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Deaths - Surname begining with 'C'

CADBY See Playford, Mary in extended obituaries.
CADDEN G. Died 27.02.1990 Irish Tea

CAGER D. V. Mrs Died 11.07.2002

CAGER T. Died 06.06.1984 Tea/Grocery

CAHILL Alfred. Died 1996 J. L. Catering

CAHILL L. T. J. Died 06.07.2003 J. Lyons

CAHILL Terence J. Died 2003 J. Lyons

CAIN Edmund Died 1996 J. L. Catering

CAKEBREAD S. D. Died 1951 Staff Stores

CALCOTT Edith M. Mrs. Died J. Lyons

CALDWELL James. Died 1998 Symbol Biscuits

CALE L. Died 2002 J. L. Catering

CALLAGHAN Christina Miss. Died 1994 J. Lyons

CALLCOTT Died 28.12.1975 Catering

CALLOWAY G. 1959 Corner Houses

CAMBRIDGE E. W. C. Died 22.05.1968 Security

CAMBRIDGE Mrs. Died 1928

CAMERON Elizabeth M. Mrs. Died 1999 J. Lyons
CAMINER #. Died 19.06.2008 age 93. LEO Computers Ltd

CAMP Kathleen Mrs. Died Feb 1997 Secretary

CAMPBELL Beatrice. Died 1945 Teashop Counter-hand

CAMPBELL H. Died 1993 Lyons Bakery

CAMPBELL J. Died 22.09.1973 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CAMPBELL John. Died 1995 J. Lyons

CAMPBELL Mildred Miss. Died 1995 Bakery

CAMPBELL Susan Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CAMPION Terence D. 2002 J. Lyons

CANHAM George. Died 12.10.1952 Accountant

CANNON A. Died 18.11.1988 J. Lyons

CANSFIELD Julia A. Mrs. Died 1998 J. Lyons

CANTWELL M. J. Died 1991 Tea/Grocery

CAPON Anthony L. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CAPP Trevor R. Died 2000 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

CARDEW Frederick. Died 1997 J. Lyons

CARDUS Mrs Ann. Died 09.03.2003 J. Lyons

CARDY Arthur. Died 1996 Cadby Hall

CAREY James. Died 1996 Hale Trent Cakes

CAREY Rose Mrs. Died 1996 Lyons Teashops

CARLING Ethel Mrs. Died 2002 Lyons Tetley

CARLING John. Died 2002 Lyons Tetley

CARLON Peter. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CARLSON Ingvar O. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CARMAN F. A. Miss. Died 25.03.1985 Catering

CARMEN Alan. Died 1996 Normand Motors

CARNEY E. Mrs. Died 08.01.1982 Tea/Grocery

CARPENTER A. E. Mrs. Died 15.04.1978 Treasury

CARPENTER Elizabeth Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

CARQUILLO A. Died 04.05. 1985 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CARR Charles J. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CARR F. Died 01.03.1976 Accounts

CARR I Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

CARR Margaret Mrs. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

CARREL Walter T. Died 15.03.1988 Regent Palace Hotel

CARRICK Ellen Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CARRINGTON W. C. Died 29.10.1971 Normand Motors

CARROLL H. Died 26.12.1976 Lyons Maid

CARROLL J. E. Died 1991 Lyons Maid

CARRUTHERS W. J.(J. W.). Died 1991 Normand Motors

CARSTLETON G. F. Died 29.03.2006 Greenford J.L

CARSWELL T. L. Died 31.03.1978 Estates

CARTER A. G. Died 28.04.1954 Building Dept

CARTER Beatrice Mrs. Died 1995 J. Lyons

CARTER E. M. Miss. Died 22.08.1950 Rannoch Road

CARTER Ernest. Died 1995 Hale Trent Cakes

CARTER Frederick C. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CARTER H. Died 20.01.1983 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CARTER Hermann. Died 1947 Catering

