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Deaths - Surname begining with 'F'

FABER P. Died 23.01.1968 Corner Houses

FAGAN Elisabeth M. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FAIERS T. Died 1953 Transport Dept

FAIRBANK Douglas D. Died 1997 Lyons Maid

FAIRBROTHER E.C. Died 18.04.1972 Strand Hotels

FAIRBROTHER Janet Mrs. Died 2001 Lyons Tetley

FAIRCLOTH H. Died 14.11.1960 Groundsman at Lyons Sports Club

FAIRLEY Joyce M. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FAIRMAN Catherine Miss. Died 1994 J. Lyons

FAITHFULL Bertram. Died 1995 J. Lyons

FALCONER J. Miss. Died 10.07.1975 Copying Office

FANTL Leopold. Died 11.11.2000 Leo Computers

FARIS E. Died 31.05.1972 Lyons Maid

FARLEY John. Died 23.01.1994 Bakery

FARLIE Eric> Died 1992 Bakery

FARMER, James Charles. Born 28.01.1937 Died 15.10.2003. Finance Director Normand Ltd.

FARNDEN Lawrence. Died 1997 Hale Trent Cakes

FARNFIELD R. Died 1946 Construction Dept

FARQUHARSON Vivian. Died 19.07.1972 Strand Hotels

FARR M. K. Mrs. Died 1991 James Hayes Laundry

FARRANT K. S. Mrs. Died Bakery

FARRANT Reginald W. Died 1997 J. Lyons

FARRELL Bridid Mrs. Died 1994 Bakery

FARROW W. J. Died 26.05.2006 J. Lyons

FARTHING Isabella Mrs. Died 2000 Symbol Biscuits

FAULKNER Eileen Mrs. Died 1995 Lyons

FAULKNER W. A. Died 18.09.2004 J. Lyond

FAUTLEY A. J. Died 03.05.1984 Strand Hotels

FAVELL V. Miss. Died 11.06.1976 Catering

FAVIER C. P. (Jack). Died 16.01.1986 Lyons Maid

FEARNLEY Minnie Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FEAST A. Died 19.12.1975 Postal Dept

FEATHERSTONE John M.  Died 1999 Total Refrigeration

FEATHERSTONE John. Died 1994 Strand Hotels

FEELEY W. F. Died 11.12.1976 Lyons Maid

FELDMAN J. Died 11.01.1990 Catering

FELT Henry (Harry). Died 19.03.1970 Security

FENN C.R. Died 23.02.1951 Architect

FENN Harry. Died 2001 J. Lyons

FENN Lawrence. Died 01.03.2005 J. Lyons

FENNELL Alfred. Died 1998 J. Lyons

FENSOM W. A. Died 14.11.1971 Bakery

FENSOME Joan Mrs. Died 1996 Lyons Tetley

FENTON Elizabeth Mrs. 1996 Cumberland Hotel

FENTON George William. Died 25.04.1967 Tea/Grocery

FERGUSON Dora. Died 13.11.1984 Computers

FERGUSON L. M. Miss. Died 1991 J. Lyons

FERGUSON T. W. Died 1992 J. Lyons

FERRARA F. R. Mrs. Died 1992 Bakery

FIEGENHEIM K. Died 07.12.1990 Development & Research

FIELD A. W. Died 16.11.2005 J. Lyons

FIELD Gilbert. Died 1996 J. Lyons

FIELD R. Died 09.07.2004 J. Lyons

FIELD Tom. Died 10.05.1969 Hogarth Press

FIELDER R. Died 21.07.1985 Postal Services

FIELY Louisa Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FIJALKA J. Died 17.05.1980 Lyons Maid

