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EDWARDS, Henry Lane (1871-1935) was made a director of Lyons in 1934, a year before his death. He was born on 16 February 1871 at Great Alne, Alcester, Warwickshire, and died suddenly at Cadby Hall on 24 July 1935. He left school at the age of eleven after his father, a baker, had died. He went into the bakery trade to help his widowed mother and younger brother. Before joining Lyons he worked in Wales and Ipswich and traveled a good deal and spoke French, German and Italian. He started with the company in 1898 as an Assistant Manager of the bakery department. At this time only one man was employed in the Swiss roll department making just 50 Swiss rolls a day because that is all that was needed. During the Boer War he took charge of the baking for the troops at Aldershot, and during the Great War he paid a special visit to Switzerland, at the request of the British Red Cross, to show the Swiss Government how to make bread with lasting qualities, which rendered it suitable to send to prisons of war. Just before his death he had visited his native village in Warwickshire to lay a foundation stone of a Young Men's Institute. The site, called Appleby's Meadow, had an interesting link with his family, it was named after Henry Edwards' great-grandfather, who formally owned it. His obituary in the Lyons Mail says that Henry Edwards died as he lived, 'in harness'. On the day of his death he was signing papers at his desk at about 4.45 pm when he suddenly fell back. Death was instantaneous. He was 64 years old and was cremated on 26 July at Golders Green Crematorium. Henry was married and had two children both of whom worked for Lyons. His son, John Edwards worked in the Electrical Department and his daughter Betty Edwards worked in the Publicity Department.