CARTER P. H. Mrs. Died 1992 J. Lyons

CARTER R. Died 1995 Embassy Hotels

CARTER W. F. Died 13.07.1981 Central Buying

CARVER Anthony. Died 1994 Importers Retail

CARWARDINE Charles. Died 1994 Normand Motors

CASEY #. Died 1994 J. Lyons

CASHEN Percival. Died 1995 Tea/Grocery

CASS Christopher. Died 2002 Hale Trent Cakes

CASS Thomas. Died 31.10.1994 Communications Manager

CASSELLS J. W. Died 09.01.1978 Kitchens

CASSIGNOL Louis. Died 1994 J. Lyons

CASSON C. B. Died 04.08.1985 Research &Development

CASSON Mrs L. A. Died 2003 Lyons Bakery

CASTLE Frederick. Died 1996 Lyons Maid

CASTLE H. E. Died Nov 1954 Tea Factory

CASTLE H. G. Died 1992 J. Lyons

CATCHPOLE Arthur T. Died 2003 J. Lyons

CATES W. S. Died 22.10.1982 Export Dept

CATES Walter G. Died 16.05.1967 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CATLIN Ada E. Miss. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CATLIN Gordon N. F. Died 1945 Engineers Dept

CATON John. Died 1993 Tea/Grocery

CATT M. G. Miss. Died 1991 Catering

CATTLE Ronald. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CATTON C. E. Miss. Died 10.09.1974 Secretary

CATTON W. E. Miss. Died 1998 J. Lyons

CAUSLEY E. S. J. Died 1992 J. Lyons

CAUSTON Bernard. Died 1996 Corner Houses

CAUSTON P. Mrs. Died 01.05.2002

CAVE Alfred W. Died 21.02.1989 Lyons Patisserie

CAVE C Miss. Died 1993 J. Lyons

CAVEY Annie E. Miss. Died 16.10.2002 J. Lyons

CAWOOD V. Mrs. Died 29.01.1991 J. Lyons

CAWSEY S. G. Died 12.03.2006 J. Lyons

CAWTHORNE Ellen Mrs. Died 1995 Bakery

CECIL George. Died 1994 Bakery

CHADHA Gian Mrs. Died 18.03.2005 Lyons Tetley

CHADWICK Edward. Died 2001 J. Lyon

CHAFFE R. Died 02.11.03 J. Lyons

CHAFFIN A. Died 1993 Normand Motors

CHALLIS S.R. Died 2003 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

CHALMERS James. Died 02.03.1969 Corner Houses

CHAMBERLAIN Arthur. Died 1994 Hale Trent Cakes

CHAMBERLAIN R. D.(W). Died 1991 J. Lyons

CHAMBERS Miss. Died 1935 Teashops

CHAMPION Reginald E. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CHAN Bertie O. Died 17.03.2002 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

CHANCE F. Died 22.03.1983 Bakery

CHANDLER B. S. Died 17.09.1963 Corner Houses

CHANDLER C. Died 1993 Henry Telfer

CHANDLER Edward. Died 1994 Normand Motors

CHANDLER G. Mrs. Died 1991 J. Lyons

CHANDLER Henry J. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CHANTER John. Died 1994 J. Lyons

CHAPLAIN G. F. Died 09.02.1950 Transport Dept

CHAPLIN Charles H. Died 2000 J. Lyons

CHAPMAN Alfred. Died 2000 J. Lyons

CHAPMAN Dorothy A Mrs. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CHAPMAN E. I. Died 1993 Catering

CHAPMAN G. H. Died 06.06.1977 Colet Contracting

CHAPMAN Irene M. Mrs. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CHAPMAN John Ernest. Died 23.04.1996 Bakery

CHAPMAN John. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

CHAPMAN R. C. Died 08.12.1990 Catering

CHAPMAN Ron H. Died 10.09.1987 Lyons Maid

CHAPMAN W. Died 15.02.1980 Henry Telfer

CHAPPELL R. E. Died 25.10.2003 Lyons Bakery

CHARKER Leonard A. Died 2000 J. Lyons

CHARLES F. Died 23.07.1975 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CHARLES R. H. Died 01.02.1969 Normand Motors

