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KLUE, Douglas E (1913-1975) Born on 13 August, 1913, died on 23 October 1975. He was head of JL Catering Works Services from the mid-sixties until the end of 1974, when he became a consultant on works matters for the six months prior to his retirement in June 1974. By then he had served 49 years with the company. His career began in 1925 with a five year apprenticeship in general engineering, which was followed by several years in the Engineer's Drawing Office designing catering equipment made for the teashops in the company's own workshops. From the drawing office he moved on, as a junior supervisor, to site installations in teashops. During the war he was seconded as works manager to a firm of hydraulic engineers making equipment for the Ministry of Aircraft Production and later became assistant general manager co-ordinating the output from half a dozen factories. On his return to teashops at the end of 1946 he was put in charge of a team whose task was to modernise the catering equipment used in the teashops and he travelled extensively abroad to study the methods and equipment in other countries. The appointment as Head of Teashops Works Services came in 1955, and when, in 1963 Catering Division was formed from Teashops and the Corner Houses, Douglas Klue took charge of the combined Works Services. Later this took in the Liverpool based Robley Group restaurants which Lyons had acquired in 1962. He was also responsible for the works departments of the public houses and the Town & County Catering Group. Douglas Klue left a son, John, and a daughter, Linda.