FILIPOVIC Vasilije. Died 1999 J. Lyons

FILLMORE. Died 1964 Tea/Grocery

FINCH E. A. Died 1993 J. Lyons

FINCH Henry Thomas. Died 16.01.1987 Strand Hotels

FINCH R. A. Died 20.03.1980 Tea/Grocery

FINCH Stanley. Died 1994 Strand Hotels

FINDLAY M. Died 04.03.1973 Tea/Grocery

FIRTH Charles. Died 1995 J. Lyons

FIRTH James. Died 1996 J. Lyons

FIRTH Janet. Died 18.02.1993 Bakery

FIRTH Norman. Died 1998 J. Lyons

FIRTH W. Died 17.12.1982 Transport Dept

FISH J. W. (Tim). Died 19.04.1987 Cumberland Hotel

FISH Norah Miss. Died 1994 Strand Hotels

FISHBURN R. K. Died 2003 Lyons Tetley

FISHER Douglas. Died 1995 J. Lyons

FISHER Eli T. Died 2003 J. Lyons

FISHER G. L. Died 12.04.2006

FISHER M. E. Mrs. Died 1991 J. Lyons

FISHER Sarah Miss. Died 22.11.1989 Catering

FISHER Sidney F. Died 1992 J. Lyons

FISHWICK T. E. Died 1952 Accounts

FITCH A. F. Died 19.06.1981 Tea/Grocery

FITCH Gladys M. Miss. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FITCHETT Rosalind M. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FITTOCK James. Died 1994 Lyons Maid

FITTOCK L. Died 02.03.2006 Lyons Tea

FITZGERALD Dennis J. Died 1998 J. Lyons

FITZGERALD E. E. Died 21.11.1986 Laboratories

FITZGERALD Janet K. Died 17.06.2004

FITZGERALD Johanna Mrs. Died 1995 J. L. Catering

FITZGERALD John. Died 18.07.2002 J. Lyons

FITZGERALD Marjorie Miss. Died 1997 Lyons Teashops

FITZGERALD Thomas. Died 1996 Lyons Maid

FITZPATRICK Jane Mrs. Died 2003 J. Lyons

FLASZYNSKI, Stanislou. Died 17.06.2011 age 89. Lyons Bakery Ltd, Wakefield & Carlton.

FLAVIN B. Died 21.11.1975 Henry Telfer

FLEET Marjorie R Mrs. Died 2003 J. Lyons

FLEETWOOD K. A. Mrs. Died 20.08.2003 J. Lyons

FLEMING Alice I. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FLEMING George. Died 1995 J. Lyons

FLETCHER Barbara. Died 10.03.2005 Lyons Tetley

FLETCHER F. Died 1959 Grocery

FLETCHER Frederick J. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FLETCHER Ron. Died 06.08.1991 Tea/Grocery

FLETCHER T. Died 1994 J. Lyons

FLETCHER Thomas F. Died 08.11.1986 Corner Houses

FLETCHER Thomas. Died 1994 J. Lyons

FLINT Charles. Died 22.11.1974 Transport Dept

FLINT George H. Died 11.07.1947 Teashops

FLINT May L. Mrs. Died 1999 J. Lyons

FLOWER Albert H. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FLOWER Thomas W. Died 04.09.2002 J. Lyons

FLYNN Michael. Died 12.11.1989 Computers

FOLEY J. Died 07.06.1974 Strand Hotels

FOLLAND Leslie. Died 1995 Symington

FOLWELL Anthony. Died 30.09.1979 Computers (Systems Analyst)

FOOT Leslie Maj. Died 1993 Lyons Maid

FOOTE Ian. Died 10.10.2001 Kraft (Sol Cafe)

FORD Alphonso. Died 1994 Tea/Groceries

FORD M. E. Mrs. Died 1992 J. Lyons

FORD Ronald. Died 1997 J. Lyons

FORD Ronald. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FORDHAM A. Died 1993 Alperton Carton Company