CHARLES R. W. P. Died 27.08.1977 Private Label

CHARLES Ronald. Died 1994 Bakery

CHARLES, Percy W. J. Died 05.05.1933 Transport Dept

CHARNLEY W. Miss. Died 1991 Symbol Biscuits

CHASE Constance A. Mrs. Died 1998 J. Lyons

CHASTENEY E. M. Miss. Died 05.02.1964 Bakery

CHATER Charles. Died 1994 J Lyons

CHATTEY Thomas. Died 1997 J. Lyons

CHAWLA Chander Mrs. Died 1996 Lyons Maid

CHEFFINGS F. Died 04.04.1979 Normand Motors

CHESHIRE Cyril. Died 25.12.2005 Supermarket Manager

CHESHIRE J. S. Died 1991 Lyons Maid

CHESTER Geoffrey M. Died 2001 Normand Motors

CHESTER R. A. Died 06.01.1973 Strand Hotels

CHEVALIER D. Died 29.08.1974 Normand Motors

CHICK A. Mrs. Died 24.12.2003 J. Lyons

CHILTON G. A. Died 29.09.1971 Tea/Grocery

CHIMA Tara. Died 1995 Lyons Maid

CHISSELL Violet Mrs. Died 29.03.1970 Tea/Grocery

CHISWELL C. Died 16.08.1976 Strand Hotels

CHITORTISKI Ann Mrs. Died 2003 J. Lyons

CHOCIANOWICZ Waclaw. Died 30.03.1970 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CHOJNOWSKI Sheila Mrs. Died 10.03.1999 J. Lyons

CHRISTIAN Arthur Sullivan. Died 1993 Catering (Nephew of Joseph Lyons)

CHRISTIAN Esme Alexandra. Died 31.10.1998 Wife of Arthur

CHRISTIAN S. Died 1993 Lyons Maid

CHRISTIAN Winifred Mrs. Died 1996 Laboratories

CHRISTIE Edward Died 2001 J. Lyons

CHRISTOU S. Died 02.10.2006 J. Lyons

CHUDLEY Frank. Died 30.11.1953 Grocery

CHURCH Mary Mrs. Died 1995 Strand Hotels

CHURCHER P. R. Died 1990 J. Lyons

CHURCHILL A. C. Mrs. Died 07.01.2003

CHURCHILL Charles. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CHURCHILL George. Died 29.06.1942 Department Unknown

CLADD D. Died 1960 Lyons Club

CLAMP G. H. Died 28.05.1986 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CLANCY P. G. Miss. Died 1992 J. Lyons

CLAPHAM Frederick. Died 1994 J. Lyons

CLAPICH S. Died 09.07.1982 Bakery

CLAPP Sidney. Died 1995 J. Lyons

CLAPSON P. H. Died 06.01.2004 Sol Tenco

CLARE Edith Miss. Died 1997 J. L. Catering

CLARE Kate Miss. Died 01.02.1938 Teashops

CLARIDGE Ivy Miss. Died Jul 1955 Catering

CLARK A. P. Died 20.02.1982 Bakery

CLARK Annie Mrs. Died 1998 Lyons Maid

CLARK Bertram L. Died 1998 J. Lyons

CLARK C. V. Mrs. Died 14.12.1986 Tea/Grocery

CLARK #. Died 1997 J. L. Catering

CLARK Edward. Died 1994 Normand Motors

CLARK Ethel Mrs. Died 1994 J. Lyons

CLARK H. H. Died 1993 Catering

CLARK J. A. Died 22.10.1951 Trocadero Restaurant

CLARK Mary N. Died 03.02.2006 Head Office Accounts

CLARK S. W. Died 19.07.1987 Bread Division

CLARK T. E. Died 28.01.1969 Throgmorton Restaurant

CLARK Thomas. Died 1997 Symbol Biscuits

CLARK William. Died 1997 Lyons Tetley

CLARKE Antoinette C. Died 1999 J. Lyons. Hugh Joseph’s Secretary

CLARKE Ethel Mrs. Died 1956 Catering

CLARKE Florence. Died 1997 J. L. Catering

CLARKE J. Mrs. Died 16.10.1986 Alpine Deliveries

CLARKE L. H. Died 1991 Normand Motors

CLARKE M. E. Mrs. Died 15.06.2002

CLARKE Robert. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CLARKE Rose. Died 1933 Catering

CLARKE Sheila. Died 11.11.1991 Symbol Biscuits

CLARKE Vivian S. Died 2000 J. Lyons

CLARKSON E. F. Died 1991 J. Lyons

CLARKSON W. T. Died 18.02.1985 Alperton Carton Company

CLARY Deborah Miss. Died 1958 Catering

CLAXTON A. Miss. Died 1993 J. Lyons

CLAXTON Peter. Died 1999 Lyons Bakery

CLAYTON D. R. C. Died 07.02.1976 Tea/Grocery

CLEARY Maison C. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CLEEVE Albert. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CLEMENTS A. F. Mrs. Died 14.06.1973 Catering

