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HAMBURGER, Maurice (1883-1975) was born of Dutch parents and came from a theatrical family. They travelled throughout the Netherlands, Britain and the United States where a large part of Maurice' schooldays were spent. He spoke Dutch fluently. His career with Lyons started on 21 February 1898 when he joined the Accounts Office under George Booth, company secretary and then under George Dee on the ground floor of 'S' block. He was transferred briefly to the Stock Department, returned to the Accounts Office and then to the Audit Office. During the First World War he joined the Army and returned to the Audit Office where he remained for most of his career. He had been, for many years, treasurer of the Cadby Hall Athletic Club and was the champion sprinter of his day but excelled at most sports including rifle shooting and rowing. He lived in the 'country' at Barnes and remembered cheering the last remaining mail coaches en route for Reading and Oxford. He met and married Constance Muriel (born 1903) who also worked for the company as a bookkeeper with Lyons Bakery and they both retired together in 1964. He had worked 66 years and she 46 years. Their joint service was unique in the Group's 81 year history at that time. Maurice died on 29 August 1975 aged 92 and Constance in April 1996 aged 93.


HECK, Charles (1905-1985) joined the company in 1919 and retired as the manager of the Throgmorton Restaurant on 28 August 1970. He joined the company initially as a page boy at the Trocadero Restaurant and worked there until 1940, the last 15 years as head waiter. During the war he served with the RASC to run officers' messes and his commanding officer at that time was Leonard Gluckstein. In 1946 he took up a position at the Coventry Street Corner House as assistant manager, a position he later held at the Strand Corner House and the Oxford Corner House. He then returned to the Trocadero Restaurant as assistant manager and remained there until it closed in February 1965. From here he transferred to the Throgmorton Restaurant as manager. Charles Heck died on 6 June 1985 aged 80 but his obituary in the Lyons Mail of September 1985 records his initials as H. K. Heck.


HUBER, Harry (1897-1981) started his career with Lyons at the Regent Palace Hotel in 1919 at the age of 20. He was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, where he had been trained in catering and came to England in 1915 because of the war and also to learn English. He first worked in several London hotels before joining the Regent Palace Hotel as Grill Room Superintendent. Subsequently he moved to Outdoor Catering then to the Trocadero Restaurant as Head Waiter and in 1924 he managed the Grand Restaurant at the Wembley Exhibition. In 1925 he moved to the Popular Cafe, Piccadilly, as manager and in 1928 went to Olympia as Catering Manager. His next move was to the Strand Palace Hotel in 1932 where he remained until 1937 when he returned again to Olympia as Catering Manager. From 1939 until 1942 Harry was in charge of the catering for the Bank of England camps at Hurstbourne and Overton. He returned to hotel work in 1942 becoming the Relief Manager at the Corner Houses and hotels finally becoming Manager of the Oxford Corner House in 1945. In 1950 he again joined the Trocadero Restaurant as Catering Manager and in 1954 became the Banqueting Manager until his retirement in 1959. Harry Huber died on 25 November 1981. His son, Victor Huber, was Manager of the Albany Hotel, Birmingham, and the Albany Hotel Nottingham, when that opened in 1969.