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FENN, Charles R. (1875-1951) joined the company in August 1894 when its headquarters were still in the basement of the Olympia building. He was born in Hammersmith ( lived in Paddington) and began his career as an office boy in the time-keeper's office and later transferred to the Trocadero Restaurant while that was being built. He served for many years under Charles Oatley, the company's architect, and later took over many of his responsibilities as architect himself. Charles Fenn played an increasing part in the company's building programme from the Cadby Hall site in 1894 until his retirement in November 1946 at the age of 71. It included the demolition of the old building on the site of the Trocadero Restaurant, the first teashop, the Corner Houses, the Greenford Factory and the building of the Cumberland Hotel. Charles Fenn died on 23 February 1951 aged 76.


FRASER, James (1864-1939). James Fraser was one of the earliest employees when he started work with Lyons in 1889. He was born in 1864 and died on 26 May 1939 aged 75 years. He started work with Salmon & Gluckstein on 5 August 1889 and was 'loaned' to Lyons in the same year when a contract was signed to cater for Barnum and Bailey's circus at Olympia. His position became permanent and in 1890 he was sent to the Edinburgh Exhibition (and Brighton) where Lyons had shooting galleries which he managed. This had been invented by Joseph Lyons and was first used at the Newcastle exhibition of 1887. From here he returned to Olympia and thereafter was a jack-of-all trades; a sign writer, shooting gallery attendant, furniture buyer and 101 other things. James Fraser was in charge of the back house at the Trocadero Restaurant before going to war in 1914. When he returned in 1918 he took up duties with the Cadby Hall Stores Department and remained there for the rest of his working life. Known affectionately as Jimmy Fraser, he left a widow and daughter.