CLEMENTS Catherine Mrs. Died 01.10.1947 Catering

CLEMENTS Noel R. Died 2000 J. Lyons

CLEMMENTS L. L. Mrs. Died 20.10.1985 Oxford Corner House

CLENNELL Frank. Died 1957 Tea/Grocery

CLIFFE D. M. Miss. Died 1992 James Hayes Laundry

CLIFFEN W. D. Died 1943 Teashops

CLIFFORD Arthur. Died 1997 J. Lyons

CLIFFORD R. E. Died 1992 James Hayes Laundry

CLIFFORD R. F. Died 13.09.1975 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CLILVERD Betty M. Mrs. Died 1998 J. Lyons

CLINTON Oliver C. Died Dec 1989 Lyons Maid

CLIPSON W. Died 08.08.1969 Bakery

CLOSE P. B. Died 13.08.1972 Strand Hotels

CLOVER Samuel. Died 1994 Bakery

CLUBWOOD A. Died 20.10.1990 Tea/Grocery

CLUGSON W. A. Died 19.12.1990 J. Lyons

COBANE R. Mrs. Died 19.03.2003

COBANE Samuel. Died 1995 Estates Dept

COBURN Charles. Died 1994 Lyons Maid

COCK H. E. Died 1992 J. Lyons

COCKERHAM F. Died 1993 J. Lyons

COCKERILL L. Died 1990 J. Lyons

COCKERILL Leslie. Died 28.12.1998 Central Buying

CODONA #. Died 1994 Alpine Refrigeration

COE F.G. Died 1992 Tea/Grocery

COFFEY C. Died 1992 J. Lyons

COFFEY K. Mrs. Died 12.04.2002

COFFIN O. G. Miss. Died 22.02.1988 Corner Houses

COGHLAN Frank. Died 1950 Corner Houses

COHEN Frank. Died 1949 Catering Dept

COHEN G. V. Died 03.12.1985 Lyons Maid

COHEN R. Died 26.11.1976 Henry Telfer

COHEN V. L. Died 31.12.1976 Bakeries

COKER Hermine Mrs. Died 1963 Window Display

COLBORN Joyce M. Miss. Died 2002 J. Lyons

COLE B. Died 1999 Lyons Bakery

COLE R. Died 26.07.1981 Lyons Maid

COLE Roy J. Died 2002 J. Lyons

COLE Stanley. Died 1998 Lyons Bakery

COLE V. M. Miss. Died 25.08.1984 Catering

COLEMAN M. Died 06.10.2004 J. Lyons

COLEMAN Olive Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

COLERIDGE Henry C. Died 2001 J. Lyons

COLES Charles. Died 2001 J. Lyons

COLES Eunice. Died 21.04.2004 J. Lyons

COLES F. J. Died 1933 Tea Agents

COLLARD Edward C. Died 2000 J. Lyons

COLLARD W. I. Miss. Died 1992 J. Lyons

COLLEN Joseph. Died 1994 Tea/Grocery

COLLETT A. A. Died 11.08.1985 Strand Hotels

COLLETT G. G. Died 1991 Strand Hotels

COLLETT William. Died 02.06.1967 Tea/Grocery

COLLIER Ellen M Mrs. Died 20.01.2003 J. Lyons

COLLINS A. D. Died 1992 Bakery

COLLINS Arthur. Died 1995 J. Lyons

COLLINS Desmond. Died 2003 Margetts Foods

COLLINS F. Miss. Died 12.06.1953 Accounts Office

COLLINS Frederick. Died 1995 Estates Dept

COLLINS H. D. Died 29.03.1972 Alpine refrigeration

COLLINS I. S. Miss. Died 1955 Staff Stores

COLLINS James. Died 1944 Treasury Corner House

COLLINS James. Died 1994 J. Lyons

COLLINS John H. Died 1999 J. Lyons

COLLINS John W. Died 15.10.2003 J. Lyons

COLLINS John W. Died Dec 1989 J. L. Catering

COLLINS Marjorie. Died 30.06.2004 Lyons

COLLINS Mary I. Miss. Died 2001 J. Lyons

COLLINS Mary Miss. Died 1969 Secretary

COLLINS Muriel L. Mrs. 1998 J. Lyons

COLLINSON B. Died 2002 J. Lyons

COLLOMBIN Albert. Died 12.02.1955 Strand Hotels

COLLOP A. C. Died 14.05.1937 Accounts Dept

COLLOP Dorothy L. Mrs. Died 1997 J. Lyons

COLLUMBINE Dora Mrs. Died 18.01.1991 Symbol Biscuits

COLMAN F. G. Died 11.04.1987 JL Catering

COLWELL A. Mrs. Died 30.04.1967 Catering

COMYN Mrs Olivia M. Died 2003 J. Lyons

CONDON Laurence R. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CONLON E. R. Died 05.11.1989 Chauffeur