FORDHAM A. G. Died 18.10.1952 Bakery Sales

FORDHAM S. E. Mrs. Died 1991 Catering

FOREMAN Leslie. Died 1996 J. Lyons

FOREY Vera F. Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons

FORLOW A. M. Died 2003 Lyons Bakery

FORLOW Alice Mrs. Died 2003 Lyons Bakery

FORRESTER A. Died May 1919 Construction Dept

FORSHAW Eileen Mrs. Died 1997 Symbol Biscuits

FORSTER R. Died 1993 Symbol Biscuits

FORSTER Ronald S. Died 1999 J. Lyons

FORSYTH Gerald. Died 1995 Total Refrigeration

FORTT Merton E. Died 30.08.1985 Soft Drinks

FOSSEY R. Died 1992 J. Lyons

FOSTER Flora Mrs. Died 1997 Sol Cafe

FOSTER J. Died 1959 General Dept

FOSTER Kathleen A. Mrs. Died 1997 J. Lyons

FOSTER Leonard W. Died 2003 Lyons (Normand)

FOSTER Lilian M. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FOSTER M. A. Died 14.02.1989 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

FOWELL T. H. Died 1992 Spillers French

FOWKE Mrs Joyce R. Died 2003 J. Lyons

FOWLER Joseph. Died 1994 Sol Cafe

FOWLER L. G. Died 1991 Strand Hotels

FOWLER M. Mrs. Died 1997 Normand Motors

FOWLES E. F. W. Died 1991 J. Lyons (see next entry)

FOWLES E. Mrs. Died 22.01.1976 Tea/Grocery

FOWLES F. W. E. Died 1991 J. Lyons

FOX Albert. Died 1997 Normand Motors

FOX F. W. Died 04.03.1977 Bakery

FOX Frances Mrs. Died 1995 J. Lyons

FOX Grace Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FOX Ida Miss. Died 1957 Catering

FOX Marjorie J. Mrs. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FOX Michael A. Died 11.03.2003 Lyons Bakery

FOX P. Died 26.03.1974 Bakery

FRANCIS B. J. Died 18.06.2005 J. Lyons

FRANCIS D. V. Mrs. Died 07.05.2004 Lyons Tetley

FRANCIS Doris V. Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FRANCIS R. A. Died 21.12.1990 Bakery

FRANCIS R. Died 01.04.2000 J. Lyons

FRANCIS Raymond. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FRANCIS Rueben. Died 1996 Soft Drinks

FRANKHAM-SMITH John P. Died 2003 J. Lyons

FRAPWELL Arthur. Died 1997 J. Lyons

FRASER Brian. Died 1989 Lyons Maid

FRASER Jimmy. Died 26.05.1939 Stores

FRAZER F. A. Died Aug 1955 Bakery

FREEMAN Alice L. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FREEMAN Peter H. Died 1998 J. Lyons

FREESTONE J. R. Died 1992 J. Lyons

FRENCH Emily M. Miss. Died Jul 1938 Teashops

FRENCH Sarah Mrs. Died 1954 Catering

FRETWELL E. Died 1992 J. Lyons

FREW James K. Died 2002 J. Lyons

FREW Reginald. Died 2000 J. Lyons

FRIES Felix. Died 10.01.1937 Catering

FROMANT Herbert T. Died 13.04.2003 J. Lyons

FROST C. Died May/June 1954. Checking Dept and Treasury
FROST Charles. Died 1996 Lyons Maid

FROST V. W. Mrs. Died 03.11.1971 Tea/Grocery

FROST William. Died 1994 Soft Drinks

FROUD Margaret E. Mrs. Died 1998 J. Lyons

FRY D. P. Died 1991 Tea/Grocery

FRY Ivy. Died 1997 Hale Trent Cakes

FULCHER Herbert. Died 1950 Printing Dept

FULLAM John J. Died 1999 Importers Retail

FULLER Edward. Died 1997 J. Lyons

FULLER G. Miss. Died 1936 Teashops

FULLER John T. Died 1998 DCA Industries

FULLER V. G. E. Died 16.06.1974 Bakery

FURLONG T. H. Died 14.06.2005 Importers Retail

FURNEAUX E. E. Mrs. Died 17.02.1948 Catering

FURNELL W. T. Died 16.06.1990 Soft Drinks

FURNER Lucy Miss. Died 04.06.1956 Catering

FURNESS John. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

FURSMAN S. R. Died 1992 J. Lyons

FYFE John C. H. Died 1992 Tea/Grocery

FYFE Phyllis E. Mrs. Died 24.02.2002 J. Lyons