett. Died 09.07.1941 Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Douglas M. Died 02.10.1998 Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Guy F. M. Died 14.02.1986 Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Harry. Died 08.11.1914 Lyons Club President

GLUCKSTEIN Howard. Died 30.12.1933 Trocadero Restaurant

GLUCKSTEIN Isidore M. Died 16.01.1975 Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Isidore. Died 10.12.1920 First J. Lyons & Co Director

GLUCKSTEIN Joseph. Died 30.11.1931 Treasurer J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Kenneth. Died 23.09.1959 Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Leonard. Died 17.01.1970 Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Montague. Died 07.10.1922 First Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Montague. Died 25.12.1958 Chairman J. Lyons & Co

GLUCKSTEIN Samuel H. Died Jun 1963 Executive

GLUCKSTEIN Samuel M. Died 29.08.1928 Director J. Lyons & Co

GLUE A. M. Mrs Died 28.07.2005 J. Lyons

GOACHER B. M. Miss. Died 11.10.1988 Catering Sales

GODDARD A. Died 1945 Head Electrician

GODDARD Arthur. Died 29.12.1968 Bakery

GODDARD G. E. Died 04.01.1984 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

GODDARD R. J. Died 07.01.2006

GODEN Edgar. Died 1957 Tea/Grocery

GODFREY L. Died 24.04.1977 Lyons Maid

GODFREY W. Died 02.10.1969 Bakery

GOLDFINE A. Miss. Died 10.06.1967 Catering

GOLDIE M. Miss. Died 1935 Teashops

GOLDING Stan H. Died 21.06.1989 Lyons Maid

GOLDSMITH S. W. Died 1992 Catering

GOLDSMITH T. Died 31.12.1963 Catering

GOLDSPINK E. Miss. Died 1957 Catering

GOLDSPINK P. S. Died 2002 Sol Tenco

GOLDSWORTHY J. Mrs. Died 25.10.1981 Lyons Maid

GOLDTHORPE Frank. Died 02.08.1991 Bakery

GOMES Gregory W. C. Died 1998 J. Lyons

GOMESH P. Died 1993 J. Lyons

GONZALES F. Died 19.03.1971 Bakery

GONZALES Juaquim M. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GOOD Stanley W. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GOODAKER A. J. Died Jan 1961 Lyons Maid

GOODALL A. M. Mrs. Died 1992 Bakery

GOODALL Alice Miss. Died 1995 J. Lyons

GOODALL W. Died 30.12.1985 Lyons Bakery

GOODCHILD E. G. Died 20.11.1989 Strand Hotels

GOODCHILD E. J. Died 1991 J. Lyons

GOODCHILD T. W. Died 16.11.1975 Lyons Maid

GOODEN C. L. P. Died 1991 Bakery

GOODEN John. Died 1951 Central Despatch

GOODMAN A. L. Died 01.08.1976 Alpine Refrigeration

GOODMAN Maurice P. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GOODMAN Peter. Died 1995 Alpine Refrigeration

GOODRHAM H. R. Died 1937 Greenford Freelance Architect Holman & Good.

GOODWIN A. W. Died 05.10.1984 Hogarth Press

GOODWIN E. M. Mrs Died 29.09.2005 J. Lyons

GOODWIN S. F. Died 16.10.1973 Tea/Grocery

GORDON Alick Died 02.02.1921 English Bakery

GORDON Daisy. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

GORDON W. R. Died 01.09.1970 Central Buying

GORMAN A. Died 12.06.1981 Lyons Maid

GORMLEY Michael. Died 1995 Lyons Maid

GORRINGE Cyril. Died 17.02.1969 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

GORRINGE E. E. Died 28.03.1985 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

GORTON Arnold. Died 2001 Lyons Biscuits

GOSBY Margaret Miss> Died 1996 Corner Houses

GOSLING S. F. died 17.09.1980 Catering

GOSS Sidney Leonard. Died 23.10.1964 Lyons Maid

GOUGH Francis H. died 1998 J. Lyons

GOULD A. L. Died 29.09.2005 J. Lyons

GOULD Jack. Died 2001 DCA Industries
GOULD, Kenneth A. Died 29.11.2009 age 88. Hale-Trent, Clevedon.

GOULD Louis. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GOULDER John W. Died 2002 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

GOULDSON J. W. Died 1991 Catering

GOVETT William. Died May 1936 Wholesale Rounds

GOW Alexander. Died 1951 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

GOW T. Died 21.02.1950 Checking Dept

GRACE A. Died 1991 Bakery

GRAHAM E. Mrs. Died 22.02.1975 Lyons Maid

GRAHAM John R. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GRAHAM Lily Miss. Died 1989 Lyons Bakery

GRAHAM M. Mrs. Died 1992 Symbol Biscuits

GRAHAM T. Died 31.01.1977 Soft Drinks

GRAINGER Robert. Died 22.01.1938 Teashops Inspector

GRAINGER Rose Miss. Died 1995 J. Lyons

GRANDHAIE Pierre. Died 16.02.1921 Victoria .Mansions Restaurant

GRANEY Winnie Miss. Died 1945 Cake Bakery

GRANGE Charles V. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GRANGE L. A. Miss. Died 30.05.1984 Catering

GRANT Charles. Died 24.06.1943 Musician Manager

GRANT Nora F. Miss. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GRANT R. G. Died 18.07.1975 Tea/Grocery