CONLON Richard J. Died 1997 J. Lyons

CONNELL W. (Bill). Died Jul 1946 Trocadero Restaurant

CONNOLLY A. Miss. Died 1992 J. Lyons

CONNOLLY Michael. Died 1995 Lyons Maid

CONNOR P. Died 15.10.1990 Bakery

CONNOR Thomas. Died 1999 Symbol Biscuits

CONNOR W. Mrs. Died 27.05.2002

CONNORS Farrel. Died (Paddy)1994 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CONQUEST A. F. Died 1991 J. Lyons

CONWAY G. V. Mr. Died 2001 Lyons Biscuits

COOK Beatrice. Died 1996 Importers Retail

COOK F. J. Mrs. Died 26.02.1985 Catering

COOK Geoffry L. Died 1999 Lyons Tetley

COOK H. Died 1993 Bakery

COOK Harry. Died 1993 J. Lyons

COOK Leonard. Died 12.01.1990 Tea/Grocery

COOK Leslie R. Died 1946 Audit Office

COOK Maurice. Died 1995 J. Lyons

COOK Mrs. Died 24.06.1936 Corner Houses

COOK Robert (Bob) J. Died 06.06.1986 Pension Fund

COOK R. N. Died 29.03.2006 J. Lyond

COOK Robert G. Died 03.07.1987 JL Catering

COOK Rosena Miss. Died 1996 Strand Hotels

COOK T. W. Died 21.08.1984 Couveture

COOK William. Died 1994 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

COOKE Arthur C. Died 02.02.1987 Lyons Tetley

COOKE E. A. Died 14.10.1968 Catering Dept

COOLEN J. M. Died 18.08.1982 Catering

COOMBE Mabel Miss. Died 09.10.1987 Catering Division

COOMBER E. Miss. Died 18.05.1985 Regent Palace Hotel

COOMBER F. Died 1927 Popular Cafe

COOMBER Frederick. Died 1997 Corner Houses

COOMBER Jack. Died 1993 Bakery

COOMBER J. C. Died 14.07.2006 J. Lyons

COOMBER Margaret E. Miss. Died 2000 J. Lyons

COOMBES Ronald C. Died 13.08.2002 J. Lyons

COOMBS Thomas A. Died 1998 J. Lyons

COONEY Anne Mrs. Died 2003 J. Lyons

COOPER A. A. Died 10.09.1975 Lyons Maid

COOPER A. Died 23.10.1974 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

COOPER A. E. Died 1993 J. Lyons

COOPER A. G. Died 23.08.1977 Central Buying

COOPER D. E. Miss. Died 1992 J. Lyons

COOPER D. W. Miss. Died 03.07.1986 Lyons Maid

COOPER F. Died 15.01.1970 Henry Telfer

COOPER F. J. Died 1991 Hale Trent Cakes

COOPER Florence A. Mrs. Died 1999 J. Lyons

COOPER Frederick. Died 2003 J. Lyons

COOPER George W. Died 13.03.2006. Lyons Maid Personnel

COOPER Peter C. Died 2000 J. Lyons

COOPER W. G. E. Died 01.11.1969 Bakery

COOPLAND George. Died 1994 Bakery

COOTS Albert W. Died 1997 J. L. Catering

COPELAND Doris Died 10.12.2005 J. Lyons

COPELAND W. Lincoln. Died 1958 Audit Office

COPP Mrs J. E. Died 2002 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

COPPARD Ellen Mrs. Died 1957 Dressmaking

COPPINE Mrs Died 06.05.2005 J. Lyons

COPPING G. Died 08.02.1946 Cocoa Factory

CORBETT F. J. G. Died 1974 Tea/Grocery

CORCORAN John. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CORCORAN P. Died 10.08.1975 Bakery

CORDEN J. B. Died 20.11.1970 Tonibell’s Ice Cream

CORERA Christine. Died 27.10.1993 Tea/Grocery

CORKE N. A. Died 03.10.2006 Normand

CORKER Gertrude Mrs. Died 31.07.1969 Catering

CORNELL J. R. T. Died 18.07.1987 Catering Division

CORNEY J. Died 1936 Trocadero Restaurant

CORNISH J. C. Died 14.03.1983 Tea/Grocery

CORNISH John J. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CORNWELL C. E. Miss. Died 1993 J. Lyons

CORNWELL Nellie Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CORRIDAN J. Miss. Died 1989 J. Lyons

COSBURN Ivy L. Miss. Died 1998 J. Lyons

COSSAR John Stuart. Died 04.01.1999 Lyons Maid

COSTINE D. J. Died 01.04.1972 Town & County Catering

COTTERELL A. died 07.02.1972 Normand Motors

COTTON Charles. Died 1931 Construction Dept

COTTRELL ?. Mrs. Died 01.03.2003

COTTRELL P. J. Died 06.01.1971 Tea/Grocery

COUBOROUGH Mrs. Died 1933 Catering

COUCHMAN E. F. Mrs. Died 1991 Tea/Grocery

COUDUN E. Miss. Died 27.06.1938 Teashops/Welfare

COUGHLAN Ellen Miss. Died 1994 Strand Hotels

COULLING Eileen. Died 16.12.1991 Bakery

COULSON A. E. Died 09.02.1988 Wine Cellars

COUPAR James Mc. R Died 11.11.2002 J. Lyons

COURT L. B. Mrs Died 19.01.2006 J. Lyons

COUSINS Jeffrey. Died 1995 J. Lyons

COUSSINS A. W. Died 20.03.1987 J. L Catering

COUTTS Donald J. Died 2002 J. Lyons

COVELL (COVILL?) George. Died 1997 J. Lyons

COVENEY A. E. Died 1951 Works Office

COVERDALE R. G. Died 1991 Lyons Maid

COVILL F. E. Mrs. Died 23.01.2003

COWAN J. L. Died 13.07.1986 Tea Despatch

COWAN Jessie Mrs. Died 1997 Lyons Bakery

COWARD B. J.  Died 1999 Lyons Maid

COWDALL E. Mrs. Died 1990 Lyons Maid

COWELL W. C. Died 21.01.2004 J. Lyons

COWLEY Miss Belinda. Died 12.07.2003 J. Lyons

COWLIN J. Died 22.11.1982 Bakery

COX A. Died 1992 Bakery

COX Edward. Died 1994 J. Lyons

COX Evelina Mrs. Died 1997 Soft Drinks

COX George R. Died 1956 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

COX H. E. Died 04.08.1981 Normand Motors

COX Joan. Died 02.02.2005

COX L. Died 07.08.1975 Catering

COX M. Mrs. Died 17.11.1970 Catering

COX Patrick. Died 16.12.2002 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

COX W. J. Died 31.12.1987 J. L. Catering

COX William S. Died 1998 J. Lyons

COYLE William J. Died 1997 J. Lyons

COYTE William Arthur. Died 19.07.1968 Director J. Lyons & Co.

COZENS F. Died 1992 Total Refrigeration

CRABBE E. G. Died 1993 Catering

CRACKLOW D. F. 17.04..2005 J. Lyons

CRACKNELL D. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CRACKNELL F. C. Died 1999 Overseas Trading Corporation

CRACKNELL G. E .Miss. Died Feb 1931 Catering

CRACKNELL G. E. Miss. Died 10.12.1990 J. Lyons

CRAHART John F. Died 01.08.2003 Lyons Tetley & Sol Tenco

CRAMBAC R. G. Died 05.04.1982 Bakery

CRANE H. C. Died 28.09.1955 Transport Dept

CRANNY J. F. Died 06.12.2003 J. Lyons

CRASKE Kathy M. Mrs. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CRASKE M. Mrs. Died 1993 J. Lyons

CRASKE Marie Mrs. Died 1996 Henry Telfer

CRATCHLEY John H. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CRAVEN A. Died 1993 Bakery

CRAVEN Edward. Died 22.09.1914 (at sea) Ludgate Hill Stn (see War Memorial)