GRATTON Elizabeth Mrs. Died 27.02.1948 Catering

GRAVES W. M. Died 1991 J. Lyons

GRAVESON Brenda Mrs. Died 2002 Lyons Bakery

GRAVESTOCK Joan. Died 14.07.2004 J. Lyons

GRAY D. E. Mrs Died 25.10.2005 Lyons Tetley

GRAY Edward A. Died 1992 Bakery

GRAY Elsie E. Mrs. Died 07.10.2003 J. Lyons

GRAY Frederick C. Died 1999 Lyons Maid

GRAY L. Died 02.01.1978 Capital Records

GRAY L. H. Died 02.01.1978 Accounts

GRAY P. H. Died 23.01.1989 J. L. Catering

GRAY Peter. Died 11.11.1978 Catering

GRAY Victor Edward. Died 03.07.1999 J. Lyons

GRAY Victor R. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GRAY W. Died 1993 J. Lyons

GRAYS(T)ON W. W. Died 1992 J. Lyons

GREATHURST D. A. Died 1992 Normand Motors

GREAVES L. Died 1930 Catering

GREAVES Leslie V. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GREEN Agnes Mrs. Died 1995 Lyons Bakery

GREEN E. A. Died 26.09.1978 Computers

GREEN E. Mrs. Died 01.10.1982 Symbol Biscuits

GREEN Elizabeth Mrs. Died 1994 J. Lyons

GREEN F. G. Died 29.04.1980 Lyons Maid

GREEN Fred J. Died 27.05.1987 Lyons Tetley

GREEN H. I. Miss. Died 1990 J. Lyons

GREEN H. W. Died 1945 Works Dept

GREEN I. F. Mrs. Died 18.06.2004 J. Lyons

GREEN J. Died 1990 J. Lyons

GREEN J. W. Died 1992 Alpine Refrigeration

GREEN Louise. Died 06.11.1988 Bakery

GREEN Lucy. Died 09.09.2004 Lyons

GREEN L. M. Miss Died 09.09.2004 J. Lyons

GREEN R. E. L. Mrs. Died 28.12.1970 Accounts

GREEN Ralph. Died 03.08.1984 Total Refrigeration

GREEN Ronald. Died 2002 DCA Industries

GREEN W. W. Died 10.04.1984 Catering

GREEN Wilfred J. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GREEN William. Died 05.03.1947 Staff Stores

GREENACRE Mrs. Died 1935 Teashops

GREENAWAY L. E. Died 28.01.1986 Soft Drinks

GREENE F. Mrs. Died 1994 Alpine Refrigeration

GREENE Lillian Mrs. Died 10.10.1993 Alpine Refrigeration

GREENGRASS G. E. Died 1992 Soft Drinks

GREENLY M. G. Died 27.01.1979 Tea/Grocery

GREENOUGH John. Died 2002 J. Lyons

GREENWOOD Doris Mrs. Died 1999 Symbol Biscuits

GREENWOOD P. Died 1993 Hale Trent Cakes

GREGO M. E. Mrs. Died 1991 Lyons Maid

GREGORY V. M. Mrs. Died 15.11.1975 Lyons Maid

GREW F. W. Died 28.04.2005 J. Lyons

GRIDLEY Eric H. Died 30.03.1946 Nyasaland Estate

GRIEVE William. Died 1994 Tea/Grocery

GRIEVSON R. A. Died 22.09.1984 Bakery

GRIFFIN Frank J. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GRIFFIN Patrick J. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GRIFFIN William. Died 1998 J. Lyons

GRIFFITH Alma Mrs. Died 1997 J. Lyons

GRIFFITHS Charles. Died 26.01.1953 Tea/Grocery

GRIFFITHS H. B. Died 1974 Bakery

GRIFFITHS June P. Mrs. Died 2000 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

GRIFFITHS Samuel. Died 1995 Lyons Bakery

GRIFFITHS William. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

GRIMES L. Mrs. Died 06.01.1981 Lyons Maid

GRIMES Patrick J. Died 2003 J. Lyons

GRIMSHAW Florence M. Miss. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GRINDLE Ronald A. Died 1997 J. Lyons

GRIST Mary Miss. Died 1957 Catering

GROENENBERG H. L. Died 1994 Bussink (Netherlands)

GROGAN John. Died 1995 Bakery

GROOM Joseph F. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GROOM Sarah H. Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons

GROTH Frank. Died 06.02.1971 Bakery

GROUT E. H. Died 03.12.1981 Bakery

GROVES J. W. Died 10.12.1988 Corner Houses

GRUB E. F. Died Sept 1954 Catering

GRUBB William. Died 1997 Alpine Refrigeration

GRUNDSTOKS Arnold. Died 1999 J. Lyons

GRZESKOW Josefa Miss.. Died 1995 James Hayes Laundry

GUEST E. Died 1993 DCA Industries

GUEST Henry A. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GUILD Henry. Died 2002 J. Lyons

GUILDER A.H. Died 31.12.1971 Tea/Grocery

GUILLAUME L. E. Miss. Died May 1939 Dressmaking (Teashops)

GULLIFORD W. G. F. Died 16.07.1977 Catering

GULLY Raymond. Died 1995 Hale Trent Cakes

GUMBRELL Mary B. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

GUNN Dennis. Died 2000 Lyons Bakery

GUNNER Claude. Died 03.04.1986 Lyons Maid

GUNNERY G. L. Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

GUPTA Sue Mrs. Died 19.07.1983 Tea/Grocery

GURMAN George. Died 1998 J. Lyons

GURTATA Balwant. Died 25.05.2004 Clarks Ice Cream

GUTHERIE Michelle. Died 28.03.1992 Bakery

GUY Reginald. Died 22.09.1996 Lyons Maid