CRAWFORD J. E. Died Jul 1944 Teashops

CRAWFORD S. A. Died 1992 Town & County Catering

CRAWLEY J. A. Died 07.11.1973 Lyons Maid

CREABY Thomas. Died 1997 Lyons Maid

CREAIS Basil Oswald. Died 13.04.1999 J. Lyons

CREASEY Maud Mrs. Died 1959 Tea Factory

CRESSEY James. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

CRESWICK Beatrice Mrs. 09.11.1969 Bakery

CRETTON C. Died 17.04.1976 Catering

CREWE M. G. Miss. Died 28.08.2003 J. Lyons

CRIPPS E. M. Mrs. Died 17.12.1979 Tea/Grocery

CRIPPS Lilian M. Died 26.08.2003 J. Lyons

CRIPPS Peggy K. Miss. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CRIPPS T. H. Died 23.01.1991 Catering

CRISFORD Miss. Died 1935 Catering

CRISP C. Died 15.09.1987 Tea Division

CRISP Robert G. W. Died 2002 J. Lyons

CRISP W. J. Died 24.10.1972 Alpine Refrigeration

CRITCHLEY F. R. A. Died 16.10.1970 Accounts

CROAD Albert. Died 1993 J. Lyons

CROCKFORD Dorothy M. Died 24.03.1989 Tea/Groceries

CROCKFORD Florence Miss. Died 1936

CROCKFORD S. A. Died 06.12.1950 Accounts

CROFT Janet. Died 19.10.1993 Bakery

CROFTS Edward L. E. Died 14.12.1963 Tea/Grocery

CROOT Edith L Mrs. Died 1998 J. Lyons (payroll)

CROSBY D. Mrs. Died 1992 J. Lyons

CROSBY Edward R. Died 2001 J. Lyons

CROSBY George. Died 1997 Lyons Tetley

CROSBY Leonard. Died 2001 Clarke Foods (Lyons Maid)

CROSBY Walter. Died 1996 Lyons Bakery

CROSS G. Died 18.11.1970 Tea/Grocery

CROSS Gladys Miss. Died 1958 Catering

CROSS Howard C. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CROSS Leslie. Died 1995 Bakery

CROSSLE Cecil A. Died 06.11.1985 Director J. Lyons & Co.

CROSSLEY George L. Died 1998 Symbol Biscuits

CROTTY James. Died 17.07.1945 Meat Buyer

CROW R. M. Miss Died 31.07.2006 J. Lyons

CROWHURST Doreen. Died 19.01.1927 Maison Lyons

CROWHURST L. Died )6.01.2006 J. Lyons

CROWHURST Leslie G. Died 1999 J. Lyons

CROWLEY Peter T. Died 25.08.2002 Lyons Tetley

CROWLEY T. A. Miss. Died 1991 J. Lyons

CROZIER Reginald A. Died 1998 J. Lyons

CRUMMACK Peter. Died 2002 Lyons Bakery

CRUSE W. H. (Sam). Died 24.05.1963 Transport Dept

CRUST T. Died 1946 General Staff

CULL Vernon. Died 24.02.2011. Head Office.

CULLIN W. Died 17.01.1986 J. L. Catering

CULLINAN Catherine Mrs. Died 04.12.1969 Cadby Hall Estates & Services

CULVER W. F. Died 1993 J. Lyons

CUMMINS Helen A Mrs. Died 2000 Hale Trent Cakes

CUNLIFFE Roy. Died 2001 Lyons Bakery

CUNNINGHAM Francis. Died 1995 J. Lyons

CUNNINGHAM M. Miss. Died 1957 Catering

CURGENVEN Edwin. Died 1997 Lyons Tetley

CURRAN William. Died 2000 Lyons Bakery

CURRY Miss Helen. Died 2003 Lyons Bakery

CURSON A. Mrs (Books). Died 18.09.1948 Strand Hotels

CURTIS Albert. Died 2003 J. Lyons

CURTIS G. V. Mrs. Died 1998 Lyons Bakery

CURTIS George R. Died 05.11.1987 Lyons Maid

CURTIS Ronald E. Died 1998 J. Lyons

CUSHION M. Died 07.02.1919 Engineers Dept

CUTCLIFFE A. J. Died 1960 Construction Dept

CUTHBERT James C. Died 18.09.1985 Catering Division

CUTLER J.C. W. Died 27.08.1969 Tea/Grocery

CUTTING Alfred. Died 1994 J. Lyons

CUTTING E. B. Died 24.12.1990 Lyons Maid